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Kabuki Springs & Spa
Kabuki Springs & Spa

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March 14, 2024
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March 14, 2024

What do customers think about Kabuki Springs & Spa?

Kabuki Springs & Spa enjoys a generally positive reputation among its clientele, with recurring praise for the cleanliness of its facilities, the professionalism and friendly demeanor of its staff, and the calming atmosphere it offers. The spa's adherence to traditional Japanese bathing culture is routinely commended, offering an authentic experience which customers equate to that found in Japan. Many appreciate the secure and relaxed environment alongside thoughtful amenities such as complimentary cucumber water and the availability of bathing suits for self-conscious guests. However, some reviews highlight a need for improvement in customer service, citing unfriendly and passive-aggressive encounters with booking staff, glitches in communication about membership benefits, and inconsistent enforcement of rules. Such negative experiences, although fewer compared to the positives, could undermine the overall customer experience and thus require attention from the management to uphold the spa's commendable reputation.

Positive Feedback

Customers frequently express satisfaction with Kabuki Springs & Spa's serene ambiance and the quality of its spa services. The staff is often praised for their kindness and helpfulness, enhancing visitors' experiences. Cleanliness, a critical aspect of any spa, consistently receives high marks, suggesting a well-maintained establishment. The traditional Japanese set up of the baths and the spa's overall atmosphere provide a culturally rich and relaxing experience. Moreover, security and privacy are noted as strong points, with visitors feeling comfortable even when unclothed. The option to wear bathing suits and the respect for privacy is reassuring to many. Positive customer experiences are reinforced by the affordable price point and the added value perceived from the services offered, which encourages repeat visits and potentially empowers a loyal customer base.

Concerns and Threads

While the majority of feedback about Kabuki Springs & Spa is positive, there are distinct areas where improvement is necessary. A notable portion of reviews calls out less than satisfactory experiences with the booking staff, who are described as passive-aggressive and lacking in both professionalism and the proactive offering of information regarding memberships and benefits. Furthermore, inconsistency in rules enforcement raises questions about staff training and management oversight, which could potentially create discomfort among patrons. For instance, incidents where certain guests are reprimanded for minor infractions such as electronic use, while others openly flout basic hygiene practices without repercussion, can lead to feelings of unfair treatment and possible discrimination. These customer service lapses, alongside occasional complaints about overcrowding and noise levels, suggest opportunities for Kabuki Springs & Spa to further refine its customer service protocol to ensure a uniformly exceptional experience for all guests.

Frequently asked questions about Kabuki Springs & Spa

Do I need to book my visit to Kabuki Springs & Spa in advance?

Yes, guests are advised to book their appointments in advance due to limited available spots and the gender-specific days, ensuring a secured and planned experience.

Is nudity required at Kabuki Springs & Spa or can I wear a bathing suit?

While the spa maintains traditional Japanese onsen etiquette which often involves nudity, it provides the option for guests to wear bathing suits if they prefer, especially on gender-inclusive days.

What are the benefits of becoming a member at Kabuki Springs & Spa?

Membership at Kabuki Springs & Spa provides certain benefits, such as discounts and special offers, though specific details should be obtained directly from the spa's staff as they are not always proactively presented.

What are customers saying about Kabuki Springs & Spa

Kabuki Springs & Spa
bekah van belle
2 weeks ago
I visited Kabuki on Valentine's day, it was my first time. Becca was at the front desk and was friendly and happy. Leigh gave me a tour and she was just as nice. The facilities are very clean, quiet and calming..Ronnie did my massage and it was wonderful. The pressure was perfect and he had a great technique. Thank you for the all around great experience!
Kabuki Springs & Spa
Karoline Galea
a week ago
I love the women bath house night. It’s so worth it to do this with a friend. I always wear a bathing suit but most people don’t. I love the sugar scrub in the steam room and the cucumber water. This place is great. I’ve been several times.
Kabuki Springs & Spa
Tamara Girodie
a month ago
Context: I enjoyed the Springs, but did not opt for any spa services. A fabulous experience, and the closest you can get to a Japanese sento outside of Japan. Everyone was incredibly respectful, and the atmosphere was relaxing and zen. The facilities were clean and secure, and even naked I felt very safe. Highly recommend to anyone looking to experience a small part of Japanese bathing culture, or just looking for a great bang for buck self guided spa experience!
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About Kabuki Springs & Spa

This relaxed day spa offers both familiar & Asian treatments, plus Japanese-style communal baths.