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Jonathan L. Glashow, Md
Jonathan L. Glashow, Md

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Published on
January 27, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Jonathan L. Glashow, Md?

The reviews for Jonathan L. Glashow, MD reflect an overwhelmingly positive reputation, showcasing high patient satisfaction across various aspects of his orthopedic practice. The feedback consistently paints a picture of Dr. Glashow's expertise in the surgical domain, with specific emphasis on his capacity to treat complex sports injuries. Patients cite successful outcomes, even after prior treatments failed, attributing their recovery to Dr. Glashow's skill. Attention to the use of the latest technologies in surgery, detail-oriented diagnosis process, thorough explanations, and a supportive team are recurrent themes. Moreover, the personalized and patient-centric approach, from scheduling flexibility to answering questions and addressing concerns thoughtfully, is frequently mentioned, establishing trust between the doctor and his patients. Patients commend the overall experience, from pre-surgical consultation to post-surgery recovery, and are grateful for the restoration of their quality of life post-treatment.

Positive Feedback

Based on the customer reviews, the notable positive aspects of experiences with Dr. Jonathan L. Glashow include the high level of surgical expertise and success rates, particularly in complex cases that had been previously unsuccessfully treated. His commitment to staying abreast with the latest technologies and advancements in surgery is also considered a significant positive by his patients. The personal characteristics of Dr. Glashow, such as a pleasant bedside manner, thoroughness in explaining medical conditions, and attentiveness during the recovery phase are highly praised. Additionally, the supportive environment and efficiency created by his team, including friendly staff and the responsive and knowledgeable assistant, enhance patient satisfaction. The ability of Dr. Glashow to provide clear next steps and treatment plans tailored to patient goals, alongside aiding patients in returning to their active lifestyles post-surgery, are particularly highlighted as exemplary aspects of the customer experience.

Concerns and Threads

Based on the provided reviews, there are virtually no negative experiences directly mentioned. However, it is noteworthy for potential patients that Dr. Glashow may not be within some patients' insurance networks, which could result in a financial consideration for those seeking his services. While this does not seem to detract from the overall positive clinical outcomes or patient experiences reported, it may be a practical concern for prospective patients to consider in terms of healthcare costs. It is important for customers to investigate their insurance benefits and potential out-of-pocket expenses before making a decision.

Frequently asked questions about Jonathan L. Glashow, Md

Is Dr. Glashow in-network for all insurance providers?

Dr. Glashow may not be in-network for all insurance providers, so prospective patients should verify their insurance coverage and potential out-of-pocket costs beforehand.

What types of injuries does Dr. Glashow specialize in treating?

Dr. Glashow specializes in orthopedic sports injuries, renowned for his expertise in successful surgical outcomes for previously unresolved complex cases, including shoulder, knee, and elbow injuries.

What can I expect in terms of recovery support after surgery with Dr. Glashow?

Patients report high satisfaction with the recovery support from Dr. Glashow, indicating he provides thorough explanations, is involved actively in the post-surgery process, and his team is helpful in addressing any questions or concerns during recovery.

What are customers saying about Jonathan L. Glashow, Md

Jonathan L. Glashow, Md
Kenneth Wolk
3 days ago
Best surgeon hands down had my two shoulders done and a torn bicep Dr Glashow is not in my network but could not care less. He is the best and I and you whoever reads this review deserves the best
Jonathan L. Glashow, Md
Luke Seferian
4 months ago
I had a fantastic experience with Dr. Glashow. His staff is phenomenal (from a very friendly and responsive front desk, to those assisting him directly). I visited due to two separate issues I'm experiencing and Dr. Glashow was not only friendly but also highly thorough, patient, and informative. I now understand what my next steps to getting back to weightlifting are. Thank you Dr. Glashow and staff!
Jonathan L. Glashow, Md
Sandi Nussbaum
4 months ago
Dr. Glashow and his office staff are extremely patient with their explanations and very kind in working with your scheduling appointments! Dr Glashow reviewed and explained my injuries to me and answered all of my questions and concerns. I have used Dr Glashow in the past and have returned to his practice again because I have complete trust in his ability as a surgeon and his care for his patients!!
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