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Published on
January 16, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about J R Fencing?

J R Fencing exhibits a generally positive reputation as inferred from recent customer reviews. The bulk of feedback highlights a high level of satisfaction with the company's services, including swift and efficient fence installations across varied materials such as vinyl and aluminum. Customers consistently laud the professionalism, work ethic, and personableness of both Ruben, presumably the business owner or lead contractor, and his team. The company is praised for its effective communication, particularly in coordinating with neighbors during shared projects, as well as its ability to execute installations rapidly, sometimes within a matter of days following the initial contact. However, there are isolated incidences where the company's follow-through on addressing property damage caused during installation has been inadequate, negatively impacting their overall customer experience.

Positive Feedback

The key strengths of J R Fencing center on the commendable work quality and professionalism demonstrated by Ruben and his team. Multiple reviews stress the swift completion of projects, with some fences being installed as quickly as within a two-day timeframe. Customers appreciate the direct involvement of Ruben in ensuring precision and in pre-informing neighbors about impending projects. The company's considerate customer service approach is underscored by their willingness to facilitate neighborly communication, thereby enhancing the overall service satisfaction. Service-related accolades extend to friendly interactions, marked by a great sense of humor and candor, further solidifying the company's image as reliable and user-friendly.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the prevalence of positive feedback, J R Fencing has encountered issues that mar its reputation, primarily concerning post-installation service and property respect. A disgruntled customer described an experience of property damage, including trampled gardens and leftover debris, which underwent delayed and inadequate remediation. This issue was compounded by unfulfilled promises and a lack of timely communication, overshadowing the initial quality of the installation work. A separate review mentioned similar concerns involving property damage, such as broken objects and uneven concrete work, which persisted unaddressed for an extensive period, creating dissatisfaction and raising reliability concerns among customers post-payment.

Frequently asked questions about J R Fencing

How quickly can J R Fencing start and complete a new fence installation?

According to customer reviews, J R Fencing is known for its rapid response to inquiries and swift project turnaround, with some fences installed in as little as two days from initial contact. However, this timeline can vary depending on the scope of the project and current schedules.

Does J R Fencing communicate with neighbors during shared fence projects?

Customers often praise J R Fencing for facilitating communication between neighbors during shared fencing projects. The company appears to make a concerted effort to inform and coordinate with adjoining property owners whenever the project involves shared property lines.

What recourse do I have if J R Fencing damages my property during installation?

If there are any issues with property damage during the installation process, it is recommended to communicate directly with Ruben or the team immediately. Reviews suggest that while the company may promise to address such concerns, follow-through may be inconsistent, so stay diligent with communication to ensure remediation.

What are customers saying about J R Fencing

J R Fencing
Asilbek akmalov
4 months ago
Ruben and his team are one of the best out there! Kind and honest people and know how much we are paying. They did an amazing job in our backyard, sharing with my neighbor, and helped us get through the process and communicate with my neighbor. The fencing came out top notch, and very sturdy. Well worth the money! Service: Vinyl fence installation
J R Fencing
Peter Saladis
2 months ago
Reuben was a pleasure to deal with. The workers were highly skilled and professional. Very satisfied with the final product. Service: Aluminum fence installation
J R Fencing
Joanne Morandi
5 months ago
I met with Rubin the next day after calling him and within days he was here to get the job done. They did a great job. They worked neat and cleaned up everything. The fence looks great around my yard. What a difference. Rubin and his guys were professional and easy to deal with. They also got it done in like 2 days. Services: Privacy fence installation, Fence installation
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