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Published on
January 10, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Izakaya Mew?

Izakaya MEW generally offers a positive customer experience characterized by its quality food and vibrant ambiance. Customers are particularly satisfied with the variety of dishes, the flavors, and the generous portion sizes. The recurring theme in the feedback points to an energetic atmosphere complemented by a selection of music that contributes to the overall lively vibe of the restaurant. However, there are remarks regarding the noise level, which some customers find detracting from their dining experience, making conversation difficult. Additionally, despite the fast service, there is a sentiment that the restaurant's popularity can lead to a rushed feeling, especially when it is busy, and some diners note a mediocre service experience during peak times. The location's convenience for commuters and shoppers, as well as its affordability, are praised, reinforcing its reputation as a go-to dining option in midtown.

Positive Feedback

The positive aspects of Izakaya MEW are readily apparent, with reviewers frequently praising the quality and taste of the food. Customers are consistently impressed by the innovative spins on traditional dishes, as well as the variety available on the menu. The portion sizes are also highlighted as generous, providing good value for money. The ambiance, described as energetic and reminiscent of a house party with contemporary music playing, adds to the appeal for those seeking a lively dining atmosphere. Service speed and efficiency receive commendation, with dishes arriving promptly. The restaurant's location near Penn Station makes it a convenient choice for many, and the affordability is especially appreciated in the midtown area.

Concerns and Threads

On the downside, some customers have expressed dissatisfaction with aspects of the dining experience at Izakaya MEW. The noise level during peak times has been criticized for being too high, which can be a deterrent for those looking to have conversations at their tables. Although the food is generally well-received, there are instances where customers wished for additional variety, such as more chicken options, and there were mixed reviews regarding some of the offerings like shrimp shumai and certain side dishes. Service, while usually fast, has been described as lacking attentiveness and care at times, leading to an impression of being rushed. Lastly, the popularity of the restaurant means that customers may have to endure long waits, and reservations are recommended to avoid long wait times during busy hours.

Frequently asked questions about Izakaya Mew

Do I need a reservation for Izakaya MEW?

Yes, due to the popularity of Izakaya MEW, especially during peak hours, it is strongly recommended to make a reservation to avoid long wait times.

Is the restaurant suitable for conversations during dinner?

The restaurant's vibe is energetic with loud music, which can make it hard to have a conversation during busy dinner times. If a quieter atmosphere is preferred, it may be beneficial to visit during off-peak hours.

Does Izakaya MEW offer options for people with dietary restrictions?

While Izakaya MEW has a diverse menu, those with specific dietary requirements should review the menu in advance or contact the restaurant directly to determine if their needs can be accommodated.

What are customers saying about Izakaya Mew

Izakaya Mew
a week ago
Came here during brunch time with my friends. We ordered two sushi rolls, unagi rice bowl, kimchi cream udon, kaarage, shrimp shumai and a hamburg set for me! My friends all said that their dishes were super good. We shared the karaage with the table and it was hot and crunchy, wish it came with a sauce though! The shrimp shumai was okay, not mind blowing but just good for what it is. I didn’t try my friend’s dish’s but my hamburg set was super good! I love the tomato sauce that it came with and it was a large portion. The side dishes that my set came with were good too! Along with the price being on the cheaper price for brunch, I would come back here again. Super affordable!
Izakaya Mew
Pandi Mengri
2 weeks ago
We hit up Izakaya MEW at 5 pm, and even though there was a line when they opened, we got seated right away. The vibe was on point, with 90s hip-hop and perfect lighting. It felt like a house party, but instead, we were treated to an amazing meal. The staff was super friendly and attentive. We tried their frozen beer, volcano roll, kimchi udon, and tantan men – all seriously delicious! I highly recommend this spot! 🍣🍜🍻
Izakaya Mew
Nain Ladak
2 days ago
Finding a cute, affordable dining option in the midtown is already a rarity. The Kimchi Cream Udon (comes with shrimp) is my go-to order. If you're feeling sushi, then the dynamite roll is to die for! I bring all my friends here. This is a great spot if you're arriving/ leaving from Penn station, which is an 8 minute walk away. Check out the H-Mart/ TesoLife store nearby to grab some snacks for the ride home. I'm docking a star on the atmosphere because while aesthetic, it's noisy during dinnertime so it can be hard to hear the conversation with people at your table! Be warned, if you want to go for dinner you'll need to book at least three days in advance!
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Late-night izakaya for soba salad, sushi, yakitori & other Japanese fare in a spartan-looking space.