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Indian Boundary Golf Course
Indian Boundary Golf Course

Indian Boundary Golf Course Reviews Summary

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Published on
March 7, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Indian Boundary Golf Course?

Indian Boundary Golf Course has garnered a mixed reputation based on recent customer reviews. A consistent theme is the course's aesthetic appeal and maintenance, with customers appreciating its natural features, well-kept fairways, tee boxes, and greens. The presence of wildlife and the course's overall beauty contribute positively to the playing experience. However, pace of play is a recurrent concern, where several reviewers find the course marred by slow rounds and inefficient management of tee times. Complaints about customer service staff being unaccommodating and disrespectful have also tarnished the course's reputation. While the course is considered good value for money and part of the best in the Chicago Forest Preserve collection, the operational and service issues seem to detract significantly from the overall customer experience. The course's approach to single players and pricing for seniors has also come under scrutiny, with criticisms highlighting the need for improved inclusiveness and cost transparency.

Positive Feedback

Key positive customer feedback for Indian Boundary Golf Course underscores the visual appeal and quality of the course. Described as 'beautiful and well maintained,' it stands out as a favorite within the Chicago Forest Preserve courses, with 'wide open fairways' and 'decent greens.' An appreciative note was made about the scenic environment, featuring deer and a landscape that feels 'Prairie appropriate.' The course is appreciated for being in 'great shape' and for offering a fair price point which is seen as good value for the resources offered, including the full pro shop. The positive experiences on non-peak hours hint at a pleasant and enjoyable golfing experience when crowd-related issues are absent.

Concerns and Threads

Customer feedback reveals several negative aspects that affect the overall experience at Indian Boundary Golf Course. The most conspicuous issue is the slow pace of play, with one reviewer expressing frustration over 'ridiculously slow' rounds and long waits at tee boxes. Another negative aspect is the course's reservation system, which presents challenges for single players seeking to book tee times. Furthermore, the lack of rangers and regulation of pace contribute to a disorganized flow that results in dissatisfaction among players. Negative interactions with staff, such as staff at the check-in counter displaying poor attitudes, have led to an unsatisfactory service experience. Additionally, some seniors noted the extra tax on green fees and felt that the pricing was not justified enough for a return visit.

Frequently asked questions about Indian Boundary Golf Course

How well-maintained is the Indian Boundary Golf Course?

The consensus among reviewers is that the Indian Boundary Golf Course is well-maintained, boasting beautiful natural features, wide fairways, and good quality greens. Regular maintenance seems to uphold the aesthetic and playability of the course.

Can I book a tee time as a single player at Indian Boundary Golf Course?

Booking as a single player can be challenging, especially towards the end of the season. The course's policy may require you to show up as a walk-on if they are unable to pair you with other players.

Is the pace of play fast at Indian Boundary Golf Course?

Numerous reviewers have reported slow pace of play, with long waiting times, especially during peak hours. If you prefer a quicker game, it is advisable to play during off-peak times or avoid weekends.

What are customers saying about Indian Boundary Golf Course

Indian Boundary Golf Course
a month ago
Played in the beginning of February on a nice day. Course was in surprisingly good shape considering it opened two days prior. Pace was fairly slow but it got pretty cold by the end (see the golf balls on ice in the picture). Probably the nicest Forest Preserve course. Wish PoP was a little faster, but it’s a FP course so for the price I shouldn’t complain.
Indian Boundary Golf Course
scott mccomas
2 months ago
Very nice course but the last few times I've played here the pace of play is ridiculously slow. I'm not a fast player by any means, but having to wait at every tee box for ten minutes is way too much. They need to space out the tee times better. I won't waste my time going here again
Indian Boundary Golf Course
Patrick Olchawa
4 months ago
Played here a couple of times. The course is fun, wide open fairways, decent greens & tee boxes. Some of my only gripes are when trying to book a tee time as a single. With the end of the season approaching there's plenty of open tee times during the day. I tried to book a single and was told "course is completely open from 7:30AM on but I can't book you because there's nobody to pair you with. You'll have to wait and show up as a walk on". I get how singles can cause a backup during prime season and prime hours, but a day that's barely reaching 40 degrees with nobody booking anything is far from that. I'll look to book somewhere else that's a bit more welcoming to singles.
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