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Published on
February 9, 2024
Last updated
March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Immigration Advice Service Ltd?

Immigration Advice Service (IAS) appears to exhibit a mixed company reputation based on the customer feedback provided. On one hand, certain customers speak highly of their individual case worker, Nasreen Ali, detailing experiences that were professional, attentive, and resulted in successful immigration outcomes. This feedback notably includes mentions of effective communication, supportive behavior, and the ability to alleviate the stress associated with immigration procedures. On the other hand, a recurring theme of dissatisfaction emerges with some customers recounting distressing experiences with IAS. A pattern of alleged unprofessionalism, poor advice, neglect, and incompetence is described. Instances include alleged inaccuracies in legal advice, a lack of follow-through on providing promised services, and difficulties with case worker responsiveness. The severity of these issues is underscored by the serious consequences they have on immigration proceedings, such as delayed decisions and even application refusals.

Positive Feedback

Key positive feedback commonly emphasizes the helpfulness and expertise of specific caseworkers, particularly Nasreen Ali and Parminder Kaur. Clients have commented on both prompt and smooth application processes, as well as the provision of correct legal advice even in complicated cases. Clients felt reassured and supported, leading to successful visa and indefinite leave to remain (ILR) applications. The guidance offered by IAS caseworkers, as mentioned in these positive reviews, demonstrates a deep understanding of up-to-date immigration laws and an ability to professionally manage applications, making the experience less stressful for clients.

Concerns and Threads

The critical reviews identify several concerning negative aspects of IAS's service. Firstly, there are allegations of inadequate legal advice that resulted in significant adverse outcomes, including application refusals. Clients also report a lack of transparency and accountability from the company when addressing complaints. Moreover, issues such as non-responsiveness, delay in services, absence of promised written confirmations, and lack of preparedness for scheduled appointments contribute to the dissatisfaction expressed in these testimonials. These shortcomings highlight systemic operational deficiencies that appear to contrast sharply with the company's successful cases.

Frequently asked questions about Immigration Advice Service Ltd

What measures does IAS take to ensure the competency and responsiveness of its caseworkers?

IAS aims to assign skilled caseworkers to manage clients' cases, though some reviews indicate challenges related to competency and responsiveness. The company is expected to conduct regular training and maintain strict service standards to address these concerns, but it is advisable to discuss these directly with IAS representatives.

How does IAS handle complaints and concerns raised by clients?

IAS claims to investigate complaints thoroughly, as indicated by their response to customer feedback. When concerns are raised, the company states it conducts internal reviews and aims to resolve issues promptly. Customers are encouraged to communicate directly with IAS for a resolution.

Can IAS guarantee a successful immigration application?

While IAS provides a service aimed at supporting clients through their immigration process, no legal service provider can guarantee the outcome of an application due to the complex and variable nature of immigration law. Clients are urged to maintain realistic expectations and consult directly with IAS for thorough legal advice tailored to their case.

What are customers saying about Immigration Advice Service Ltd

Immigration Advice Service Ltd
Kristina Angova
7 months ago
"Worst experience ever, do not waste your time and money here‘‘ I contacted IAS as I wanted to re-apply for my pre-settled status, as I had doubts that it might be revoked due to my absences. Upon contacting IAS, the first case worker I was assigned to Ligia, after neglecting my case and after I made an official complaint about her, she emailed me saying she is no longer working with IAS and I was assigned to another caseworker Nasreen. Thought that after my 1st complaint, I’ll be assigned to a professional and attentive caseworker, the joke was on me. Nasreen had been negligent, during our online meeting never concentrated, I had to chase her with emails and calls and she was negative and discoursing from the begging of my process. After continuing and chasing Nasreen, she finally told me that she has uploaded my application and promised in writing that on the next day, she’d upload the evidence I provided her with and my Cover Letter. After waiting for 2 months, with no reply from the Home Office, I decided to call the Home Office and that’s when I heard the shocking news that I have no supporting evidence nor any Cover Letter uploaded. So what happened is I uploaded myself all the evidence and only after 2 days, I got a reply from the Home Office saying that I was granted Indefinite Leave to Remain.  So thanks to Nasreen, I wasted 2 months waiting for nothing.. After I complained again to IAS and told them that the Home Office had confirmed there was no supporting evidence, they did an ‘investigation’ saying Nasreen had done everything and absolutely neglected what the Home Office told me. So afterwards, I emailed Abigail again, as I wanted further investigation to be done, but IAS didn’t even bother to reply to my email. And I paid for all of this £1700 + what a shame..
Immigration Advice Service Ltd
Shaun Phillips
3 years ago
We took a confidential advice session on an immigration issue. We had an initial phone call with a non-expert to find out more about us, who concluded they were 'well-positioned' to deal with our case and he scheduled us a face-to-face appointment earlier than the slots they had publicly available because our situation was urgent. This was good, and saved us a long drive to one of their other offices. On the day though, they didn't seem to be expecting us even though we'd emailed ahead the day before and the appointment was 20 mins late to start. Bad start, but willing to accept there had just been an admin error. During our session, we felt the senior expert that we'd been assigned didn't know the answers to some of our questions, even though we had sent them through previously. Rather than admitting they weren't sure, we were given inaccurate information, which obviously panicked us. On a couple of questions, it felt like we actually knew more about the topic than the expert, who still tried to advise us. We ended up going away and doing our own research, at which point we discovered information contradictory to what we'd been told by them. The whole point of us taking the advice session was so that we could be more confident in trusting their expertise, rather than just going with information we had found out ourselves. In reality, it just slowed us down in fighting our case. Happily, our situation is now resolved, however it was with no thanks to them, which is a disappointment because their advice session didn't come cheap for us. Finally, as part of the advice session, they promised written confirmation of the advice given. We got an email saying to let them know if we wanted them to take up our case, and also to let them know if the written advice didn't come within a week. We suspect this was their way of avoiding having to do the work as I'm not sure how they were going to provide this written advice, given that the expert hadn't taken any notes during the session. As we'd already found out their info was wrong and we'd decided not to trust them with our case, we didn't bother chasing the written advice, and sure enough, it never came through.
Immigration Advice Service Ltd
Zohar Katz
2 years ago
I hope my review will help others AVOID this company so to save you from the hassle I'm going through ATM. To make story short, I was given wrong legal advices by caseworker Nasreen Ali, which led to my APLICCATION BEING REFUSED by the Home Office! My case was fairly easy, and the only reason I got refused was that I applied from within the UK on a visitors' visa (due to COVID-19 and flight got canceled). I've asked for Nasreen's legal advice on it at the time, and no where in the process she mentioned the risks of applying from within the UK while on a visitors' visa. Well apparently, it is a big NO NO and very basic knowledge (to immigration solicitors), that I revealed while talking to several solicitors after getting refused. If she would have warned me that it is problematic and risky, I would have waited to return to my country and apply from there. She also didn't mentioned that I shouldn't leave the UK while my application is being processed, otherwise it will withdraw the application automatically. There are many other examples I can give (like not returning calls/emails for a whole month) that shows that I receive a very unprofessional and poor service. If I were to know all of these things in first place, I wouldn't have paid for legal advice. I paid good money for IMMIGRATION ADVICE SERVICE (as their name states) and not just for someone to submit all of the papers in the right order. I am now chasing the company for a refund, for this very unprofessional legal advice. They have offered me 50% back (meaning they acknowledge their fault), but I simply want all of my money back, given that I need to hire a new solicitor and pay for a second application all over again. I wouldn't write a review saying avoid the company only based on my experience with Nasreen (I would simply say avoid Nasreen). But in the process of applying I have realized that I was given another wrong advice by a different solicitor in the first consultation meeting regarding the English test I needed to take, which led me to sit the English test twice because of it. So all in all, I would advice you to choose a different company! And for IAS, please please have the dignity to come and say sorry for the mess one of your workers made, take responsibility and REFUND me fully! I am not asking for compensation for the lost time, and additional expenses I will now have to make because of this unsuccessful application, I am only asking the minimum, the money I paid you and the application fee, and in return got negligent legal advice.
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