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As of Apr 01, 2024, 1162 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.4 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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I Am Pho's customer reviews analysis

I Am Pho appears to garner positive feedback predominantly for its flavorful and authentic Vietnamese cuisine, generous portions, and accommodating service. Patrons have commended the restaurant for its comfortable ambiance suitable for casual dining among family and friends. A diverse menu, including options for dietary preferences like vegan choices, contributes to its inclusive appeal. The food's freshness and taste, particularly the various pho dishes, are recurrently praised, enhancing the establishment's reputation as a reliable choice for Vietnamese comfort food. While customization options such as the array of sauces are appreciated, customers are also impressed by the quality of specialties like frog legs and banh mi. However, there are isolated incidents of service lapses, such as the mix-up with summer rolls, and perceptions of taste that may range from average to exceptional, suggesting a potential inconsistency in experience.

Positive Feedback

Positive aspects of the customer feedback for I Am Pho center on the authenticity and variety of the menu offerings, especially the well-received pho and banh mi. Patrons enjoy the restaurant's no-frills atmosphere conducive to both group gatherings and individual dining. Commendations also highlight the food's flavorful nature, enabled by a selection of condiments allowing for personalized taste adjustments. The freshness of ingredients and the provision of a menu that even includes rarer delicacies, like frog legs, are noted with enthusiasm. Furthermore, the staff's friendliness and the prompt service contribute to an overall pleasant dining experience. The portion sizes are consistently described as generous, providing good value for money and leaving customers satisfied.

Concerns and Threads

Despite many positive reviews, I Am Pho's customer feedback does carry some critiques. The most notable negative aspect is the occasional service oversight, such as the delivery of an incorrect order to a pescatarian customer, which, despite rectification, impacted the dining experience negatively. Another customer described the taste as average, hinting at potential discrepancies in the food quality or seasoning that may not meet everyone's expectations. Additionally, a perception of being slightly overrated and comparisons to other Vietnamese restaurants suggest there could be room for improvement in ensuring consistency in the culinary experience for all patrons.

Frequently asked questions about I Am Pho

Does I Am Pho accommodate dietary restrictions, such as vegan or vegetarian options?

Yes, I Am Pho offers a variety of dishes that cater to different dietary needs, including vegan options, ensuring that customers with dietary restrictions can find suitable choices on the menu.

Can I customize the flavor of my dish at I Am Pho?

Customers are encouraged to personalize the flavor of their dishes with the selection of sauces provided, such as Sriracha, hoisin sauce, and fish sauce, to adjust spiciness and taste to individual preferences.

Are the portion sizes at I Am Pho adequate?

The portion sizes at I Am Pho are commonly described as generous, offering a good value for the price and leaving most customers content with the amount of food served.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for I Am Pho

I Am Pho
Food with Tram
2 weeks ago
It’s definitely a no frills/no fuss Vietnamese restaurant. We ordered the: 🥢 bun bo hue (spicy beef vermicelli noodle soup) 🥢bun rieu cua (crab noodle soup) 🥢pho bo (beef noodle soup) 🥢ech xao sa ot (chilli and lemongrass frogs legs) 🥢 prawn salad 🥢crispy chicken wings 🥢sweet and spicy chicken wings 🥢banh mi with the bbq pork skewers (off menu) 🥢iced coffee You definitely need to add sriracha/chilli oil/hoisin sauce/lime/fish sauce to your own preferences (not just here but every Vietnamese place you go to). I’m a bun bo hue fan as it’s not something I ever eat at home so I always like to eat it outside! Extra spicy please. The frogs legs were *chef’s kiss”, light, crispy, hint of chilli and lemongrass paired with the sweet chilli dip 😩. It is such a moreish dish. Frogs legs have a very similar texture to chicken so I’d definitely recommend getting these. Both the chicken wing dishes were great, the batter is light so the chicken is crispy, not crunchy, and lightly seasoned. The sweet and chilli ones is for those of you who love fish sauce! It’s not over powering at all and complementary of the sweet and spicy flavours. Chicken done WELL. If you do not like fish sauce, politely, this is not for you. The banh mi was so tasty, the baguette was light and crispy and the inside was fluffy (not dense like a French baguette). It would’ve been better with a bit more of the meat filling but otherwise everything else was great. The pickled veg was still crunchy and adds a nice “sour” contrast to the bbq pork skewers. Add sriracha for spice and you have yourself a perfect banh mi. Whatever you do, make sure you get the salad - don’t say I didn’t put you on.
I Am Pho
Koustuv Sen
a week ago
Portions of pho are huge and very tasty. Fresh food. Reasonably priced. Friendly staff. Had the wanton pho. Keep coming back here. Highly recommended.
I Am Pho
Anne Dewanto
2 months ago
A very decent comfort restaurant! Their pho was to die for, especially on those rainy cold days. The vegetable spring roll was also scrumptious with a proper amount of vegetables. They have plenty choices of sauces from Hoisin, Sriracha, vinegar, and many more to enhance the flavor of your pho soup. The others ordered hot tea and tap water while I had their cranberry juice as I wanted something fresh to close my palate from the flavorful pho. The place was perfect for a group of friends or family and the service was great whilst the staff was friendly and agile. Keep up the good work!
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Low-key Vietnamese spot offering a variety of pho, rice dishes & banh mi, plus wine & imported beer.