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What do customers say about Hillside Memorial Park And Mortuary?

As of Feb 18, 2024, 52 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.6 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Hillside Memorial Park And Mortuary's customer reviews analysis

The reputation of Hillside Memorial Park and Mortuary appears to be positively strong based on the reviews provided. Customers frequently commend the park for its peaceful ambiance, exceptional landscaping, and the courtesy of its staff. These recurring themes suggest a burial site that not only maintains high standards for appearance and serenity but also demonstrates a commitment to welcoming and accommodating visiting families and friends. The inter-faith inclusivity mentioned in one review speaks volumes about the park's progressive and embracing policies since the 1950s, highlighting a forward-thinking approach to burial practices. Though most feedback is favorable, there is an isolated complaint concerning the preparation of a loved one for viewing, indicating a possible area for improvement in services. Overall, the provided customer experiences point towards a respectful and dignified handling of both the deceased and the bereaved, contributing to the memorial park's esteemed standing.

Positive Feedback

The positive aspects of customer feedback emphasize the tranquil environment and meticulous maintenance of Hillside Memorial Park. Visitors describe it as 'peaceful,' 'beautiful,' and 'well kept,' underscoring the park’s dedication to providing a serene resting place for loved ones. The professionalism and friendliness of the staff are frequently mentioned, with individual staffers named for their notable service and sensitivity. These accounts illustrate a personalized approach to customer care. The inclusion of inter-faith plots and the park's history of inclusivity are also highlighted, suggesting that it has been a place of welcome and equality for decades. Moreover, the park's ability to accommodate personalized and joyful remembrance activities, such as picnics and music, points to a flexible and understanding environment, catering to varied grieving processes and celebrating the lives of those interred.

Concerns and Threads

While overwhelmingly positive, feedback includes a concern indicating a disparity in the standards of care. A negative experience was reported regarding the presentation of a loved one during a private viewing. The lack of cosmetic preparation left family members feeling disappointed, as it did not honor the deceased's appearance appropriately. This isolated critique points to a potential inconsistency in the mortuary services or a breakdown in communication regarding the expectations for such preparations. This singular issue may suggest that while the grounds and customer service receive high praise, the mortuary aspect could be subject to further scrutiny to ensure a uniformly high standard across all services offered by the park.

Frequently asked questions about Hillside Memorial Park And Mortuary

What amenities and services does Hillside Memorial Park offer for remembrance visits?

Hillside Memorial Park provides a tranquil and well-maintained environment with facilities such as mausoleums, a pond, and green lawn areas. They offer personalized services including grave stone polishing and flower placement. Additionally, the park is reported to be inclusive, allowing for varied memorial activities according to family wishes.

Are there any notable figures or celebrities buried at Hillside Memorial Park?

Yes, Hillside Memorial Park is the final resting place for several celebrities, including Leonard Nimoy. The cemetery's website offers further information on the notable figures interred within its grounds.

How does Hillside Memorial Park accommodate different religious or cultural practices?

Hillside Memorial Park has a history of inclusion, with inter-faith plots available since the 1950s. They show a welcoming attitude towards various religious and cultural practices, allowing for personalized memorials and respecting diverse traditions.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Hillside Memorial Park And Mortuary

Hillside Memorial Park And Mortuary
Cindy Brown
4 days ago
One of the most peaceful and beautiful kept places I have ever stepped foot in… the quiet and tranquility was outstanding… beautiful lawn care and attention to detail is taken care of here.. must stop at check it out.. beautiful lady at the front gate very warm and welcoming…
Hillside Memorial Park And Mortuary
Scott Cochran
4 years ago
What an amazing place. I specifically went to see the final resting place of Leonard Nimoy. The girl at the front gate was very courteous and gave us a map. There were 2 services going on and I didn't want to intrude, she assured us it was ok to go in. I made sure we weren't disturbing any of them attending. I have to say this place was an awesome site. I saw a few mausoleums that I wasn't expecting for sure. Its so peaceful here and so well kept. Just amazing. I really felt very calm being here. I hope someday to return.
Hillside Memorial Park And Mortuary
Darcy Diamond
a year ago
Spent the afternoon last week @ Hillside visiting, picnic with mom & dad. The staff couldn’t have been nicer. Dad, Ukrainian-Colombian Studio exec, purchased side x side plots in the 50’s. One for himself & mom, Canadian, non Jew, NY showgirl, actress. There were no wringing hands from papi’s ancestors. All are welcome. That Hillside had Inter-Faith as inclusion clause in the 1950’s blows me away. @ that time, people of color, Jews, were prevented from buying real estate, joining country clubs. Thank you for that. I love that incredibly creative Black architect designed fountains & mausoleum. I know parents are engaging with tons of their friends resting forever here. I imagine nightly sunset “happy hours” socializing over craft cocktails. Just as they did in my life. I designed mom’s headstone during pandemic 2020. Gracias, Emily Bryan@Hillside. I wished to convey sentiments mom wants. The finished product is remarkable. Mom is thrilled. When I visit mom & dad now, it is festive. (I consulted Chabad re: respect years after parents internments) Rebbes proclaimed I’m within my rights to signify anyway I want.) I blasted Sunset Slope with Kool & the Gang’s “Celebration” song on my iPhone. Really loud. I woke up a handful of slumbering eternal neighbors. I danced. I’d like to think the neighbors were pleasantly surprised. For sure, parents liked picnic, song, their only child pulling wicked moves. Thank you, Rafael O. & Hillside crew for letting me do my thing.
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