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Published on
January 10, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Harley Street Specialist Hospital?

The overall company reputation of Professor Adrian Wilson, Knee & Sports Injury Specialists, is portrayed positively in the latest reviews, earning the establishment a commendable standing in the field of orthopedic care, particularly knee surgeries. The customers consistently acclaim Professor Wilson’s surgical expertise and his personal investment in their well-being, which contributes significantly to their trust and satisfaction. The reviews recurrently highlight Professor Wilson's conscientious approach toward addressing complex health issues, willingness to explore various treatment options, and the satisfactory recovery outcomes reported by patients. It is also notable that the experience is not limited to the surgery itself, but extends to thorough pre-operative consultations, meticulous post-operative care, and attentive follow-up, all of which culminate in a customer experience that appears to be both reassuring and efficient.

Positive Feedback

Professor Adrian Wilson is frequently lauded for his exceptional surgical skills, with particular emphasis on his ability to perform complex knee surgeries that enable patients to return to their favorite physical activities without impediments. His expertise is not only technical but also communicative, as he is praised for patiently explaining medical situations and procedures while showing empathy toward his patients' concerns. Reviewers express their gratitude for his bespoke techniques and innovative approaches, as well as for the comprehensive care extended by his supportive team. The effective communication and efficient administrative processes mentioned by patients indicate a high standard of customer service throughout the treatment journey.

Concerns and Threads

The provided customer reviews display a negligible presence of negative feedback regarding Professor Adrian Wilson and his services. As such, it is challenging to constructively evaluate any shortcomings or consistent issues faced by patients based on the currently available data. Nevertheless, it remains essential for prospective clients to be mindful that individual experiences can vary and to consider scheduling a conversation to discuss any concerns or specific needs they might have with the specialists.

Frequently asked questions about Harley Street Specialist Hospital

What kind of results can I expect from Professor Adrian Wilson's knee surgery?

Patients report highly positive outcomes, with many returning to active lifestyles involving sports and physical activities. Follow-ups and recovery assessments are a standard part of the treatment plan to ensure optimal results.

How does Professor Wilson handle complex knee cases with multiple health issues?

Professor Wilson is noted for his thoughtful and individualized approach, seeking to understand a patient’s complete medical history, and offering tailored treatment options. He also consults with other top surgeons when beneficial, demonstrating a commitment to the best patient outcomes.

What is the level of post-operative care provided by Professor Wilson?

Reviews indicate a high level of post-operative care, including thorough explanations of the recovery process, personalized rehabilitation guidance, and diligent follow-up appointments to track progress and ensure proper healing.

What are customers saying about Harley Street Specialist Hospital

Harley Street Specialist Hospital
Arminé Stephanian
5 days ago
I very highly recommend Professor Wilson. He is not only an excellent surgeon and expert he is very caring and understanding and will do anything in his power to help. Me and my husband met him in 2020 for my husband’s knees and my husband has a lot of health complications so he can’t have many procedures but Professor Wilson assured us that he would do all he could and he has been true to his word. We have been living in London for 25 years and have never met a medical professional as caring and kind as him who is always looking for different solutions to find a solution and who has always followed up to see how my husband is doing. He is an expert in what he does with a kind caring heart and that’s all anyone could ask for.
Harley Street Specialist Hospital
Jenny Sandler
a month ago
Prof Wilson and his team are taking excellent care of my son and his ACL. From our first appointment I knew my son was in good hands and prof Wilson patiently explained the situation- taking time to guide my curious son through all the images - and gave us our options. 8 months post surgery, my son has a stable knee with a reconstructed ligament and a repaired meniscus and he can finally start running again!
Harley Street Specialist Hospital
Jerome Pellaud
4 months ago
In September 2022 I went through 2 relatively heavy surgical procedures on my tibia and knee. I had the privilege to have Professor Adrian Wilson as my surgeon. From the moment I met him, it was clear he had tremendous expertise. He very rapidly identified the root cause of my issue. He was also very humble and brought in the perspective of another top surgeon, specialized in the issue he identified. In my experience (I had multiple prior knee surgeries), this is very rare and really demonstrates how Professor Wilson does everything to ensure the best possible outcome for his patients. I cannot stress enough how great it felt to be in such capable hands. In addition to being an outstanding surgeon, Professor Wilson is an excellent communicator, showing great empathy and clearly explaining options at every steps. I cannot recommend Professor Adrian Wilson highly enough! Thank you so much Professor for giving me the renewed opportunities to hike, run and roller blade. It feels like having a new leg!
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