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Published on
January 26, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Greene Roofing?

The reputation of Greene Construction Inc. appears to be split between positive and negative customer experiences. Analyzing the feedback provided, it becomes evident that many customers appreciate the prompt service, reasonable pricing, and professionalism demonstrated by the company's workforce. Customers repeatedly commend the efficiency of the work done, cleanliness, and polite demeanor of the crew, suggesting a strong work ethic and attention to detail. Additionally, some reviews reflect a longstanding positive relationship with the company, citing satisfactory long-term results and a willingness to address issues under the warranty. However, a concerning trend emerges with several customers feeling betrayed by the company’s refusal to honor warranties post alleged changes in management. These negative experiences entail leaks occurring shortly after service, unresponsiveness to warranty claims, and a perception of fraudulent practices. This dichotomy in experiences indicates an inconsistency in customer satisfaction and highlights warranty fulfillment as a critical factor impacting the company's reputation.

Positive Feedback

Greene Construction Inc. has garnered positive reactions for several aspects of their service. The company's response time is frequently described as fast, and the pricing is deemed reasonable by numerous customers, establishing an image of accessibility and fairness in financial dealings. The competence of the workforce is a recurring theme, with compliments about their quick, efficient, and professional job performance. The company’s attention to cleanliness, both on the roof and inside customers' homes, adds to the perception of meticulous care taken during job execution. Client testimonials underscore the company's reliability, especially those mentioning return visits to address post-service issues at no additional cost, implying strong after-sale support. Moreover, a few clients report a very satisfying long-term relationship with Greene Construction Inc., highlighting their trust in the company’s expertise and honesty, which has been solidified over years of satisfactory service.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the positive attributes, Greene Construction Inc. faces serious credibility challenges due to negative customer feedback focusing on warranty issues. Some customers report feeling deceived when the company allegedly did not honor its warranty commitments, particularly after what appears to be a change in management. These experiences suggest a breakdown in post-service customer support, manifesting in unreturned calls, unfulfilled promises to fix recurring leaks, and outright refusals to address warranty-covered repairs. This has led to strong accusations of fraudulent behavior and the devaluation of offered warranties, eroding trust in the company's reliability and integrity. The severity and emotional tone of the grievances suggest a significant impact on these customers, potentially overshadowing the positive aspects of the company's services and damaging its reputation for prospective clients.

Frequently asked questions about Greene Roofing

Can I trust the warranty offered by Greene Construction Inc. for roofing services?

There is mixed feedback regarding the warranty fulfillment by Greene Construction Inc. While some customers report satisfactory service and accountability, others have encountered issues with warranty claims, especially after alleged changes in management. It is advisable to clarify warranty terms and company policies before proceeding with any roofing services.

How responsive is Greene Construction Inc. when it comes to customer service?

Many customers report that Greene Construction Inc. has a fast response time for providing estimates and initiating work. However, some customers have experienced difficulties with customer service regarding warranty issues and follow-up on reported problems.

Are there any additional costs or fees I should be aware of when hiring Greene Construction Inc.?

Customers have complimented Greene Construction Inc. for reasonable and competitive pricing. Nevertheless, it is important to acquire a detailed estimate before work begins and to inquire if there are any circumstances under which additional charges might be applied, such as unforeseen complications or subsequent service calls not covered by the warranty.

What are customers saying about Greene Roofing

Greene Roofing
Farooq Salam
6 months ago
My roof had a couple of leaks especially in the bathroom area. They had a very fast response time and reasonable price estimate. They got the job done quickly and efficiently and I couldn't be more satisfied with their service. I will absolutely use their services in the future and would recommend them.
Greene Roofing
Gregg Mitchell
5 years ago
These guys are great. They came quickly to give an estimate, and the price was great. We scheduled quickly for the job. They worked quickly and efficiently. They were very clean! Both on the roof and in our house; they left no dirt or tar and anything anywhere. They are professionals, they are conscientious. I highly recommend them.
Greene Roofing
Carsten Vogel
3 months ago
Criminals. Gave me a 12 year warranty on my roof and then sold the company and claim they aren’t associated with the old company and aren’t responsible for the leaks in my roof. How does NYC allow for this? Fix my roof you crooks!
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