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January 10, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Gotham Footcare?

Evaluating the reputation of Dr. Miguel Cunha’s practice for Morton’s Neuroma Surgery based on recent reviews reveals a contrasting image. The positive reviews foster a strong reputation, highlighting an effective and personable approach to patient care, successful surgical outcomes, and professional staff. The emphasis on Dr. Cunha’s expertise in resolving various foot ailments, particularly plantar fasciitis and bunions, with successful surgery and treatments, is notable. These testimonials contribute to an image of a trustworthy and competent practice. However, a negative account provides a starkly different perspective, criticizing the practice for alleged pseudo-therapies, dubious charges, and a shift in behavior once insurance coverage ended. This particular review stands out against the otherwise generally favorable feedback, suggesting a potential area for the practice to evaluate and address dissatisfied patient experiences.

Positive Feedback

Positive feedback for Dr. Miguel Cunha and Gotham Footcare centers on a number of key elements that contribute to patient satisfaction. Patients consistently praise the professionalism, reliability, and approachability of both Dr. Cunha and his staff. Impressions of a welcoming office atmosphere and accommodating scheduling are recurrent themes. Several reviews commend the effective treatment of painful conditions such as plantar fasciitis and bunions, attesting to Dr. Cunha's proficiency in both conservative and surgical interventions. The personal care, including Dr. Cunha's personable nature and exceptional 'bedside manner', is often highlighted as a definitive factor in patient gratification. This coupled with statements of being pain-free post-treatment underscores the positive outcomes associated with the care provided at this practice.

Concerns and Threads

Notwithstanding the overall positive feedback, there is a notable negative review that raises concerns about the practice’s approach to treatment. This review describes experiences with unnecessary braces, charged attempts at pseudo-therapy, and a lack of satisfactory logical explanations for treatment recommendations. Furthermore, it raises an issue with changing staff behavior after the exhaustion of insurance coverage for physical therapy, suggesting a possible shift in patient care quality dependent on insurance benefits. These criticisms of ineffective treatment and a mismatch between patients’ expectations and experiences suggest a need for the practice to reevaluate its treatment protocols and patient communication strategies to prevent potential erosion of trust.

Frequently asked questions about Gotham Footcare

What types of foot conditions does Dr. Cunha treat?

Dr. Miguel Cunha specializes in treating a variety of foot conditions, including plantar fasciitis, Morton’s Neuroma, and bunion deformities. He offers both conservative treatments and surgical interventions tailored to each patient's needs.

Can I expect a personalized treatment plan for my foot condition?

Yes, according to patient testimonials, Dr. Cunha is known for providing personalized care, thoroughly explaining treatment options, and addressing the specific needs of each individual to ensure the best possible outcome.

How do patients describe their experience with the staff at Gotham Footcare?

Patients frequently describe the staff at Gotham Footcare as welcoming, courteous, and professional. They are referenced as a key component of the positive experience at the clinic, known for their attentiveness and ability to accommodate busy schedules.

What are customers saying about Gotham Footcare

Gotham Footcare
margot dorn
a year ago
I went to Dr. Cunha after reading good reviews in places like this. After looking closer I see many people had the same experience I did. Slick office, nice staff, but Dr. Cunha did nothing to help my problem. In my first visit he said he would "cure" me as we progressed through 5 options. Turns out most of these options were pseudo therapies or in appropriate surgical interventions. When I asked him why he was recommending things other podiatrists said would be not help or be detrimental he was not able to offer logical explanations for why treatments would work. Appointments with him involved useless foot wrapping and political chit chat and very little about my progress. Visits to his office were more like a foot spa then medical treatment. He put useless braces on me to "try" and then charged me for them. When my insurance covered physical therapy sessions ran out the tone from him and his staff changed. It was my fault that I was not improving and I needed to go to a pain specialist before I returned. Since leaving his office I have found a podiatrist that had been able to give me real help. It is hard to find a good podiatrist. Unfortunately, the reviews I read about him were misleading.
Gotham Footcare
Eric sayo
2 years ago
My experience at Gotham Foot Care has been great from start to finish. The staff has always been welcoming, courteous and super accommodating with regard to my busy schedule. Dr. Cunha was able to get me relief from my Plantar Fasciitis after a prolonged time of having some serious pain. He made sure to discuss all of the possible treatments that they offer at the practice. His bedside manner made it an pleasure to come in for my weekly sessions. Thanks Gotham Foot Care and thank you Dr. Cunha! 🙌🏾 🏽
Gotham Footcare
jennifer hauer
3 years ago
I have found my permanent podiatrist! Dr. Cunha and the medical team at Gotham Footcare have been consistently professional, reliable, and accessible to me and my family since we started going there. I am so grateful for their help. I have never had a better experience going for a doctors visit so I felt that I needed to share.
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Dr. Miguel Cunha, an ABPM (American Board of Podiatric Medicine) Certified Surgical Podiatrist and founder of Gotham Footcare voted Top Podiatrist in NYC for 4 years in a row (2018- 2021) and proudly serves patients from all surrounding areas at their offices in New York (TriBeCa & Midtown). They provide treatment and care for many foot conditions such as foot pain, bunions, Morton’s Neuroma, hammer toes, plantar warts, and more. Gotham Footcare is dedicated to providing the most exceptional, state-of-the-art medical and surgical foot care treatments available. To this end, they are committed to relieving your foot ailments effectively, efficiently, and comfortably.