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Published on
January 17, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Ginsen?

GinSen's reputation is largely bolstered by customers' positive experiences with their holistic health services and products. Several testimonials highlight the effectiveness of GinSen's herbal treatments and alternative therapies, such as acupuncture, for a variety of health concerns including skin issues, stress management, and fertility challenges. Customers frequently commend the knowledgeable practitioners like Dr. Chen and Dr. Lily, who are credited with life-changing improvements in health and well-being. Customers observe immediate and significant improvements in their conditions and express gratitude for the guidance on dietary changes supporting their healing process. However, some reviews do detract from the overall positive reputation, citing issues with communication, professionalism, and the ambience of the clinic's facilities. These negative aspects seem to be less frequent but are concerning when considering the higher price point of GinSen's services.

Positive Feedback

GinSen has earned considerable positive feedback for its quality of health services and products. Customers with chronic and acute health conditions such as Lyme disease, eczema, and fertility issues have noted remarkable improvements after treatment. The expertise of practitioners, particularly Dr. Chen and Dr. Lily, is repeatedly praised for their effective diagnoses and treatment plans. Additionally, customers appreciate the natural and holistic approach that GinSen offers, often experiencing quick and significant results which they haven't found through traditional Western medicine. The use of herbal products, acupuncture, and tailored dietary advice are often cited as key factors in their recovery and well-being. Furthermore, a repeat theme in customer feedback is the alleviation and management of stress through treatments provided by GinSen, leading to an overall increase in energy and vitality.

Concerns and Threads

While many customers report positive outcomes, GinSen's reputation is somewhat marred by instances of customer dissatisfaction pertaining to the service and professionalism at some of their clinic locations. Criticisms include rushed services, lack of sound insulation in treatment rooms that compromises the relaxation aspect of therapies, and difficulties in communicating with the staff. Additionally, some customers have reported an overall lack of professional follow-up and responsiveness, particularly in the management of appointments and callbacks. These complaints are particularly significant given the premium price point of GinSen's services, which raises customer expectations for a high-quality experience across all aspects of service.

Frequently asked questions about Ginsen

What types of conditions can GinSen's treatments help improve?

GinSen's treatments are designed to help with a variety of conditions, including but not limited to chronic diseases like Lyme disease, skin issues such as eczema, stress management, and fertility challenges.

Do the practitioners at GinSen have specialties?

Yes, practitioners at GinSen, like Dr. Chen and Dr. Lily, are recognized for their expertise in herbal treatments and alternative therapies, and they have been credited by customers for addressing specific health concerns with effective treatment plans.

Are there any customer service concerns to be aware of before booking a treatment with GinSen?

Some customers have noted issues with the booking process, communication, and overall service professionalism. It may be beneficial to confirm appointments and communicate expectations clearly with the staff to avoid potential issues.

What are customers saying about Ginsen

Craig Bullard
4 months ago
I have Lyme disease & co infections. For the co infections (mycoplasma & chlamydia pneumonia) I’ve been treating following Buhner’s herbal protocol. I’m having fantastic results. Red Sage Root/Dan Shen is an essential part of the protocol. GinSen product is top quality & works well. It’s a much cheaper option than the tinctures sold elsewhere. Quality at a really good price. 10 out of 10.
Matt Hopkins
a month ago
COULD NOT GIVE A HIGHER RECOMMENDATION!!! Dr Chen has honestly changed my life - and in only a few days. I've always suffered with eczema and skin issues, but the last 10 years have been the worst with most of my body being red, dry and itchy. 'Western' medicine has only given topical relief through steroids and other strong creams and pills - but it always comes back! Nutritionists had also tried, but the 'diets' they prescribed were unrealistic and didn't work. Regularly walking past GinSen I decided to try and was seen straight away by Dr Chen. He recommended a range of things, but discussing prices etc I went for acupuncture, daily herbal pills, a daily herbal tea and a minor change in diet (removing three things). THE IMPROVEMENT WAS OVERNIGHT! If you're having ANY skin problems, please go and see Dr Chen. He really has changed my life (No more pain. No more scratching. No more redness.) - I wish I'd seen him years ago.
a month ago
A BIG THANK YOU to Dr. Lily and her team (including Dr Chen for cupping and Lisa for reflexology)! I conceived naturally, and had a full term, successful pregnancy in my 40s, following Dr. Lilly’s acupuncture and other treatments and medication as well as advice on diet. I would highly recommend Dr. Lilly and her team at Ginsen Chelsea.
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We are one of the leading providers of Traditional Chinese Medicine at our 2 dedicated London clinics in Chelsea and Kensington. We’ve been around for over 16 years and specialise in fertility and weight loss. During that time we have honed and refined everything from our range of natural drug free treatments to combining traditional treatments with western medicine.That’s why thousands of people continue to choose GinSen.