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What do customers say about Gallaghers Steakhouse?

As of Jan 29, 2024, 6636 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.6 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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January 29, 2024
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March 13, 2024

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Gallaghers Steakhouse's customer reviews analysis

The company reputation of Gallaghers Steakhouse, based on recent customer reviews, reflects a strong level of satisfaction with several key aspects: the quality of the meat (tender, flavorful filet mignon and lamb chops), the reasonable lunch special pricing, and the professional and friendly staff. The reviews consistently praise the restaurant's steak offerings, particularly noting how dishes such as the Tomahawk steak stand out for their seasoning and preparation. The rich history and celebratory atmosphere, especially around the Christmas season, contribute to the overall positive impressions. However, it is apparent that experiences can vary, with some customers facing issues such as rushed or flat service and occasional miscues in steak preparation. Despite these isolated concerns, the overarching customer sentiment appears to be one of endorsement for the steakhouse as a destination for quality dining.

Positive Feedback

Gallaghers Steakhouse receives high marks for the tenderness and flavor of their steaks—particularly the filet mignon and lamb chops, with special mentions of the Tomahawk steak for its juiciness and seasoning. The value for money, notably during the lunch special, is frequently highlighted, emphasizing the restaurant's ability to offer a balance of quality and affordability in a historical setting. The staff's professionalism and congeniality are standout factors, as is the proper representation of classic steakhouse cuisine from appetizers to desserts. Customers recommend the dining experience at Gallaghers for both special occasions and casual visits, citing memorable, well-cooked meals in a lively, festively decorated environment.

Concerns and Threads

Despite a predominantly positive reputation, Gallaghers Steakhouse does face occasional criticism regarding the customer experience. Some reviews note inconsistencies in service quality—ranging from being perceived as rushed to somewhat inattentive, particularly when dealing with customer requests like ensuring a steak is cooked to the preferred level of doneness. Issues concerning seating space and the comfort of the dining area arise during crowded times. Additionally, while the food generally receives high praise, there are instances where the uniqueness of the flavor profile or the presentation of signature sauces does not entirely meet customer expectations, revealing room for improvement in culinary consistency and guest satisfaction.

Frequently asked questions about Gallaghers Steakhouse

What are the must-try dishes at Gallaghers Steakhouse?

Customers highly recommend the filet mignon, lamb chops, and the Tomahawk steak. Additionally, the key lime pie and selection of sides such as mashed potatoes and sautéed broccoli are also praised.

Does Gallaghers Steakhouse offer any specials or deals?

Yes, Gallaghers Steakhouse offers a lunch special that is popular among guests for its reasonable price and extends until 3:45 pm, featuring a range of their steak courses.

Is it necessary to make a reservation to dine at Gallaghers Steakhouse?

Reservations are highly recommended, especially during festive seasons or for lunchtime slots, given the restaurant's popularity and to ensure a seamless dining experience.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Gallaghers Steakhouse

Gallaghers Steakhouse
Hyewon Lim
a week ago
We opted for two lunch specials, upgrading to fillet mignon and lamb chops. Both meats were tender and incredibly flavorful. I personally enjoyed the mint sauce with the lamb, although my boyfriend didn't share the same sentiment. Having visited Peter Luger and Wolfgang Steakhouse, I found a higher level of satisfaction at this establishment. I want to revisit here for other cuisines in the future.
Gallaghers Steakhouse
a month ago
I have heard many positive things about Gallagher's Steakhouse in NYC for a long time now. Recently, I had the opportunity to dine at this popular restaurant during my visit to NYC. I was pleasantly surprised by their lunch special, which was reasonably priced and served until 3:45 pm. Despite arriving five minutes late, the staff graciously accommodated me. The restaurant has a rich history and offers a great value for their lunch steak course. Due to its affordable prices, the atmosphere was quite crowded and the seating was a bit tight, but the exceptional service made up for it. The staff was incredibly professional and friendly. Overall, it was a good experience with great food and an unbeatable price for a steak course.
Gallaghers Steakhouse
a month ago
We ordered special lunch courses - upgraded to fillet mignon and lamb chop. The lamb chop was tender, and the mint sauce was great. Fillet Mignon was great as well. Their signature sauce was a bit weird to me the first time (tasted like tomato soup), but it was somewhat addictive! Oh, their appetizers were great as well. The Caesar salad was seasoned perfectly, and the soup was delicious. The key lime pie was also refreshing (liked it better than the NY cheesecake). Considering the price, portion, and taste, I recommend this place! I would visit again if I com back to Manhattan.
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Iconic steakhouse offering classic cuts & raw bar items in renovated digs with red banquettes.