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As of Mar 26, 2024, 68 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.9 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Fetch Pet Care's customer reviews analysis

Analyzing the recent customer testimonials for Fetch Pet Care West Los Angeles reveals an overwhelmingly positive perception of the company's services. A theme of trust and personalized attention emerges from the feedback, with a particular emphasis on the sitters' professionalism, care, and affection for the pets under their supervision. The company demonstrates flexibility and responsiveness in their booking process, accommodating last-minute requests and special conditions like medical needs without hassle, and often providing thoughtful touches like daily updates and photos. Customers are appreciative of the lack of extra fees for additional services or cancellations, highlighting the organization's customer-centric policies. The breadth of their services, consistent reliability over many years, and ease of use of their online services also contribute positively to their solid reputation. The capacity for Fetch Pet Care to cater to a variety of pets with different personalities and requirements further strengthens the positive sentiment within the patron community.

Positive Feedback

Among the key positive attributes cited by customers of Fetch Pet Care West Los Angeles is the high level of trust they instill, evidenced by repeat patronage and referrals to friends. The sitters are consistently described as attentive and experienced, with an evident passion for animals. This is shown through their willingness to handle personalized pet care routines including dietary and medication needs. The convenience and ease of scheduling, even for last-minute arrangements, are noted as significant benefits, alongside the provision of daily updates that help alleviate the worries of pet owners while they are away. The company's online portal facilitates seamless transactions and communications, leading customers to commend both the physical and digital aspects of their interaction with the service.

Concerns and Threads

The reviews provided do not expose any substantial negative aspects of customer feedback for Fetch Pet Care West Los Angeles. This absence of criticism suggests that either the service meets the expectations of its clientele to a high degree, or that any negative experiences are not reflected in the current set of reviews. Therefore, in the context of these testimonials, key negative aspects cannot be highlighted objectively.

Frequently asked questions about Fetch Pet Care

Can Fetch Pet Care West Los Angeles accommodate last-minute pet sitting requests?

Yes, Fetch Pet Care is described by customers as being very accommodating of last-minute requests, working efficiently to find suitable sitters and ensuring that pet care needs are met even under tight time constraints.

Are there additional charges for special pet care requirements or cancellations?

Reviews of Fetch Pet Care indicate that the company is understanding of special circumstances, with clients noting no extra charges for additional services such as administering medication or cancellations.

Does Fetch Pet Care provide updates during the pet sitting period?

Customers report receiving regular updates, often daily, including photos and texts, which contribute to peace of mind and a reassuring pet sitting experience.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Fetch Pet Care

Fetch Pet Care
Jason Cohen
11 months ago
Our family has been using Fetch Pet Care and sitter Lori for almost 2 years. Amazing service and attention to detail. They are more than pet sitters, they are literally watching your pets and home while your out of town.
Fetch Pet Care
Tara Horney
4 years ago
I absolutely love using Fetch for cat sitting! Fetch is fast and reliable! Nancy has been our cat sitter for the past year and she takes great care of our cats while we are gone. They’ve had to make changes to their diet, medication, etc and Nancy always makes sure they get exactly what they need. I never have to worry about our kitties while we are away which is a great feeling! When Nancy is not available our backup Kelly is just as amazing! We are very lucky to have found this service. Prices are also extremely reasonable and you can choose different lengths of time for the cat sitter to come. I would highly recommend Fetch to anyone in need of pet services!
Fetch Pet Care
Laura Clary
10 years ago
I have been a Fetch client for over a year, and my experience with the pet sitters and the owner (Regina) has always been fantastic. Booking appointments is very easy: the schedulers get back to me very quickly and let me know if my usual sitter is available, or if I will be meeting a new sitter (meetings with sitters are free). They are also very accommodating with scheduling around special circumstances. Last summer I was planning to go out of town on a trip, but one of our cats was diagnosed with cancer and I was unsure of whether or not I would be able to go. They set me up with a sitter with the understanding that I might need to cancel a few days before, and there was no cancellation fee when I did indeed have to cancel my trip. My pet sitter, Paul, is just wonderful! We have 4 cats, all with very different personalities and needs, and he takes it all in stride. He is obviously a big cat lover, and really bonds with each one of our cats. He sent me daily text updates while we were gone, which really help ease any anxiety I have about leaving them. On the occasion that I needed a different sitter, Fetch assigned me a sitter that is also a vet tech, since two of my cats were having medical issues at the time, they felt that she would be a good fit for them. This is the kind of personalized service that Fetch offers, and I really appreciate so that I don't have to worry about whether my cats are getting the best possible care. Fetch is so great that I went from "just" being a client to working for them as a pet sitter!
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About Fetch Pet Care

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We understand how difficult it can be to find just the right pet sitter to care for your pets and home while you're away. That's why we started Fetch! Pet Care of Los Angeles Westside. We take the stress out of finding a sitter and add convenience to your life by doing all of the legwork for you. We match you and your pets with the most qualified, experienced pet professional possible. Our reliable, courteous pet sitters ensure your scheduling needs and any special requirements are met with consistent, responsive care. Whether you need a daily dog walker or last-minute pet sitter, we've got your tail covered! We are currently looking for additional pet sitters. Please contact us at our website or email lawestside@fetchpetcare.com