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What do customers say about Brooklyn Tails And Trails Dog Walkers?

As of Jan 20, 2024, 76 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 5 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Brooklyn Tails And Trails Dog Walkers's customer reviews analysis

Brooklyn Tails and Trails (BKTT) maintains a remarkably positive reputation among its clientele, as evidenced by their recent reviews. Customers frequently praise the company for its reliability, responsiveness, and the trustworthiness of its staff. The consistent theme emerging from the feedback is the genuine care and attention the walkers and sitters provide to the dogs. Clients consistently report their pets' excitement for walks and the evident bond they share with the staff. Moreover, the company's flexibility in accommodating emergency situations, last-minute requests, or schedule changes contributes substantially to customer satisfaction. The sharing of photos and updates seems to be a standard part of the service, enhancing the owners' peace of mind. Overall, BKTT appears to be highly valued for its professionalism and the quality of pet care it provides.

Positive Feedback

The positive aspects of Brooklyn Tails and Trails are multifaceted. Firstly, reliability stands out as a cornerstone of the company’s service, with multiple accounts confirming the punctuality and dependability of the walkers. The level of communication and updates is also highlighted as a significant positive, with customers appreciating the regular photos and messages regarding their pets. The affability and professionalism of the staff have made strong impressions, fostering trust and comfort among pet owners. Additionally, the adaptability of the company to service diverse needs, such as dog sitting and accommodating schedule changes, is considered invaluable. The company’s ability to enhance the pets' socialization and behavior, as well as the consistent delivery of an enjoyable and exhausting exercise for the dogs, further demonstrates the positive customer experience provided by BKTT.

Concerns and Threads

While the compiled reviews for Brooklyn Tails and Trails are overwhelmingly positive, there is a lack of negative feedback present in the current data. No specific downside or area of discontent has been mentioned by the reviewers. Due to this absence, we cannot report any negative aspects of customer feedback while upholding an objective and analytical approach. To determine any possible shortcomings or areas for improvement, a broader spectrum of reviews would be necessary, including those that reflect any negative experiences customers may have had.

Frequently asked questions about Brooklyn Tails And Trails Dog Walkers

What kind of updates can I expect to receive about my dog's walks?

Customers report receiving regular photo updates and messages, which provide reassurance and insight into their dog's well-being and activities during the walks.

How does Brooklyn Tails and Trails handle last-minute scheduling changes or emergencies?

The company is noted for its responsive and helpful nature, with customers citing flexibility in handling last-minute requests, changes, and even personal emergencies, ensuring continuous care for their pets.

Are the dog walkers experienced with handling different sizes and types of dogs?

Yes, the dog walkers from BKTT are commended for their capability to handle a wide range of dog breeds and sizes, including large and rambunctious dogs, as well as shy rescue pups, demonstrating their versatility and experience.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Brooklyn Tails And Trails Dog Walkers

Brooklyn Tails And Trails Dog Walkers
Brandon Montenegro
4 weeks ago
Reliable, capable, and trustworthy. BKTT has been walking my rambunctious 115lb Great Dane mix for years without any issue or concern. He always looks forward to his walks and they’ve been a huge positive for his behavior and socialization. They especially went above and beyond when I had emergency surgery and was unable to walk my dog regularly for a few weeks.
Brooklyn Tails And Trails Dog Walkers
a year ago
My dog gets two walks a week. I’m kept up to date with when the walker will arrive and am provided lots of photo updates throughout her 30 minute walk. We’ve had a few different walkers since starting out, and all of them have been reliable and fantastic. My dog walks with a few neighborhood dogs regularly, and they all get so excited to see each other. We are also a big fan of their dog sitting services, my dog gets the royal treatment when she stays with them. It’s nice to have someone you feel comfortable leaving your dog with, and I can’t think of anyone I’d trust more!
Brooklyn Tails And Trails Dog Walkers
Brandon Krieger
5 months ago
We have used Brooklyn Tails and Trails for about three years and can not recommend them enough! BKTT is very responsive and helpful with last minute responses and changes. We have used both the dog walking and dog sitting servicing and both have been phenomenal. Our dog loves all of the employees and is always thrilled to see them. We can’t thank the BKTT team enough for all the help with our dog!
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About Brooklyn Tails And Trails Dog Walkers

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Our pets provide us unconditional love, companionship and stress relief; at Brooklyn Tails and Trails, we truly believe they deserve the same! We’re a company created with love, for those who love us the most: our pets.Through daily dog walks, or overnight pet sits, it is our job to give you and your pets a complete peace of mind, and we take that responsibility very seriously.We are fully insured and bonded dog walkers and pet sitters. We offer a great variety of services to meet your needs:* Daily Dog Walking - 7 days a week (real-time updates sent upon arrival)* Overnight Pet Sitting - all-inclusive pet sitting in our home