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As of Apr 14, 2024, 489 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.7 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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April 14, 2024

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Fade Masters Barbers's customer reviews analysis

Fade Masters Barbers benefits from a generally positive portrayal in customer feedback, driven by the dedication and professionalism of certain barbers whose skill and customer service enhance the overall reputational standing of the establishment. A number of clients have shown long-term loyalty to the shop and specifically praise staff members like Ahmad and Nechi for their exceptional services and attention to detail in providing customized hair care. The ambiance of the barbershop, the provision of refreshments, and the absence of enforced idle chatter are repeatedly noted as positive experiences, contributing to a comfortable and efficient environment. However, concerns are raised about instances of unprofessional conduct, poor organizational systems for bookings, and inconsistent experiences with staff attitude and haircutting proficiency. These negative experiences impact perceptions of professionalism and reflect a potential disparity in service quality between different staff members or perhaps between services delivered under peak versus off-peak times.

Positive Feedback

The reviews for Fade Masters Barbers point to several compelling positives. Patrons have routinely highlighted the skill and professionalism of barbers like Ahmad and Nechi, praising their ability to deliver precise, attentive haircuts tailored to individual preferences. The consistent quality of haircuts provided by these barbers is often cited, with a bespoke experience that quickly restores familiar styles for repeat customers. Another significant positive is the shop's atmosphere; clients appreciate the cleanliness, the option for refreshments, and the no-pressure environment that allows them to avoid unnecessary small talk. Competitive pricing is another frequently applauded aspect, with services deemed reasonable for the quality delivered. The ability to accommodate special needs, as in the case of customers with autism, further testifies to the shop's commendable level of service.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the positives, Fade Masters Barbers also faces considerable criticism in certain aspects. Notably, a lack of organizational acumen is evident with customers reporting a chaotic atmosphere and an unclear system for managing appointments. This disarray extends to the absence of readily available contact details for the barbers, hindering the scheduling process in the digital age where ease of access is expected. Furthermore, feedback reveals a inconsistency in the professional conduct of the staff, where some barbers display indifference, poor customer engagement, and even rudeness, culminating in distressing experiences for clients. Complaints about rushed services leading to unsatisfactory haircuts further mar the reputation of the establishment, suggesting a need for improved training and customer service protocols to ensure a uniformly high standard of service.

Frequently asked questions about Fade Masters Barbers

Can I book an appointment with a specific barber at Fade Masters Barbers?

Yes, customers are advised to contact barbers directly to schedule appointments. However, it is important to note that some reviewers have mentioned difficulty in finding contact details, so it may be advisable to obtain this information during a visit or inquire via the barber shop's website or phone line.

How does Fade Masters Barbers accommodate children with special needs?

Fade Masters Barbers has been positively reviewed for accommodating children with special needs, such as autism. They offer the option of using the same barber for familiarity and comfort. It is recommended to discuss your child's needs with the barber in advance to ensure the best possible experience.

Are there any additional amenities offered at Fade Masters Barbers while waiting for a service?

Yes, customers at Fade Masters Barbers enjoy a comfortable waiting area where they are offered refreshments. The friendly environment and cleanliness of the shop are also frequently highlighted in reviews.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Fade Masters Barbers

Fade Masters Barbers
Paul Allen
8 months ago
I have been visiting Fade masters for a few years now, since around 2018. Recently I have been getting my Hair cut by Ahmad who is great, really professional and easy to communicate with. I hadn’t visited in 6 months due to going travelling and upon return it was so easy to get back to having my haircut exactly how I like it. The barbershop has a good vibe, clean and also has the opportunity to have a nice cold drink whilst you wait! Perfect * Services: Custom cut, Beard trim
Fade Masters Barbers
Noah Gilbertson
4 months ago
All the barbers here are super talented, really friendly and the price is reasonable, £15 for the usual. I’ve been going for a year now and swear by it
Fade Masters Barbers
Omar Siddiqi
3 months ago
Good experience. Probably helped that I went early, so there was no queue and great barbers there. They listened and will offer advice if they think it is needed. It is nice to have a chat with the barbers, and the service is great! We even had a visit from a cute wee dog (not affiliated with them)
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About Fade Masters Barbers

OFICIALLY THE BEST BARBERS IN MANCHESTER 2019 (Manchester awards 2019 winners) FADE MASTERS BARBERS pride ourselves in offering the best service and styles that any barbers can offer. We cater for everyone whether you are looking for a new cut, or inspiration on their your next hairstyle. If you want the best fades and haircuts in town - this is the place!! We are situated in the beating heart of the student city in fallowfield. With ample free parking spaces behind our shop. We offer services including hairstyles and cuts, hair colour transformations, hair relaxing, threading, facials, waxing, steam shaves, cut throat and Turkish shaves and more. No appointments are needed. Just walk in anytime! Visit FADE MASTERS Today