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Published on
March 14, 2024
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March 14, 2024

What do customers think about Express Estate Agency?

The customer feedback for Express Estate Agency indicates a mixed reputation, with a split between customers who received excellent service and those who had regrettable experiences. A trend in the negative reviews is the description of poor communication and customer service, such as difficulties in contacting sales representatives, frustrations with the responsiveness to offers on properties, and a perceived lack of transparency throughout the sales process. Specifically, customers cite instances of unreturned calls, unfulfilled promises such as a failure to place sales boards, and inadequate follow-up on offers made on properties, leading to missed opportunities. This criticism suggests a discrepancy between the expected customer service and what is delivered. On the positive side, certain staff members are praised for their professionalism, knowledge, and supportive approach. This indicates variability in service quality across different representatives and potentially across different branches of the agency.

Positive Feedback

Among the customer feedback, there are numerous instances of positive experiences with specific staff members of Express Estate Agency. Customers report instances of exceptional service, characterized by knowledgeable and informative agents who provide clear explanations of the processes involved. Agents such as Samantha, Rhianna, Scott, and Jamie Lee Anison are commended for their supportive approach, politeness, and ability to listen to customer needs, which suggests that the agency has the capacity to offer high-quality service. Customers have felt well-supported, not pressured into decisions, and appreciative of the post-call follow-ups with detailed information via email. These experiences reflect the agency's potential to provide a customer-centric approach, offering guidance and reassurance throughout the property selling or buying process.

Concerns and Threads

The customer feedback reveals several key areas of concern about the services provided by Express Estate Agency. Common complaints focus on inadequate communication practices, with several customers describing difficulties in reaching the sales staff, not receiving callbacks, and being uninformed about critical stages of property offers and sales. Furthermore, there are reports of company promises not being fulfilled, such as guarantees to sell properties within a certain timeframe and the provision of a sales board outside the property. Customers are frustrated by a perceived lack of effort in the sales process, with some feeling that they had to take on more responsibility than expected. Technical issues with the online portal and booking systems add to the negative experiences, causing delays and inconveniences for customers looking to view or purchase properties.

Frequently asked questions about Express Estate Agency

What measures does Express Estate Agency have in place to ensure effective communication with clients?

Express Estate Agency asserts to have multiple communication channels, including phone, email, and an online portal; however, some customers have reported issues with responsiveness. Prospective customers are advised to ask about the agency's specific communication policies and the direct lines to their agent to ensure timely updates and responses.

How does Express Estate Agency handle property viewings and offers?

Express Estate Agency provides a system for arranging viewings and submitting offers through an account set up after initial contact. Customers should inquire about the procedure for confirming viewings, the expected wait times for responses, and the process for handling offers to ensure clarity and avoid potential misunderstandings.

Can clients select their property sales representative or are they assigned by the agency?

While the agency typically assigns a property sales representative to a client, positive reviews often mention the helpfulness of specific agents by name. Prospective customers can request information on their options to work with agents who have received positive feedback or inquire about changing representatives if service expectations are not met.

What are customers saying about Express Estate Agency

Express Estate Agency
4 weeks ago
Poor from the get go! Unable to get hold of property sales person surprisingly always on the phone and does not call back. With the whole sales process it is a joke! They cannot sell your house in 30 days as stated on their letters and no it is not a cash purchase either. It was always me having to do the chasing and lucky enough I sold to a family friend who was willing to co operate with me and get the ball rolling. I knew more information than this estate agency! I knew when completion was going to happen a week before they tried to tell me. Their online portal is poor and just a very bad experience overall. No sales board outside the property as promised and the list is endless. Avoid at all cost to be honest, get yourself someone who will do the actual work and promise what they can't deliver. Paid just over £5,000 for fees which I did most of the work behind the scenes!!! ABSOLUTE JOKE!
Express Estate Agency
Tracey Dibbens
a month ago
The service Samantha gave was excellent she was very knowledgeable and informative. She gave me a clear history of the business and explained everything in detail. She was pleasant and very easy to talk too. I felt very supported and confident in having her manage the sale of my house.
Express Estate Agency
Chris Middlehurst
2 weeks ago
Absolutely shocking customer service from start to finish. Firstly not coming back to me after making an offer, I had to chase Richard to put the offer forward and also he didn’t come back to me several times after making various phone calls. I then requested to deal with a different member of staff due to him repeatedly not coming back to me. After I submitted my THIRD offer I was told that the vendor had not declined the offer this time and that they were thinking about it, as it was very close to the asking price at this point. 48 hours later, this morning, still waiting for a response on the offer I made, I receive a phone call from Annie telling me ‘sorry it’s now sold’. At no point did Annie contact me to say we have had another offer do you want to increase, I was completely in the dark the whole time. A simple phone call would have done the trick. I was simply trying to buy a property but Express Estate Agency have made it the most difficult and awkward experience. No chain, funds available, would have been the easiest sale known to man if the staff knew how to communicate with people properly. Apparently the lack of response after the offer that came in against mine, was due to the property ‘not being her property’, well I am sorry but Annie is a manager and you work for the company so how can it not be ‘your property’ when you have dealt with my enquiry after poor service from Richard!! Annie was also very patronising on the phone and made the comment ‘well if your funds did allow to go higher you might of bought it for £400k’, well my funds DID allow to go much higher thank you very much but it’s called negotiation and communication, two skills of which BOTH staff very clearly lack! In the space of that 48 hours I could have counter offered several times but I wasn’t even given the opportunity due to not even knowing the outcome of my previous offer. Worst estate agency I’ve ever dealt with in my life and I will never deal with them ever again and I suggest nobody else does too.
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