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What do customers say about Express Employment Professionals?

As of Feb 22, 2024, 579 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.8 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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February 22, 2024
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March 13, 2024

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Express Employment Professionals's customer reviews analysis

The reputation of Express Employment Professionals, as gleaned from customer reviews, is overwhelmingly positive. Clients consistently praise the company for its friendly, professional staff, with particular commendation directed towards a team member named Kim, who appears to be a central figure in the positive experiences recounted. The assistance provided by the agency in improving job search strategies, resume building, and securing stable, high-quality job placements is lauded. Moreover, their commitment to personalized service and going 'above and beyond' for their clients is highlighted as a key strength. However, the timeline for job placement is noted as potentially longer than desired for some, suggesting that while the company strives for quality placements, the process may require patience from job seekers. Collectively, the reviews underscore a client-centric culture, with a focus on attentiveness, dedication, and supportive staff interactions contributing to the firm's positive reputation.

Positive Feedback

The reviews consistently acknowledge Express Employment Professionals for their dedication to providing excellent customer service and empowering clients in their job search. In particular, staff members such as Kim, Isabel, Stephanie and Daria receive direct praise for their helpfulness and supportive nature. The individualized attention clients receive is a recurrent theme, with staff described as going 'out of their way' and demonstrating thoroughness and passion in their roles. Clients report a sense of warmth and welcome that appears to facilitate positive outcomes, such as improving job readiness and achieving successful job placements. Moreover, the company's ability to place some clients in roles expediently, and even provide temporary work while waiting for permanent placement, are highlighted as significant strengths that enhance client satisfaction.

Concerns and Threads

While the feedback is predominantly positive, an undercurrent of critique emerges concerning the time it takes for job placement. For individuals seeking immediate employment, the duration of the agency's process may pose a practical challenge. This timeline, which is longer than some expect, can be particularly pressing during periods requiring urgent employment, such as around the holiday season. Clients who need to work quickly might find the meticulous approach of Express Employment Professionals less aligned with their immediate needs, despite the overall high quality of the placements provided. This introduces a contrast between the company's commitment to securing the right fit for both client and employer and the practical time-sensitive needs of some job seekers.

Frequently asked questions about Express Employment Professionals

How quickly can I expect to find a job through Express Employment Professionals?

The time frame for finding a job through Express Employment Professionals can vary. While the company emphasizes quality placements and thorough support in preparation for interviews, this can mean the process isn't always immediate. For some, same-day placement may occur; for others, it may take a few weeks.

Does Express Employment Professionals provide support for resume building and interview preparation?

Yes, Express Employment Professionals offers assistance in resume building and interview preparation, ensuring clients are well-equipped and confident in their job search and application process.

Are the staff at Express Employment Professionals approachable and helpful?

Reviews frequently praise the staff at Express Employment Professionals for being friendly, professional, and supportive. They are noted for their willingness to assist clients in their employment journey and for providing an environment conducive to positive job search experiences.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Express Employment Professionals

Express Employment Professionals
Amanda Barraza
2 days ago
First off a big thank you to the friendly, welcoming and professional staff at Express Employment. Kim was wonderful! She gave tips, and recommendations on improving my job search, resume building and also guiding me in the right path on finding the perfect job opportunity. If you are looking for a staffing agency who will answer all of your questions and promote a positive work environment, I 100% recommend Express!
Express Employment Professionals
ivan valencia
a month ago
If you need work asap this place is probably not your best first choice to work like next day. But if you want stability and a high quality placement they really do care and go out of their way to present your resume to their clients. If you got maybe a week or two to spare without working this place is a good chance to take. They have an amazing lady named Kim who was helping me but I just needed work sooner because of the holidays. She is great if you can ask for her.
Express Employment Professionals
Sonia Jaime
a month ago
Thank you Kim and Daria for making the employment process with Express seamless. I have dealt with agencies in the past where the recruiters had very little knowledge of where they were sending me and a lot of the times I would not get accurate placement with jobs that were fit for either me nor the customer. You helped me prepare for my first interview with your customer which led me to receive a second interview yesterday and a job offer today. I really appreciate you and your professionalism and follow up. Happy New Year to all of us!
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Express Employment Professionals is in the business of helping people. From job seekers to client companies, Express helps people thrive and businesses grow. Our international network of franchises offers localized staffing solutions to the communities they serve in a variety of industries, including Light Industrial, Office Services, Skilled Trades, and Professional. Express offices are locally owned and operated with the support and stability of an international headquarters with more than four decades of experience. Entrepreneur named Express a Top Global Franchise in 2022 and has been ranked the #1 Staffing Franchise since 2012. Since our start in 1983, Express has put more than 10 million people to work in temporary and contract jobs.