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As of Jan 29, 2024, 246 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.5 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Espa Life At Corinthia's customer reviews analysis

ESPA Life at Corinthia is consistently depicted as an exceptional spa destination, with customer experiences reflecting a high level of satisfaction leading to its reputation as one of London's leading spas. Reviews recurrently praise the skilled therapists, mentioning 'healing hands' and personalized attention, indicating that the professionalism of the staff has a significant positive impact on customer experience. The ambiance and cleanliness of the venue, along with its well-maintained facilities, contribute to the overall sense of luxury. A theme of thoughtful service and personal touches, such as complimentary gifts and product samples, emerges from the feedback, suggesting a culture that values and enhances customer satisfaction. However, there is an acknowledgment of the premium pricing, with a couple of customers expressing a desire for more affordable options. Overall, the company's reputation benefits from its commitment to exceeding customer expectations and providing a quality experience, albeit at a premium cost.

Positive Feedback

ESPA Life at Corinthia garners abundant accolades for its world-class spa treatments, cleanliness, and serene ambiance that consistently make for a rejuvenating and splendid customer experience. Many reviews highlight the spa's luxurious environment, with the thermal room, fire and water contrast in the pool rooms, and cozy sleeping room after treatments being particularly appreciated. The expert level of service ranges from 'healing hands' of massage therapists to receptionists who go the extra mile to surprise and delight guests. The product line, including samples of high-end brands such as Dr. Barbara Sturm, also receives praise, further cementing its image as a spa that provides not only services but a holistic premium wellness experience. The attentive staff, thoughtful gestures like birthday surprises, and the spa's ability to maintain its allure over time indicate a commitment to quality that is well received by its clientele.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the overwhelming praise, there are minor drawbacks mentioned by customers of ESPA Life at Corinthia that warrant attention. Some of the concerns revolve around the pricing, with a few guests suggesting that the services, although excellent, come with a high cost that may not be affordable for everyone. Customers also express a desire for more accessible pricing options that allow for more frequent visits without compromising the luxurious experience. While the feedback is minimal compared to the positives, it highlights the spa's niche as an exclusive, high-end establishment, with cost being a barrier for some potential guests who would appreciate more budget-friendly alternatives for indulging in the spa's offerings.

Frequently asked questions about Espa Life At Corinthia

Are there any lower-priced options available for treatments at ESPA Life at Corinthia?

While the premium services at ESPA Life at Corinthia reflect a higher price point, prospective clients interested in more affordable options are encouraged to inquire about any special promotions, packages, or off-peak discounts.

What kind of facilities can one expect at ESPA Life at Corinthia?

Guests at ESPA Life at Corinthia can expect a range of luxurious facilities including mixed pools, steam rooms, a glass-walled sauna, heated marble daybeds, a gym, and a spa lounge, all maintained to the highest standards of cleanliness.

Does ESPA Life at Corinthia accommodate special occasions and offer customized services?

Yes, ESPA Life at Corinthia is known for accommodating special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries, and provides personalized services, often with thoughtful touches like complimentary gifts or tailored recommendations, to enhance the celebratory experience.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Espa Life At Corinthia

Espa Life At Corinthia
Inna Patty
2 weeks ago
ESPA is one of my favorite spa’s in london and they didn’t disappoint for my sister’s birthday spa day treat. They surprised her with a beautiful gift as well! The thermal room is heaven and the masseuses have healing hands to help ease of stress. We left feeling truly pampered and rejuvenated! Thank you to the team!
Espa Life At Corinthia
Jackie G
a month ago
Started coming as an annual winter treat with a friend, now it’s my go to for a special occasion girls’ day. The facilities are beautiful, the fire and water contrast in the pool rooms is lovely. They’re almost doing themselves a disservice by not giving a video tour of the facilities on their website. It’s a very pretty place, even as it ages ever so slightly, it’s well maintained. The service is great. They had Dr. Barbara Sturm samples out a few months back and I mentioned that I loved having the sachets for travel and the receptionist returned a minute later with samples for me, just to brighten up our already great experience. Such thoughtful service, you can’t ask for anything better. Every time I see the sun cream sample in my cupboard, I think about how I should return to the Corinthia soon. The sleeping room after the treatment is so cozy and the amenities are perfect. Had a back, face and neck treatment with Arta this time and she was phenomenal, especially on massage. She gave great advice on products and I picked up a few as Christmas gifts thanks to her recommendation. Also enjoy lunch in the hotel courtyard after, the flowers and seasonal menu always make it a great end to a spa day and it’s usually available without a reservation so it’s perfect to avoid a rush to get ready after a treatment. Haven’t tried the spa cafe but it’s usually full so I’m sure it’s good too. It’s a splurge, but in my experience, the quality matches the cost if you make a half-day or day of it. It’s a real treat!
Espa Life At Corinthia
Anna Kwiecinska
3 months ago
The Espa is part of the Corinthia Hotel. The closest station for me was Embankment, 3 min walk. Me and fiancé, We had a fantastic time. The staff were welcoming and friendly and the treatments were very professional. Highly recommend it!
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About Espa Life At Corinthia


Situated in the heart of London, ESPA Life at Corinthia offers a welcomed moment of restorative wellness and mindful wellbeing to create harmonious equilibrium for mind, body and soul.Combining the latest technology in fitness, beauty and healthcare, groundbreaking science and ancient holistic therapies, ESPA Life has created unique treatments carried out by a team of the world’s leading experts to provide an unrivalled choice of spa.Spread over four floors, the spa features 17 treatment rooms, a private spa suite and a stunning Thermal Floor with an indoor swimming pool, vitality pool, amphitheatre sauna, ice fountain, marble heated loungers and private sleep pods.