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As of Apr 26, 2024, 261 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.7 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

Rodmon was great

Larry was great!

felt like a new person

amazing job

very friendly and welcoming

everyone is nice

highly recommended

I felt immensely better

able to relieve a lot of muscle tension

great conversationalist

not relaxing

thoroughly disappointing

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April 26, 2024
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April 26, 2024

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Elements Massage's customer reviews analysis

The overall reputation of Elements Massage appears to be a mixed experience based on the provided reviews. Positive aspects of the customer experience include skilled and professional therapists, such as Rodmon, Larry, Curtis, Lina, and Steven, who receive consistent praise for their massage techniques and ability to alleviate pain and tension. The convenience of booking, the cleanliness of the location, and the front desk staff's welcoming nature have also been highlighted as favorable points. However, there are concerns about operational inefficiencies and inconsistencies in service delivery, particularly involving appointment scheduling, the functionality of equipment, and mismatches between therapist specializations and customer expectations. The prevalence of both positive and negative themes suggests that individual experiences can vary widely, which may be due to variations in staff or issues with internal processes.

Positive Feedback

Customers have consistently praised Elements Massage's therapists for their professionalism and skill. Positive experiences often reference specific therapists who excel in providing relief and comfort during sessions. The positive impacts of the massages, such as feeling 'like a new person' or 'immensely better the next day', highlight the efficacy of their services. The satisfaction extends to first-time visitors who received a professional massage that met or exceeded their expectations. Additionally, the customer service aspect of the experience, particularly involving reception staff and ease of booking appointments, has been frequently commended. The cleanliness of the facility and the overall welcoming environment contribute to the spa's positive reception.

Concerns and Threads

Several negative elements were noted in customer feedback, impacting the reputation of Elements Massage. A significant issue raised involves the maintenance of massage equipment, specifically a broken face support on the table, which detracted from the relaxation experience. Operational challenges, such as last-minute cancellations and discrepancies between the expected and provided services (e.g., offering Swedish instead of requested deep tissue massages), have also marred the customer experience. A lack of personalized service, including not checking comfort levels with the massage or the room environment, implies a potential gap in ensuring customer satisfaction. Such experiences suggest the need for improved staff training or operational procedures to deliver consistently high-quality services.

Frequently asked questions about Elements Massage

How can I ensure that I receive the type of massage I request?

To ensure you receive the massage type you request, consider calling ahead to confirm your appointment details and the specialization of your assigned therapist. Additionally, upon arrival, reiterate your preferences to the front desk staff and your therapist.

What if I experience discomfort due to the equipment during my massage?

If you experience any discomfort due to equipment, notify your therapist immediately so they can address the issue. If the problem persists, report it to the front desk staff for a resolution and to help prevent future occurrences for you and other clients.

Are the massage therapists at Elements Massage trained in prenatal massage?

Yes, Elements Massage does offer prenatal massages, and therapists like Erica have been positively reviewed for their prenatal massage services. It's recommended to inquire about a therapist's qualifications for prenatal massage when making your appointment.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Elements Massage

Elements Massage
Judy Deng
2 days ago
Had a 90 min massage here with Rodmon. Rodmon was great and checkin/out was smooth. However the massage table that I was put in had a broken face support. I frequently had to adjust my face because the soft portion kept on shifting which was not relaxing. For the prices at this studio, I’d expect their tables to be fully functional
Elements Massage
Patricia Michaela Casamayor
3 months ago
I went in for a very much needed deep tissue massage. The receptionists were lovely. Larry was great! He made me feel and ease and did such an amazing job. Afterwards, I felt like a new person. Thank you!
Elements Massage
Ari Sprung
2 months ago
While I have been to elements multiple times, the recent experience was thoroughly disappointing. I had the appointment canceled on me initially 1 hour before due to the therapist being out and rescheduled accordingly. This was for medium deep tissue massages but upon arriving in the room, the therapist indicated she only does Swedish and cannot perform deep tissue. I waited over 5 minutes after undressing to begin hand ended a full 5 minutes early. Additionally there was no questions about the comfort levels of the pressure or the room. will not be back.
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The Elements Way™ is our difference. At Elements Massage South Loop, we only do massage. It's therapeutic, handcrafted, and personalized. Our expert certified therapists are focused on delivering a massage that is responsive to the individual needs of our clients- simply, it is a better massage.