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What do customers say about Eforea Spa Liverpool?

As of Apr 12, 2024, 58 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 3.9 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Eforea Spa Liverpool's customer reviews analysis

A review of the recent feedback for Eforea Spa Liverpool presents a mixture of opinions on the facility's quality and services. Customers praise aspects like friendly staff, effective massages, and some clean amenities, but there are noteworthy complaints highlighting concerns about facility maintenance, cleanliness, and the actual duration of treatments. Notable positive impressions often mention therapists by name, suggesting personalized and memorable experiences. However, negative reviews recurrently point out issues with facility upkeep such as malfunctioning or unclean equipment, including jacuzzis and pools. There are also inconsistencies reported in service execution, which is affecting the reputation. Customer service experiences are bifurcated, with some reporting excellent interactions while others describe stressful situations related to bookings and voucher handling. Overall, the reviews depict an establishment where customer experience can vary greatly, and where operational improvements are necessary to maintain a consistently reputable standing.

Positive Feedback

Eforea Spa Liverpool has received commendable acclaim for its staff hospitality and expertise, particularly with regards to massage quality. Therapists like Nayla and Nellyah are highlighted for their skill and experience, which has led to profoundly satisfying treatments for clients. Various reviews also acknowledge clean changing facilities and the provision of hygienic personal items such as slippers, robes, and towels. The spa's environment is described as relaxing by some, and the addition of complimentary beverages upon check-in enhances the welcoming atmosphere. These elements contribute to a number of positive experiences that underscore the spa's potential to provide quality services.

Concerns and Threads

Conversely, there are several concerns raised that tarnish the image of Eforea Spa Liverpool. Guests have reported a lack of cleanliness, particularly in the jacuzzis and pools, which were described as 'filthy', with floating debris and inappropriate temperature levels. The structural integrity of equipment has also been questioned, with instances of loose tiles and handles threatening guest safety. There are discrepancies in the perceived value for money, as some treatments were reportedly shorter than advertised, and experiences were marred by illness and discomfort during massages. Furthermore, administrative issues such as booking difficulties and voucher discrepancies have led to stressful experiences, undermining the spa's aim for a relaxing visit. The consistency of service appears to be an underlying issue, with operational shortfalls becoming a trend in customer feedback.

Frequently asked questions about Eforea Spa Liverpool

What should I expect regarding the cleanliness and maintenance of the facilities at Eforea Spa Liverpool?

Customer opinions on cleanliness and maintenance at Eforea Spa vary. While some visitors have found the amenities to be clean and well-maintained, others have encountered issues with cleanliness, particularly in the jaluzzis and pools, and maintenance concerns such as loose fixtures. It is advisable to contact the spa directly for up-to-date information on their maintenance procedures and standards.

Can you tell me more about the qualifications and expertise of the massage therapists at the spa?

Several customers have praised the massage therapists at Eforea Spa Liverpool, particularly pointing out the quality of service from therapists with over 20 years of experience. Therapists like Nayla and Nellyah have been specifically mentioned for providing excellent treatments and making clients feel comfortable throughout the experience.

How should I proceed with booking treatments at Eforea Spa Liverpool, and what should I bring?

For booking treatments, it is imperative to contact the spa well in advance due to possible difficulties reaching customer service. When booking, inquire about all necessary items, such as vouchers or bathing suits, to avoid any on-site issues. Experienced issues suggest confirming all details with staff and to be prepared for potential administrative hiccups.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Eforea Spa Liverpool

Eforea Spa Liverpool
S Hannon
2 weeks ago
Had a fabulous day here. The spa albeit small, was clean, warm and relaxing. The treatment I received was amazing. We arrived at 1030am and were greeted really warmly. Would definitely visit again.
Eforea Spa Liverpool
a month ago
Visited today and left after 10 minutes of getting into my swimsuit. The girl informed me the jacuzzi was broken as I arrived. The handles are falling off doors. The pool was freezing I never even got after saw someone had spat in the water. Absolutely disgusting will never go back again. Vile avoid at all cost don't waste your money it's flithy and run down
Eforea Spa Liverpool
Leigh Needs
2 months ago
AVOID!!! I have contacted the spa regarding the experience with them and no response so I will voice my opinion direct here. Spa was dirty, “i will say” we were in their at 5pm until 7 so late in the day but for the cost there is no excuse for this. the jacuzzi was lukewarm and had things floating in it, the handrails getting in are extremely loose making it difficult to enter the jacuzzi when the bubbles are on because their is so much foam from over use of chlorine which end up leaving the skin prickly, also their are more little tiles kicking around the the jacuzzi than actually attached. Leaving sharp edges that you catch your feet on when you walk in it. The sauna was at best 50c not warm at all I spent 10 mins in there thinking it would warm up but it didn’t. The steam room I couldn’t fault it was nice. The pool was freezing and again over use of chlorine which really stings the eyes after only a few mins. The treatments I had a 25 mins massage that was only at best 15 mins. In total I was in the treatment room for 20 mins but this includes then sorting the bed, leaving to get comfortable at the start and finish. The person massaging me, proceed to wear gloves for the treatment which is extremely weird, and it became evident she was actually ill coughing on me while I was laid there. £25 an hour for the spa and over priced treatments. No value for money at all, don’t waste your time and hard earned money for a poor experience with these. For spa reference we visited on 2-2-24 under the name of NEEDS at 4:30pm.
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