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As of Apr 03, 2024, 87 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.8 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Eden Scott's customer reviews analysis

An analysis of recent Eden Scott reviews reveals an overarching positive sentiment towards the company, marked by praise for individual recruiters' professionalism, support, and understanding of clients' objectives. Recurring positive themes include efficient service leading to successful job placements, thoroughness during the recruitment process, and exceptional communication, with recruiters often described as 'attentive' and credited for providing timely feedback. However, a starkly contrasting account stands out, portraying the company in a negative light, with criticism aimed at its payroll management resulting in financial distress for a long-term contractor, combined with allegations of an unprofessional and dismissive response from the company's CEO. This negative experience, albeit isolated within the collected reviews, suggests possible inconsistencies in candidate experience and hints at potential areas for improvement for Eden Scott in terms of communication and problem resolution protocols.

Positive Feedback

The positive customer feedback for Eden Scott centers around the personal and professional service provided by its recruiters. Clients have noted an exceptional level of dedication and support throughout their job search, with special commendations for the seamless and stress-free recruitment process. The responsiveness of the recruiters and their willingness to provide advice and quick feedback are particularly appreciated. This culminates in successful placements and client satisfaction, as clients express their gratitude for recruiters' efforts to understand their skills and career goals. Recruiters are frequently described as an asset to the firm and are credited for their transparent and approachable nature, fostering a sense of ease and confidence in those looking for jobs.

Concerns and Threads

Despite overwhelmingly positive feedback, Eden Scott's reputation is marred by a grievous account of poor management and customer service. A significant complaint involves a transition from a monthly to weekly payroll without proper consideration of tax implications, causing financial burden to a long-term contract employee. When addressed, the communication with Eden Scott management, including the CEO, is described as rude, defensive, and unhelpful, culminating in negative feelings of being undervalued and uncompensated. This situation is exacerbated by the client's apparently preferential treatment and suggests an inconsistency in Eden Scott's stakeholder engagement, challenging the company's ability to maintain equitable relationships with all their clients and candidates.

Frequently asked questions about Eden Scott

What level of personal support can I expect from Eden Scott during my job search?

Based on client testimonials, you can expect a high level of personal support from Eden Scott. Recruiters have been noted to provide thorough, dedicated assistance, as well as maintaining consistent and responsive communication throughout the recruitment process.

How does Eden Scott handle feedback and communication during the recruitment stages?

Feedback from customers suggests that Eden Scott generally excels at providing timely and informative feedback. Recruiters are recognized for their quick and transparent communication, with further acknowledgment of proactive involvement throughout various recruitment stages.

Are there any concerns I should be aware of before engaging with Eden Scott for recruitment services?

While most clients have had positive experiences, there has been a report of dissatisfaction concerning payroll management and unprofessional responses to complaints. It is worth considering this feedback and possibly discussing any concerns or seeking assurances when considering Eden Scott's services.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Eden Scott

Eden Scott
Kyle Kennedy
a month ago
Eden Scott's professional and efficient service landed me an amazing new role I would've otherwise missed out on. In paticular, Derek's professionalism and understanding of my goals made the process seamless. Highly recommend their services! Thanks again, Derek!
Eden Scott
Celeste Mias
4 months ago
I had the pleasure of working with Eden Scott Edinburgh for my job search, and I must say that their services exceeded my expectations. From the initial consultation to the final placement, the entire experience was nothing short of exceptional. Special thanks and a job well done to Stuart Mitchell who demonstrated a deep understanding of the job market and took the time to comprehend my skills and career goals. His professionalism and continued support made the entire recruitment process smooth and stress free. I highly recommend Eden Scott Recruitment!!
Eden Scott
Simone Pearson
a month ago
PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS RECRUITER. I have worked in the finance industry for 35 years and have never known a recruiter to behave in this way. I was employed by Eden Scott for 2 years and was contracted to a global software client of theirs. The last 8 months of my contract was extremely stressful. It all began when I was moved from a monthly to weekly payroll. Completely unheard of in the finance industry. It resulted in me having to pay £2k more in tax. After numerous calls and meetings with Eden Scott to discuss my own tax calculations, I got nowhere. I also emailed the CEO Michelle Lownie and was met with a very rude, defensive, and unprofessional response. I wasn't given answers and was never given any sort of compensation. The money they made from me didn't even warrant a bunch of flowers. However, the company I was contracted to, asked Eden Scott for a credit note for the time I had spent trying to sort the issue. They were granted the £1,100 credit note immediately. Clearly the client matters but the candidate doesn't. May I remind Eden Scott that they wouldn't have clients if they didn't have great candidates like me. They have now lost the global client due to their behaviour towards me.
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Recruitment specialists Eden Scott, established in 2003, now has over 40 staff in Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow and recruits in 20 different sectors. We have a strong market presence within the Scottish market and now recruit globally through our Renewables and Oil and Gas sectors. The Edinburgh office focuses on key areas such as oil and gas, financial services, accountancy and finance, HR, business support, IT, sales and marketing among others.