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What do customers say about Eastzeast Liverpool?

As of Apr 25, 2024, 1287 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.2 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

service was faultless

so tasty and flavoursome

truly 10/10 experience

All were brilliant

very professional and courteous service

happy and polite worth a visit

great atmosphere and awesome service

best Indian restaurant I have ever tried

staff were amazing with her

price's are scandalous

too spicy for her

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April 25, 2024

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Eastzeast Liverpool's customer reviews analysis

EastZeast presents a nuanced picture of customer experience, with the majority of user feedback trending towards a positive assessment of their service and culinary offerings. Patrons frequently commend the restaurant's hospitality, mentioning superb service from staff members such as Abdul, and the welcoming attitude towards families and children. The festive atmosphere, accommodative approach to walk-ins, and celebratory ambience featuring live traditional music contribute to its charm. However, the pricing emerges as a contentious point, with numerous customers highlighting cost as a significant deterrent. Some patrons perceive the price points as too high relative to the portions and in comparison to other Indian restaurants. Despite the price concerns, the food quality appears to be a strong suit, with particular praise for the diverse and flavorful dishes, specifically the lamb chops, chicken biryani, and cheese naan.

Positive Feedback

Customers have overwhelmingly celebrated EastZeast's food quality and service. Highlights include flavorful lamb chops, a richly varied chicken biryani, and standout cheese naan, which together suggest a kitchen dedicated to culinary excellence. The attentive and efficient service, led by individuals such as Abdul, enhances the dining experience. The restaurant's atmosphere is regularly described as welcoming and professionally managed, capable of creating a relaxed and memorable experience for various occasions. Furthermore, family-friendly characteristics and the handling of large groups indicate adaptability and a commitment to customer satisfaction. The provision to take leftovers home is also well-appreciated, reflecting an understanding of customer needs and the value for quantity provided.

Concerns and Threads

The primary grievance among EastZeast customers pertains to the pricing structure. Many feel the costs are excessive for the portion sizes received, with some identifying a discrepancy between price and value when compared to other Indian restaurants. Despite the food garnering high praise, the expense has deterred some repeat business, with one customer labeling the prices as 'scandalous'. Additionally, while the large portion sizes are generally seen as a mark of generosity, they may contribute negatively to the perception of value, as some diners felt overwhelmed by the quantity and subsequently, the cost. Moreover, the slight blemish of browning lettuce suggests room for improvement in ensuring consistently impeccable food presentation.

Frequently asked questions about Eastzeast Liverpool

Are reservations required at EastZeast, or can I walk in without a booking?

While reservations are recommended, especially on weekends or special occasions, EastZeast does accommodate walk-ins subject to availability. However, waiting times can vary based on the day and time.

Does EastZeast offer any options for diners with dietary restrictions?

Yes, EastZeast is noted to be Halal friendly and staff are open to providing recommendations for dietary preferences. It is advisable to inform the staff of any specific dietary requirements upon arrival.

Is the portion size at EastZeast value for money?

Feedback on portion sizes at EastZeast is mixed. Some patrons appreciate the generous servings, while others find them too large and not adequately priced. Customers should consider the portion sizes and prices to determine personal value.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Eastzeast Liverpool

Eastzeast Liverpool
Tee K
3 months ago
Took a risk as we hadn’t booked anything and arrived in Liverpool on Christmas Day. Accepted walk ins. Wait wasn’t long at all. Upon entry, the service was faultless. Lots of customers, place was packed Ordered lamb chops as a starter and baajis. The lamb chops were so tasty and flavoursome. Ordered a chicken Karahi and naan as well as a roti. Spot on! Finally, had a mango and strawberry lassi drinks which were really delicious. Someone was celebrating their birthday there and they brought out a drum which was different/cool.
Eastzeast Liverpool
Tony Gardner
6 months ago
Visited this restaurant on a Friday night. 20 of us great night. The food was OK. I've had better for a fraction of the price. Very pricey. The bill came to a £1000. And that was without any alcohol. Just soft drinks. I won't be returning any time soon. Them price's are scandalous.
Eastzeast Liverpool
4 months ago
We knew that it was more expensive than other Indian restaurants in the city, however we didn't think that it would be so expensive. We spent £90 for a meal that would normally cost around half of that. I had chicken biryani, and I got so much that I couldn't finish it (I'm not complaining!) My girlfriend had bombay aloo, which was too spicy for her. I enjoyed my food but my girlfriend not so much. The service, however, was excellent, especially from Abdul. The decor is nice. But I don't know if they can justify charging so much.
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