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What do customers say about Dyker Beach Golf Course?

As of Jan 10, 2024, 1108 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.1 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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January 10, 2024
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March 13, 2024

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Dyker Beach Golf Course's customer reviews analysis

Dyker Beach Golf Course exhibits a mixed reputation based on customer feedback. The course appears to be appreciated for its layout and some recent upgrades, including cart paths and bunkers. Its condition during the summer, notably the fairways and greens, is well-regarded. Staff members, such as rangers facilitating pace and friendly staff during events, contribute to positive experiences. Nevertheless, maintenance and management issues cast a shadow on these positives. Complaints about course conditions, including poor tee boxes, lack of drinkable water, and run-down motorized carts, dampen customer satisfaction. Overbooking and the resulting delays in play also surface frequently as negatives. The overall inefficiency of course management, such as not informing players about delays or closures, and a perceived lack of value for the price point are concerning trends negatively impacting the company's reputation.

Positive Feedback

Positive aspects of Dyker Beach Golf Course, as drawn from customer feedback, predominantly focus on the efficient pace of play encouraged by course rangers and the aesthetically pleasing layout. The course is commended for being playable year-round, with recent upgrades to its facilities adding to customer satisfaction. Moreover, exceptional service, specifically mentioned during special events, is a high point for many. Staff friendliness, especially during the hosting of a holiday party, and personalized attention from bartenders enhance the overall guest experience. These components, coupled with the course's usability in summers and adequate COVID-19 management, including online bookings and outdoor check-ins, contribute to a positive customer experience.

Concerns and Threads

The customer experience at Dyker Beach Golf Course is marred by several substantial issues, particularly concerning the course conditions and management. Frequent criticism includes poor maintenance of tee boxes and fairways, unwelcome debris such as litter in bunkers, and inadequate quality of motorized carts. Course water access is also negatively highlighted due to insufficient drinkable water provision. Management inefficiencies, notably overbooking of tee times leading to substantial delays, go unaddressed, severely affecting the pace of play. Additionally, customers express frustration over a lack of transparency regarding course availability, such as undisclosed back 9 closures and event-related delays, which suggests a disconnect between the facility and its patrons. Consequently, the perceived poor value for the cost of play reinforces the negative sentiment among reviewers.

Frequently asked questions about Dyker Beach Golf Course

What upgrades have recently been made to Dyker Beach Golf Course?

Dyker Beach Golf Course has undergone several improvements, including the installation of new cart paths and the refurbishment of all bunkers.

How are tee times managed for an efficient pace of play?

While the course utilizes rangers to keep the pace of play moving, there have been reported issues with overbooking and delays. It is recommended to check current booking practices and potential wait times before planning a visit.

Does Dyker Beach Golf Course offer a good value for the cost of play?

The perceived value for the cost of play is mixed among customers. Some believe the course is not worth the high fees, especially when considering maintenance and management issues. Potential customers should review recent feedback and assess the current course conditions and pricing to determine value.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Dyker Beach Golf Course

Dyker Beach Golf Course
a year ago
Played 7/22/22 Very nice course with decent pace. Ranger kept things moving to the best of his ability. I arrived solo for a 5:42am tee time. I am a fool and didn’t check in so I had to wait a few to get setup. I ended up going out with 3 random golfers at 6:08. At tee off it was close to 80 degrees. The fairways were running nicely. The greens were initially slow, however by 7:45 they sped up. The layout of this course is simple and clean. A few of the par 3’s are scenic, making you forget you’re in Brooklyn. Finished the round by 10:10. Started at 6:08.
Dyker Beach Golf Course
Frank Mayes
4 months ago
Aerating the course. Back 9 closed. Of course no mention of it when booking. However, Dyker is in the middle of some decent upgrades that includes Cart Paths and all Bunkers.
Dyker Beach Golf Course
Marianne Scott
3 months ago
Great event for seniors. Thanks to Justin Brennan, Anthony Gounardes, and Iwen .Chu.
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