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As of Jan 09, 2024, 785 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.1 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Dreams's customer reviews analysis

The overall reputation of Dreams Beckton, based on a collection of recent reviews, is generally favorable, with specific commendation on customer service. Customers have praised staff members for being friendly, patient, knowledgeable, and professional. Many reviewers have noted the personalized assistance they received, including detailed explanations of products and additional services such as sleep position testing with a smart machine. The store's cleanliness and diverse product range have also been highlighted positively. However, there is a concern regarding the availability of staff, as some customers experienced a lack of immediate assistance due to employees being occupied with other tasks. Price perception is another area of critique, with a sentiment that Dreams' products can be more expensive than other high street competitors. The presence of a dedicated clearance section offering discounted items has mitigated these concerns for some shoppers.

Positive Feedback

Customer feedback on Dreams Beckton is primarily positive, emphasizing excellent customer service, a clean shopping environment, and a diverse selection of products. Staff members have been lauded for their professionalism, knowledge, and individualized attention, frequently going the extra mile by offering beverages and tailoring the shopping experience to customers' needs. Advanced in-store technologies such as sleep position testing machines have been appreciated, assisting customers in selecting mattresses suited to their preferences. Additional praises focus on the store’s substantial clearance section, allowing customers to purchase items at reduced prices, thereby addressing budgetary considerations.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the positive aspects, Dreams Beckton faces some criticisms that can impact customer experience. A notable point of dissatisfaction is the occasional scarcity of readily available staff, stemming from staff being preoccupied with serving other customers, possibly leading to longer wait times for assistance. Concerns over pricing have also surfaced, suggesting that Dreams' products are perceived to be more expensive than similar items found in other high street stores. This can create a barrier for budget-conscious shoppers looking for affordable bedding solutions.

Frequently asked questions about Dreams

Are the staff at Dreams Beckton knowledgeable and able to assist with product selection?

Yes, staff at Dreams Beckton are consistently praised for their product knowledge and helpfulness. They can assist with product selection, including mattress testing using smart technologies to find the best match for your sleeping habits.

Does Dreams Beckton offer any discounted products?

Dreams Beckton has a clearance section where customers can find discounted items, including mattresses and other bedding products. Reviews suggest that significant savings can be made in this section.

Is there often a wait to get assistance at Dreams Beckton?

Some customers have reported a wait due to staff being busy with other customers. While not a universal experience, it can happen during peak hours or if the store is short-staffed.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Dreams

Khalid Malik
5 months ago
A good selection of beds, mattresses and furniture to see. Lack of staff at hand to help or speak to you. The two staff or 3 that i noticed were busy taking orders from other customers and were sitting down on their computers. Overall i thought Dreams was much pricier than other high street stores for mattresses.
Oleksandr Sumansky
a week ago
I really liked the service, very friendly attitude, everything was explained perfectly, and my purchase was processed very quickly and efficiently. And they also very professionally helped me choose what I wanted. Thank you very much for such a wonderful service. I will definitely recommend your store to everyone.
4 days ago
I visited this shop today to buy a new mattress. The staff were very friendly and helpful. They tested my sleeping position on a smart machine, where I could see what type of mattress will suit me best, which was very helpful! As a result I bought a mattress and very comfortable pillow. Thank you for an amazing experience 🙂
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