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Dr. Jeffrey Wolfson, Dpm - The Foot Group
Dr. Jeffrey Wolfson, Dpm - The Foot Group

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What do customers say about Dr. Jeffrey Wolfson, Dpm - The Foot Group?

As of Jan 23, 2024, 16 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.9 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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January 23, 2024
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March 13, 2024

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Dr. Jeffrey Wolfson, Dpm - The Foot Group's customer reviews analysis

The Foot Group NYC appears to command a robust and positive reputation, as reflected in recent client appraisals. A recurring theme of prompt service and efficient appointment scheduling suggests the practice values the client's time and urgent needs. The physicians, notably Dr. Kathy Grossos and Dr. Wolfson, are consistently lauded for their knowledgeable, detailed explanations of foot conditions and treatments. Similarly, Dr. Goldsmith receives high praise for time spent addressing patient concerns and ensuring patient comprehension. Customer testimonials frequently note the welcoming personalities and humor of the doctors, contributing significantly to the overall positive experience. The thoroughness of examinations and the effective resolution of both primary and ancillary issues underscore a quality of care that goes beyond standard expectations. Customer feedback also indicates a long-term satisfaction with surgical outcomes, and an appreciation for the supportive and helpful nature of the staff throughout the patient journey.

Positive Feedback

Key positive aspects of The Foot Group NYC, identified through customer reviews, include a distinguished level of expertise and excellent communication. Doctors receive high acclaim for their ability to explain complex issues in an accessible manner. Another significant positive is the personalized care exhibited by the staff, with Dr. Wolfson, in particular, being recognized for his genial demeanor and successful treatments, even prompting patient recommendations beyond state lines. The effectiveness of their treatment is exemplified by the longevity of surgical results, as seen in the satisfied feedback regarding a bunion surgery that remains problem-free after two decades. Additionally, the ability to secure same-day appointments and the provision of prompt solutions to acute foot problems highlight the practice's commitment to immediate relief and patient accessibility. This combination of professional expertise, personalized patient care, and efficient service contributes to the overwhelmingly positive perception of The Foot Group NYC.

Concerns and Threads

The provided reviews offer a unanimous endorsement of The Foot Group NYC, leaving little to no room for the identification of negative aspects based on the client feedback presented. All narratives revolve around positive experiences, thus reflecting a consistently high level of patient satisfaction. Because no specific critiques, negative experiences, or recommendations for improvement are given, it is challenging to highlight key negative aspects from the presented customer feedback. However, it is essential to recognize that reviews may not always capture a complete picture of every patient's experience. Future reviews may offer a more balanced perspective should any less favorable feedback arise.

Frequently asked questions about Dr. Jeffrey Wolfson, Dpm - The Foot Group

How quickly can I expect to be seen for an appointment at The Foot Group NYC?

Based on the reviews, The Foot Group NYC has a reputation for scheduling prompt and, often, same-day appointments, ensuring timely attention to their patients' foot problems.

Can I expect detailed explanations of my foot condition and treatment options?

Yes, according to patient testimonials, the doctors at The Foot Group NYC are known for providing thorough and comprehensible explanations of foot conditions, as well as discussing treatment plans in detail.

Will the results from treatments or surgeries provided by The Foot Group NYC be long-lasting?

Patients report long-term satisfaction with the outcomes of treatments and surgeries, including a bunion surgery that remained successful after over two decades, suggesting durable results from the practice's interventions.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Dr. Jeffrey Wolfson, Dpm - The Foot Group

Dr. Jeffrey Wolfson, Dpm - The Foot Group
Martha Santiago llanot
2 months ago
I Absolutely and highly recommend this podiatrist's office Dr. Kathy Grossos is very knowledgeable and explained everything to me about my foot conditions in full detail her personality is warm and welcoming. Everyone at this office is very friendly and helpful. If you are having problems with your feet this is the place to go to!
Dr. Jeffrey Wolfson, Dpm - The Foot Group
Bellajeet Sahota
3 days ago
I highly recommend this office and Dr. Goldsmith. They were able to see me promptly, and Dr. Goldsmith listened to my concerns and helped me walk pain free for the first time in a while!
Dr. Jeffrey Wolfson, Dpm - The Foot Group
Aditi Mitra
3 years ago
I was very happy with my visit. The staff is very helpful, and Dr. Wolfson is kind and generous with his time. He did a detailed examination, explained everything clearly, and even took care of a matter which I had not originally listed as one of my reasons for visiting. I strongly recommend him!
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