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As of Apr 07, 2024, 291 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.7 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Doux Chaton's customer reviews analysis

Doux Chaton emerges as a well-received Vietnamese restaurant in Liverpool with positive reviews focusing on the authenticity and flavor of its dishes, particularly the Bun Bo Hue, Phở, and Bánh mì. Customers have lauded the variety in the menu, which includes vegetarian and vegan options, complemented by a notable beverage selection. Portions are described as generous and the cost is considered reasonable, particularly given the quantity and quality of food served. The staff is repeatedly characterized as welcoming and accommodating, contributing to the favorable dining experience. Nonetheless, an isolated negative incident involving reportedly poor customer service from the manager, who is the owner's daughter, casts a shadow on an otherwise stellar reputation. This single account, while concerning, does not seem to align with the majority of customer experiences but may still have an impact on the perception of the restaurant's customer service ethos.

Positive Feedback

Customer feedback overall is markedly positive towards Doux Chaton, praising the restaurant's authentic Vietnamese cuisine with high recommendations for their Bun Bo Hue and Phở. The appetizers, particularly the Pork Belly Summer roll, are frequently noted as favorites. The dining experience is enhanced by friendly staff who successfully accommodate larger groups and maintain a welcoming atmosphere. Admirable vegetarian and vegan options expand the restaurant's appeal to diverse dietary preferences. In addition, value for money is underlined by consistent references to the generous portion sizes and competitive pricing. The beverage selections, including unique tea varieties and traditional Vietnamese coffee, also garner positive remarks for quality and variety.

Concerns and Threads

Among the sea of commendations, there is a stark contrast in the form of a complaint regarding customer service; specifically, an incident involving the manager’s conduct, allegedly the owner’s daughter. This particular review recounts an encounter where the manager's response to a minor issue over chopsticks was perceived as rude and lacking the professionalism expected within the hospitality industry. Rather than resolving the matter courteously, the manager is described as having prioritized winning an argument over maintaining guest satisfaction. This isolated account, while it contrasts with the broader narrative of friendly and accommodating service, does highlight a potential vulnerability in staff training or management approach that could tarnish the restaurant's otherwise positive image if not addressed.

Frequently asked questions about Doux Chaton

What are the must-try dishes at Doux Chaton?

Based on customer reviews, the must-try dishes include the Bun Bo Hue, Phở, Bánh mì, and the Pork Belly Summer roll. Vegetarian and vegan options are also available and praised.

Is Doux Chaton suitable for large groups?

Yes, Doux Chaton has been noted for successfully accommodating large groups. It is advisable to make a reservation to ensure that your party can be seated together.

Are there unique beverages available at Doux Chaton?

Doux Chaton offers a variety of unique beverages, including traditional Vietnamese coffee, passion fruit lychee tea, taro red bean tea, and an array of bubble teas, which are popular among diners.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Doux Chaton

Doux Chaton
Teemay Nguyen Rain
2 weeks ago
Being Vietnamese, I absolutely LOVE the taste of their foods, whether it’s the noodle soups or the appetisers. They got the most authentic Bun Bo Hue and Pho, highly recommending these for those who would want to try our cuisine. My personal favourite is the Pork Belly Summer roll and I would order it almost any time that I’m there. Staffs are always friendly and welcoming, they also try their best to accommodate my party as I tend to go their in quite big groups (of 5 or 7).
Doux Chaton
Hai Hoang
2 weeks ago
The best place to have authentic Vietnamese foods in Liverpool. Me and my girlfriend can never have enough of their Bun Bo Hue. Highly recommended!!!! The service was spectacular and we always have great times there, they got the most friendly staffs in Liverpool in my experience.
Doux Chaton
Buki Okoro
2 months ago
Doux Chaton is one of the best Vietnamese places to eat in Liverpool. Located on Renshaw Street, you just can't miss it. We just walked in and were shown to a table. Service was quick and friendly. Ordering has to be done by the counter, and then they bring the food to you. Would highly recommend trying the summer rolls and the signature Pho bowl. Signature pho bowl only comes in the large bowl - it's amazing and very filling. For drinks, I would recommend the iced tea - it's very refreshing. Staff are nice and very friendly. I highly recommend a visit if you are in Liverpool and fancy some amazing Vietnamese food.
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