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Published on
January 10, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Dishoom Shoreditch?

Upon analysis of the latest customer reviews for Dishoom Shoreditch, the overall company reputation seems to be quite positive, with numerous mentions of exceptional dining experiences. Customers consistently commend the quality of the food, describing it as 'the best Indian food ever had' with specific praises for the chicken ruby, naan, and unique breakfast offerings like bacon naan and bottomless chai. The effective handling of special dietary needs and allergens is also notably appreciated, reflecting the restaurant's attentiveness to customer needs. The ambiance of the establishment is repeatedly highlighted, with the decor making a significant impression by successfully evoking the feel of India. The service is another area where Dishoom Shoreditch appears to excel, with repeated commendations for accommodating staff and overall commendable service.

Positive Feedback

Positive customer feedback for Dishoom Shoreditch is largely focused on the restaurant's culinary offerings and service quality. Patrons rave about the authentic and flavorful dishes, noting recommendations like the chicken ruby, naan, and breakfast omelette. Value-added services such as the bottomless chai and unique breakfast selections also receive admiration, enhancing the overall customer experience. What stands out prominently is the staff's approach to service - from managing bookings and table arrangements efficiently to adapting menu options for dietary restrictions, demonstrating exceptional customer care. The vibrant atmosphere and decor contribute to a memorable dining experience, echoing the cultural nuances of India, which seems to delight guests. The location within Shoreditch is also seen as accessible and convenient, showing that the restaurant is well-placed for both local and visiting diners.

Concerns and Threads

Despite many positive reviews, there are discernible areas of discontent among some patrons of Dishoom Shoreditch. One recurring theme in negative feedback pertains to value for money; some customers feel that the pricing does not entirely match the portion sizes or the quality of the food offered. Additionally, the queueing and reservation system presents a challenge, with reports of long waiting times and an implication that on-the-spot dining can be tough to arrange, potentially deterring impromptu visits. Furthermore, some patrons express dissatisfaction with the seating arrangements, finding certain setups uncomfortable for dining, such as sofas with coffee tables which could diminish the overall experience. There's a sense from a few customers that there may be room for operational improvements to enhance convenience and comfort.

Frequently asked questions about Dishoom Shoreditch

Is it necessary to make a reservation at Dishoom Shoreditch?

Yes, it is highly recommended to make a reservation at Dishoom Shoreditch, especially during peak dining hours, as customers report it can get quite busy and there may be lengthy queues.

Does Dishoom Shoreditch offer options for people with dietary restrictions?

Yes, Dishoom Shoreditch is noted for accommodating special dietary needs, with staff members willing to work through the menu and make adjustments for food intolerances and allergies.

Is the restaurant suitable for both casual dining and special occasions?

Dishoom Shoreditch is praised for its rich ambiance and exceptional service, making it suitable for casual dining, business lunches, and special occasions alike.

What are customers saying about Dishoom Shoreditch

Dishoom Shoreditch
kelley white
a week ago
The dinner at this establishment provided an exceptional dining experience. From the moment we stepped in until we left, my husband and I thoroughly relished every moment. Our waiter was outstanding, offering excellent recommendations from the menu that enhanced our enjoyment. The ambiance, with its top-notch decor, transported us to India rather than London. We savored every dish our waiter suggested. I highly recommend making reservations to ensure you don’t miss out on this extraordinary dining experience when visiting London; it’s truly worth it.
Dishoom Shoreditch
Kevin John Mathew
a week ago
Located in a very accessible place. Though we didn’t book our tables beforehand and it turned out to be a pretty busy morning, the staff there were kind enough to accommodate us. The food was pretty decent but definitely not worth what you’re paying for but that’s the case in most of the places in London. We had a great time overall and the service was really commendable.
Dishoom Shoreditch
Mick Wichitpanyarak
2 weeks ago
The best Indian food I have ever had, all dishes are great! Really recommend chicken ruby, so flavour, rich and creamy. Nann is also great, can’t be missed. Chocolate chai is a good mix, dark and rich. Good services absolutely great atmosphere.
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