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What do customers say about Dickson Chemist?

As of Apr 24, 2024, 13 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

Brilliant service

Staff always friendly

Huge thanks

Friendly and efficient service

A brilliant service

Reliable service

most incompetent unprofessional

Worst chemist ever

very rude and not helpful

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April 24, 2024

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Dickson Chemist's customer reviews analysis

Evaluating Dickson's recent customer reviews reveals a dichotomy in their service and reputation. A recurring theme is the inconsistency in customer experience, suggesting a lack of uniform standards across interactions and services. While some praise the friendly and efficient service, others have experienced significant lapses in professionalism and competency. Notably, issues with prescriptions, including incorrect shipments and privacy concerns, mar the company's reputation. This inconsistency extends to customer service quality, with staff described as both 'chatting away' and warmly appreciative, and yet 'obnoxious' and dismissive in other instances. The company's response to feedback suggests problems with data management and communication, further affecting customer trust. Nevertheless, during the health crisis, Dicksons managed to exceed some customers' expectations, evidencing resilience and potential for good service delivery under pressure.

Positive Feedback

Positive feedback for Dicksons centers on several key aspects of their service. Customers have lauded the pharmacy for its friendly and engaging staff, efficient service, and wide product availability, including items that were otherwise hard to find. Such responsiveness is notably commended during the ongoing health crisis, whereby Dicksons managed to exceed expectations, displaying adaptability and commitment to customer needs. The free delivery service is also a highlight, adding convenience and value to their offerings. Acknowledgment of individual staff members, such as Taylor, for their exceptional assistance furthers the impression of a personal and sometimes caring customer experience.

Concerns and Threads

On the flip side, significant negative feedback has surfaced, casting shadows on Dicksons' operational competency and professional integrity. Major concerns include serious privacy breaches, such as outdated personal data leading to misdirected prescriptions, which may point to a flawed data management system. Mistakes in medication quantities also raise questions about their attention to detail and logistic capabilities. Some customers reported encounters with rude and unhelpful staff, contrasting sharply with the positive commendations others have reported. These negative experiences indicate a variation in staff training or perhaps an underlying issue with workplace culture, impacting customer satisfaction and trust.

Frequently asked questions about Dickson Chemist

What are Dicksons' strengths according to customer feedback?

Dicksons is often praised for their friendly staff, efficient service, and the wide range of products they offer. They have also been recognized for stepping up during health crises, with a reliable delivery service that enhances customer convenience.

Are there any data privacy concerns with Dicksons' services?

Some reviews have cited concerns with data privacy, including the handling of personal details and prescription information. It is advisable for customers to confirm that their data is up-to-date and securely managed.

Is the customer service at Dicksons consistently good?

Customer experiences with the service at Dicksons vary widely. While some customers report positive interactions and praise the friendly staff, others have had negative encounters involving rudeness and lack of assistance.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Dickson Chemist

Dickson Chemist
JandK dK
a year ago
Been using them for a number of years but they have recently(1-2 years) become the most incompetent unprofessional lot that I dread having to deal with. Despite "updating" all my personal details online 6 months ago, when requesting repeat prescription they sent it to an address I haven't lived at for 3 years(£200 worth of meds). not sure what their data protection policy is but it's not being adhered to. Then got sent wrong amount of meds to the right address at least. Made enquiries and then sent photo of containers and postage package which could not physically fit correct amount, the person I corresponded with could not use basic grammar and came to a phenomenal conclusion that was blatantly contradictory to the 3 photos provided by this time. If you value your privacy and don't want any other people that live at a previous address to know what your medication is then don't use this practice, if you have the choice...unless of course you enjoy wasting your time and questioning your sanity in the process.
Dickson Chemist
Frances Laughland
3 years ago
Brilliant service...! Went in for a oxygen monetor and only place that had them after looking in other chemist for one ... also they do hand sanitizer at a great price all different once and they have plenty...staff really friendly and chatting away .. doing a great job thank you dicksons x
Dickson Chemist
Jason De La Cour
4 months ago
Staff always friendly
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