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Published on
March 23, 2024
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March 23, 2024

What do customers think about Deluca Massage & Bodywork?

Deluca Massage & Bodywork seems to enjoy a robust reputation, distinguished by its superior customer service and highly skilled therapists. Multiple reviews consistently praise the therapeutic efficacy of the massages received, highlighting the ability of various therapists to provide relief from pain and stress. The recurrence of phrases like 'healed my inner and outer trauma,' 'reset, released, and stretched loose,' and 'great technique and really cares' indicate a pattern of personalized and attentive care delivered by the staff. The establishment's ambiance receives commendations for its serene and clean environment, enhancing the overall customer experience. Moreover, the ease of booking and the responsiveness of the front desk staff are noted as contributing to the seamless and efficient service. Overall, the feedback collected indicates a client base that appears to leave the establishment satisfied and rejuvenated – a significant indicator of the company's dedication to quality service and customer care.

Positive Feedback

Prominent positive aspects of Deluca Massage & Bodywork as highlighted by customer feedback include the high skill level and attentive nature of its therapy staff. Therapists are noted for their ability to intuitively apply the correct pressure and execute effective maneuvers throughout the massage experience. Clients report leaving feeling significantly rejuvenated, with some even attributing a healing effect on both physical and psychological levels. The customer service experience also garners positive attention, with a friendly and professional front desk and an easy booking process. The environmental aesthetic is repeatedly described as serene, pretty, and comfortable, with special mention of heated tables, contributing to a calming and inviting experience. The ability to accommodate last-minute requests and provide individualized care further demonstrate the operational excellence and customer-centric approach of the business.

Concerns and Threads

Despite generally glowing reviews, the nature of the feedback provided does not yield significant insights into any systematic negative aspects of the customer experience at Deluca Massage & Bodywork. No notable recurring criticisms or specific dissatisfaction is mentioned among the collected reviews. Any identification of potential negatives would be purely speculative without further data. Therefore, from the evidence available, there are no clear negative trends undermining the strong positive reputation of the establishment.

Frequently asked questions about Deluca Massage & Bodywork

Can I book a last-minute appointment at Deluca Massage & Bodywork?

Yes, customers have reported being able to secure appointments at short notice, with instances of same-day availability. It is always best to call ahead to check the current scheduling situation.

Are the therapists at Deluca Massage & Bodywork able to handle specific pain issues?

Indeed, many customers have noted therapists' skilled approach in addressing specific pain points and providing relief. The staff is described as intuitive and attentive to individual needs.

Is the environment at Deluca Massage & Bodywork conducive to relaxation?

Yes, the atmosphere of the establishment is frequently praised for being pretty, serene, and clean, with added amenities such as heated tables to enhance the relaxing experience.

What are customers saying about Deluca Massage & Bodywork

Deluca Massage & Bodywork
Hope D'Ovidio
2 weeks ago
Such an awesome experience. The place is lovely, the front desk women was so kind, and Bill was absolutely amazing. I think he literally healed my inner and outer trauma in 15 minutes. Will definitely be returning
Deluca Massage & Bodywork
Tenisha Rochelle
3 weeks ago
I’ve been going here for several years. I typically enjoy a Swedish massage from Jason. It’s perfect every time. He applies the right amount of pressure and can almost “sense” where it’s needed and for how long. I literally always leave there feeling like my body was reset, released, and stretched loose! Easy booking process; super friendly and professional front desk staff.
Deluca Massage & Bodywork
Angela B
a year ago
I was staying at a hotel in Georgetown and searched for a spa near me. I called them to see if they had any openings and they had one in 30 minutes. I hopped up and walked the 11 minutes to their location. I love how it’s decorated inside - so pretty and serene and calming. Virginia was my massage therapist. She’s so petite that when I saw her I thought “she’s not going to be able to adequately massage me. I’m a big girl!” But boyyyyy was I wrong! Virginia was phenomenal! I told her how achy and tired my muscles were from walking all over town site seeing the day before. She gave me just the right amount of pressure and stretched my legs, arms, and neck to help alleviate the stress and tension in my muscles. It was AMAZING! It was one of the best massages I’ve ever had. Virginia is little but she’s really good!!!
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Deluca Massage & Bodywork is the oldest and biggest massage therapy facility in Washington, D.C. who has been serving the community for over 20 years! Our team of Licensed Massage Therapists (LMT) are dedicated to giving our clients the absolute best in massage therapy.