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As of Apr 11, 2024, 51 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.5 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Dan Perata's customer reviews analysis

The consensus among recent customer reviews for Dan Perata Training and Boarding (DPT) is overwhelmingly positive. The staff, including Dan and Natasha, are consistently praised for their expertise in handling a range of canine behavior issues and their compassionate approach to training. A recurring theme is the significant improvement in dogs' behavior after attending DPT, with many customers reporting successful outcomes even in challenging cases of aggression or fearfulness. Clients also appreciate the lifetime support offered by DPT, indicating that the company is seen not just as a training facility but as a long-term partner in their dogs' development. The assurance of violence-free training methods is frequently highlighted, bolstering the company's reputation for ethical practices. The provision of boarding services, especially its proximity to the airport, is another aspect that receives positive attention.

Positive Feedback

Key positive aspects of customer feedback for Dan Perata Training and Boarding include the staff's high level of expertise and ability to handle challenging dog behaviors such as aggression, fearfulness, and reactivity. Clients are also particularly impressed with the transformation they observe in their dogs' behavior as a result of the training. The effectiveness of DPT's methods in creating positive changes is frequently praised. Another significant advantage, strongly acknowledged by customers, is the ongoing support provided by the team at DPT, suggesting a commitment to the long-term well-being of the dogs and their owners. The humane, pain-free approach to training is also lauded, emphasizing the company's ethical stance. The boarding service, notably the convenience for travelers due to its location near the airport, is an appreciated benefit among clients.

Concerns and Threads

The available reviews on Dan Perata Training and Boarding, as provided, do not mention any significant negative experiences. All clients have expressed satisfaction and gratitude towards the services received. Therefore, based on the given data insufficient evidence can be found to identify consistent negative aspects. This absence of criticism should be observed cautiously, as the sample may not represent every customer's experience. Potential clients should seek additional reviews or firsthand experiences to ensure a well-rounded view of the company.

Frequently asked questions about Dan Perata

Does Dan Perata Training and Boarding use pain-based methods for training dogs?

No, Dan Perata Training and Boarding is committed to no-pain training techniques. The reviews specifically mention the absence of prong collars and the use of respectful, violence-free methods.

What kind of support can I expect after completing a training program with DPT?

DPT offers lifetime support for your dog after completion of their training program. This includes handling new issues that may arise, adapting to lifestyle changes, and providing advice long after the training has been completed.

Is Dan Perata Training suitable for dogs with severe behavioral issues, such as aggression or extreme fear?

Yes, Dan Perata Training has been praised for handling severe behavioral issues effectively. Clients have reported successful outcomes with dogs showing aggressive tendencies and extreme fearfulness and have recommended DPT for such cases.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Dan Perata

Dan Perata
Jennifer Pisansky
3 months ago
The entire staff at DPT is incredible. I would recommend highly to anyone with a new dog. I adopted a 7 lb chihuahua mix around 4 months ago. When I brought him home he was scared of everything and couldn't walk on a leash or go up and down stairs. After about 24 hours I was convinced I had ruined my life and found DPT online. Natasha was on the phone with me as soon as I sent an email and she enrolled my dog in Dan Camp the same day. When I returned two weeks later I was amazed at the progress the trainer had made. My dog was walking (perfectly) on a leash and going up and down stairs like a pro. Now we walk 2.5 miles everyday and he LOVES to run up and down the stairs in my apartment. My once fearful dog happily joins us when we go out to eat, go shopping, or walk down Chestnut Street. After 5 weeks he completed camp and was sent home full time but started to develop separation anxiety (my partner and I live in a small apartment and WFH) and cried anytime he was in the crate during the day or left home alone. This behavior was disturbing to my neighbors, so once again I found myself reaching out to Natasha for help. They enrolled my dog in another week of camp (at no additional cost to me) and I received a personal phone call from Dan with advice on how to change my behavior and stop this issue. A couple of weeks later and it's like I have a new dog at home. Yesterday I was able to leave all afternoon and my dog didn't cry once. The team at DPT are experts in dog behavior and they really care about dogs and about their customers. I know 100% that when I drop my dog off for training or boarding he is in the best hands. This program is worth the investment and I am so grateful to Natasha, Dan, Bryn, Sidney, and all of the trainers and staff for their help. They truly go above and beyond and thanks to them my dog is now thriving :)
Dan Perata
Annie Prasad Vadillo
6 months ago
There aren't enough words to explain how great DPT (including Dan, Natasha, and all of the staff and trainers) are - do NOT miss training your dogs with them. We came to DPT with our Tibetan Mastiff Clifford (fearful, reactive out of fear, huge) and our corgi Jude (spoiled brat, everything on his own terms) back in Febraury 2022. It was extremely important to us to use a no-pain method of training, especially with a dog as big as Clifford (120 lbs) and DPT delivered. We enrolled in Dan Camp and Jude and Cliforrd came back completely different dogs - we've seen so much improvement in both of their behavior. The facilities are great (think large training spaces, a treadmill room to work on reactivity on walks, a separation anxiety exercise room etc.) and the trainers care deeply about the dogs. We also love that our dogs board at DPT and get extra training whenever we go out of town. Because dogs are dynamic and training is a process, DPT offers support throughout the dog's lifetime and we take advantage of it regularly. This has been a HUGE help to us, especially when new issues pop up, new life changes happen, etc. We love and could not recommend more highly DPT.
Dan Perata
Stefani Wolff
6 months ago
DPT is an amazing service, and Dan is a miracle worker for dogs. I had been to at least 5 other trainers/certified dog behaviorist before coming to Dan. I was at the point of thinking I needed to put my dog down for his aggressive behavior and my inability to control him. My dog was a birthday present to my then 10 yr old daughter. We got him as an 8 week old rescue. He was great until puberty and then he became reactive, aggressive, resource guarding and other scary behaviors. Dan and his team were the only ones not afraid of him and willing to help me do the hard work. My dog was so reactive he could not stay at the facility like they typically do, so Dan worked one on one with me for almost a year to get my dog to be a completely differently behaved pet. And Dan and his team are still a resource for me several years after our initial training. My dog is now considered sweet, well behaved, listens and gets along with our 2 cats and other dogs. Dan and team rescued my dog from being put down, saved my daughter from heartache and helped me feel in charge of my dog. They truly are an amazing group of people who I am still grateful to know
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Our mission is to support you in having a life-long, well-adjusted, good natured canine companion at ease anywhere. The Dan Perata method of training is founded upon positive reinforcement and deploys the simplest and most effective tools for training dogs: love and praise. We want a dog that listens to you for two reasons: 1. You’ve asked it to, and 2. Your dog respects and trusts you enough to be its decision maker. It's not the biscuit in the hand, it’s the hand that holds the biscuit! We work towards the goal of a balanced, calm and confident companion in all situations. We do this by alleviating your dog of the burden of making decisions. Dogs and kids are notoriously bad decision makers, and they count on us to this for them! Both