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Published on
February 9, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Dallas Museum Of Art?

The Dallas Museum of Art (DMA) receives largely positive reviews highlighting the museum's free admission, diverse exhibits, and the facility's cleanliness and accessibility. However, certain aspects such as the availability of specific sections and parking fees have led to mixed sentiments among visitors. The majority of reviewers express satisfaction with the museum's offerings, applauding the expansive collection that includes notable works and international art. The museum's accessibility for a variety of audiences, including families, students, and individuals with disabilities, is frequently complimented, as is the staff's helpfulness. Nevertheless, an area for potential improvement is the occasional closure of exhibits, which has been a point of disappointment for some guests. Additionally, the cost of parking is mentioned as a detractor, although the museum's location is deemed convenient, with various amenities such as food and parks nearby.

Positive Feedback

The positive feedback for the Dallas Museum of Art centers on several key aspects. Visitors appreciate the museum's practice of offering free admission, which enhances its accessibility to a broader public. The presence of internationally recognized artwork, including pieces by Picasso and Frida Kahlo and diverse collections such as Egyptian artifacts and 19th-century furniture, represents a high level of curation and variety that thoroughly impresses guests. Moreover, the museum's facilities, including clean restrooms and a free bag check service, complement the overall experience. Customer service is another highlight, with staff frequently described as helpful and kind, contributing to a welcoming atmosphere. Special events, children's programs, and other curated activities have garnered acclaim, ensuring a range of enriching experiences for visitors of all ages.

Concerns and Threads

Despite numerous strengths, the museum does face criticism in several areas. The closure of certain exhibits, particularly in the South American section, has been a source of disappointment for visitors expecting a full range of displays. The cost of parking emerges as a common concern; while on-site garage parking is safe and convenient, the $20 fee represents an unexpected additional expense, especially when juxtaposed with the museum's free admission. Although alternative street parking options may be cheaper, they are also limited, implying that parking accessibility could be improved. While the museum is celebrated for its spaciousness and multitude of exhibits, the size can be overwhelming for some, potentially suggesting a need for better navigational guidance within the museum to enhance visitor experience.

Frequently asked questions about Dallas Museum Of Art

Is there an admission fee for the Dallas Museum of Art?

Admission to the Dallas Museum of Art's permanent exhibits is free. However, there may be fees for special exhibits and events, so it is recommended to check the museum's website in advance.

What are the parking options at the museum?

The museum offers on-site garage parking which is subject to a fee of $20. Alternatively, visitors can choose street-side parking which is metered and may be more economical.

Can I visit all sections of the museum?

Most sections of the museum are open to the public, but occasionally, certain parts may be closed for renovation or private events. Visitors are encouraged to check the museum's current exhibitions online before their visit.

What are customers saying about Dallas Museum Of Art

Dallas Museum Of Art
a week ago
Free art museums are the best. Parking is $20. Exhibits are great but a lot of the South American section was closed when I visited which made me very sad. They have a place to check your bag for free and the restrooms are very nice and clean. The staff was so kind and helpful during my entire visit .
Dallas Museum Of Art
daam de silva
a month ago
Absolutely worth to explore if you go to Dallas. On the day we visited, floor 4,3 and 2 were all free for visitors. At least you need half a day to fully explore them and absorb the beauty of the art and some outstanding details in those art pieces. They have a nice cafeteria but we were not able to taste their food. Parking space is ample but most of visitors parked at curbside by paying to the meters.
Dallas Museum Of Art
Kelly Low
a week ago
Always a safe place to go if you don't have anything to do because 1. It's accessible 2. It's free All they ask is that you give them a zip code to check in and that's it. There are some special exhibits that you have to pay for, but they're usually affordable and have discounts students and probably some other common discounts.
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