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Published on
January 28, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Contraband Entertainment & Events Agency?

The reviews of Contraband Entertainment indicate a severely tarnished reputation due to repeated allegations of misconduct regarding financial dealings with artists and clients. Numerous reviewers accuse the company of non-payment for services rendered, labeling the company as fraudulent and comparing its operations to known unethical business practices. The reviews consistently mention a lack of transparency in commission structures, implying exploitative behavior. Furthermore, the company is criticized for poor communication, with references to unanswered emails and accusations of deliberate deception by individuals associated with the company. The prevailing sentiment among these reviews is a strong advisement against utilizing the services of Contraband Entertainment, citing what appears to be a systematic issue of artist exploitation and customer dissatisfaction.

Positive Feedback

While the majority of customer feedback on Contraband Entertainment is overtly negative, there is a modicum of positivity reflected in a very small number of reviews. One reviewer regards their experience as 'Simply Amazing to work with,' indicating possible satisfaction with the interaction and services provided. Another review gives a non-specific commendation, stating 'Some good stuff here,' which suggests that there are elements of the company's offerings that are viewed favorably. Additionally, a single review describes the company as an 'OK place,' which, while not overwhelmingly positive, does not contribute to the litany of allegations of fraudulent behavior. These isolated instances of positivity may reflect varied consumer experiences but are not sufficient to counterbalance the predominantly negative feedback.

Concerns and Threads

The prevailing concerns among negative reviews of Contraband Entertainment are instances of non-payment to performers and a lack of responsiveness combined with allegations of fraudulent activity. Performers report unpaid dues, often amounting to several thousand pounds, with no indication from the company of forthcoming settlement. The management is labeled as unreliable and accused of actively conning artists and clients alike by extracting excessive commissions, leaving performers inadequately compensated. There are also mentions of a broader organizational dysfunction, with complaints about 'horrible treatment' and 'very poor organization of events.' The term 'scammers' is repeatedly used, pointing to a systemic problem with integrity and reliability. Negative reviews also contain personal accusations against specific company representatives, further tarnishing the company's credibility.

Frequently asked questions about Contraband Entertainment & Events Agency

Has Contraband Entertainment been reliable in paying their performers as agreed upon?

According to recent reviews, Contraband Entertainment has a number of complaints regarding non-payment to performers. There are allegations that the company has failed to fulfill payment obligations over several months.

Does Contraband Entertainment have a transparent commission structure?

Reviews suggest that the company lacks transparency in its commission structures, with claims of excessive commissions resulting in clients paying above market rates and performers receiving less compensation than due.

How responsive is Contraband Entertainment to emails and communication from clients and performers?

Feedback indicates that Contraband Entertainment has poor communication practices, with reports of unanswered emails and a general lack of responsiveness to inquiries and concerns raised by clients and performers.

What are customers saying about Contraband Entertainment & Events Agency

Contraband Entertainment & Events Agency
Sharon Dunne
3 years ago
AVOID at all costs. They are nice on the phone because they are CONNING the artists and creaming extortionate commissions for their third party sales meaning the artists get a fraction of what you pay and you pay over the odds too. No transparency and outright THEFT. They don't directly represent anyone "famous/notable". They owe artists THOUSANDS and don't even have the decency to reply to anyone who has in good faith fulfilled their contracts. I believe Contraband are a court case waiting to happen. Support the performers by not trusting this agency who will not pay them in the end. DO NOT USE. They are the "entertainment agency" equivalent of Wonga.
Contraband Entertainment & Events Agency
3 years ago
Be warned, Contraband has not paid any of their performers since December and has no intention of doing so. Please do not make any bookings though this company, as they are immorally booking us, knowing that they will not pay us. They owe us collectively many thousands of pounds and have no intention of paying us. They are deliberately defrauding us, and the way they are doing this is visible on the companies House website - Ivan Young, Tehilla Fratti, Maria Feliciano, Andrew Pervis - con men. Your SM is public.
Contraband Entertainment & Events Agency
Adriano Fernández Osinaga
3 years ago
Scammers. Unreliable company and awful management, don’t trust this company, neither as a client nor as a performer. They don't pay their artist, they don't comply with their own terms.
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