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Published on
January 10, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Chotto Matte?

Chotto Matte Soho has cultivated a reputation that exhibits both commendable and subpar elements. Customers praise the establishment for its staff and service, which are frequently described as 'fantastic,' 'friendly,' and 'attentive.' The ambience and atmosphere are recognized as busy, warm, and well-suited for social gatherings, such as date nights or impressing visitors. The venue is complimented for its unique dining experience and fusion cuisine, with a creative menu that showcases a mix of Japanese and Peruvian elements. However, while certain dishes like the sushi, pulled mushroom tostadas, and black cod miso are highlighted as exceptional, there exists a recurring theme of inconsistency in food quality. Some customers note dishes that are lukewarm, excessively smoky, or lack adequate flavor complexity. Additionally, portion sizes relative to price appear to be a concern for some patrons. Experiences with the service, while generally positive, include a few instances of neglect and mishandling, potentially tarnishing the restaurant's premium image.

Positive Feedback

From the data gathered in the reviews, the primary strengths of Chotto Matte Soho revolve around service and atmosphere. The staff is acclaimed for being friendly and attentive, aiding customers in their selection of dishes while ensuring pleasant dining experiences. The restaurant's ambience is repeatedly mentioned as a positive aspect, creating an atmosphere that is ideal for various social occasions. In terms of culinary offerings, the creative menu and fresh food have particularly stood out. Customers have highlighted dishes such as the sushi, black cod miso, and pulled mushroom tostadas for their generous portions and freshness. The assortment of cocktails, notably the yuzu martini, and other beverages are also seen as a highlight of the dining experience. The location in the heart of Soho adds to the allure, with ease of access surrounded by numerous bars being a plus.

Concerns and Threads

The critiques outlined in the reviews of Chotto Matte Soho chiefly target the inconsistency in food quality and service-related issues. Customers note that dishes can sometimes be underwhelming, with beef tataki and Argentinian flavored dishes being specifically mentioned as disappointing. There is also mention of food being served lukewarm and certain flavors not blending well, leading to dissatisfaction given the restaurant's pricing tier. Portion sizes come up in several reviews as being small relative to the expense. Furthermore, service-related problems such as absent waitstaff and a lack of communication about the serving process detract from the overall experience. The result culminates in a sentiment that while the atmosphere and certain menu items are commendable, improvements could be made regarding the consistency of food quality and professionalism in service.

Frequently asked questions about Chotto Matte

Does Chotto Matte Soho accommodate large groups?

Yes, the restaurant is praised for its great atmosphere suitable for couples and can also cater to larger groups, making it a good choice for both intimate outings and group gatherings.

Is it necessary to book a table at Chotto Matte Soho in advance?

Given its popularity and busy nature, especially on weekend nights, it is recommended to book in advance to secure a table at Chotto Matte Soho.

Does Chotto Matte Soho cater to dietary restrictions?

While specific dietary accommodations are not detailed in the reviews, the attentive service and the variety in the menu suggest the staff may be willing to assist with dietary restrictions. However, it is advised to inquire directly with the restaurant for definitive information.

What are customers saying about Chotto Matte

Chotto Matte
Tabby Duenger
a week ago
The staff and service were fantastic and friendly, as you'd expect from somewhere like this. Foodwise, the sushi was great but somewhat on the safe side with the flavours, and the ribs were surprisingly small. I really enjoyed the sides. The atmosphere of the restaurant was busy and warm, and we enjoyed a few well made cocktails too. Great for a date night, though the food was slightly below the standard I was expecting.
Chotto Matte
Daniel Hill
a week ago
Chotto offers a fusion of Japanese and Peruvian cuisine. While the food leans towards the commercial side without reaching exceptional heights, it satisfies. The service, however, stands out positively, earning the restaurant a solid 4-star rating.
Chotto Matte
3 weeks ago
Enjoyed the sushi and the other Japanese flavours. The Argentinian flavoured dishes were slightly disappointing (tasted smoky and that was about it). Some of the food, such as steak and chicken dishes, came out lukewarm in temperature which was surprising given each dish is supposedly freshly cooked.
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