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Chester Washington Golf Course
Chester Washington Golf Course

Chester Washington Golf Course Reviews Summary

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Published on
February 26, 2024
Last updated
March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Chester Washington Golf Course?

The reputation of Chester Washington Golf Course amongst its patrons presents a nuanced picture. While some customers have had positive experiences, citing helpful staff, well-maintained fairways, greens, and facilities, there are significant concerns regarding the management of tee times and pace of play. Customers appreciate the course when they can secure early tee times on weekdays, but weekend and afternoon rounds are frequently criticized for excessive duration, sometimes taking over 5 hours. Additionally, there are reports of inconsistent customer service. The proximity of wildlife, such as coyotes, adds a unique element to the course, although responses to this aspect are mixed. The neighborhood's ambiance has also been described as less than ideal, which may affect the golfing experience. Overall, there appears to be a disparity between experiences that hinge largely on the time and day of the visit, indicating a variability in the level of satisfaction amongst golfers.

Positive Feedback

Positive feedback for Chester Washington Golf Course often highlights the accommodating and friendly nature of the staff, especially for newcomers and those booking early tee times. The course itself is praised for its maintenance and condition, offering a good value for the price. Facilities such as bathrooms are kept clean, which is a plus for overall experience. Additional remarks include the suitability of the venue for hosting events ranging from memorials to baby showers, with commendations for the helpfulness of the staff during such occasions. Regular players have voiced satisfaction with the quality of the 18-hole course in the Southbay area, advising patience for amenities such as cart availability, which can be a point of contention during busy times.

Concerns and Threads

On the downside, Chester Washington Golf Course faces criticism related to pace of play and general course management during peak times. Several reviews have mentioned excessive waiting due to closely stacked tee times, with rounds exceeding 5 hours, particularly on weekends and post-noon Sundays. Complaints include encounters with rude starters and slow play that forced some players to leave the course without finishing their rounds. Negative experiences also extend to issues beyond the golfing experience such as the perception of a 'sketchy' surrounding neighborhood. Suggestions for improvements were also noted in relation to facility renovation and the need for better management to prevent harassment from employees over pace of play when the course was not evidently congested.

Frequently asked questions about Chester Washington Golf Course

What are the best times to play at Chester Washington Golf Course to avoid slow play?

Customers have reported the best experiences during early morning tee times on weekdays. It is advisable to avoid late afternoons, specifically twilight and post-noon Sunday rounds, to escape the likelihood of longer rounds.

Does Chester Washington Golf Course provide amenities for events beyond golf?

Yes, the course is equipped to host events such as celebrations of life, memorials, baby showers, and intimate gatherings, with staff members who are recognized for their helpfulness and efficiency during such events.

Are golf carts readily available at Chester Washington Golf Course?

There have been instances where a shortage of carts resulted in inconvenience. However, regulars suggest patience as it is a public course, indicating that during peak times, there might be a wait for cart availability.

What are customers saying about Chester Washington Golf Course

Chester Washington Golf Course
Tristan Massalay-Ellis
4 months ago
This was my first foray into Los Angeles golf and I had a great time. My experience was elevated by the staff who offered me an earlier tee time since I was a single. They also watched my luggage as I’d just gotten off a plane from the great state of New York. Also hall have coyotes on the course?!?! The fairways well well maintained and the greens were solid. Pace of play was decent. My round started a little after 8 and I was done by 12. I will definitely be back.
Chester Washington Golf Course
Nathan Bailey
6 months ago
Do not play here. Worst experience ever the two times I’ve played. Won’t be going back anymore. First time no carts available, second time got harassed by three employees about pace of play for no reason. Pic attached of the empty tee box behind us when hitting our second shots in the fairway. No one waiting behind us but we were told we were holding up the entire course. THREE TIMES. The group behind us was still putting on the previous green! Needs better management. The neighborhood around is also sketchy. Do not play here.
Chester Washington Golf Course
Nicolaas Geldenhuys
3 weeks ago
What you think of this course will depend on which day and what time of day you go play. I had a 7ish am tee time on a week day and we didn't have to wait for anybody in front on any hole. Also teed off after noon on a Sunday and 18 holes took 5.5 hours to finish! Condition was pretty good for the price and I will go back again as long as I can get early tee times.
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