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Cha Pa'S Noodles And Grill

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What do customers say about Cha Pa'S Noodles And Grill?

As of Jan 26, 2024, 1054 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.4 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Cha Pa'S Noodles And Grill's customer reviews analysis

The overall company reputation for Cha Pa's Noodles and Grill appears to be positive, with many customers expressing satisfaction with their dining experience. The two recurring themes found in the reviews are the quality of the food and the efficiency of service. Most diners praise the authenticity and flavor of the Vietnamese cuisine, often highlighting specific dishes such as their classic beef pho, Combo Vermicelli bowl, and crispy rolls. The quick seating, even when busy, contributes positively to their reputation, while the efficient delivery of dishes enhances the customer experience. A minor critique involves the preparation of certain meat items and the specificity of personal preferences for noodle thickness and type of chicken meat used in the dishes.

Positive Feedback

Key positive aspects of customer feedback for Cha Pa's Noodles and Grill notably include the swift and attentive service, as well as the delightful taste of their dishes. Customers are impressed by the tenderness and flavor experienced with the Chicken Satay, Grilled Lemongrass Pork Chop, and Meat Lover's Pho, with multiple references to the enjoyable and rich taste. The ambiance of the restaurant contributes to the pleasant dining experience, and the proximity to Times Square makes it an accessible choice for those seeking Vietnamese cuisine. The generous portion sizes and the recommendation of several appetizers, such as the Sticky Tamarind Ribs and loaded pho fries, suggest that the establishment offers a satisfying meal to its patrons.

Concerns and Threads

While most feedback is positive, there are some critical points noted by customers of Cha Pa's Noodles and Grill. One point of dissatisfaction is the authenticity and taste of their Special Pho, described by a customer as bland and containing MSG, which deviated from the expected traditional flavor. Additionally, there was a service oversight involving a charged, but not served, Ginger Tea. Some customers have also expressed a preference for certain meat types, specifically white over dark chicken meat, and have called out specific dishes like the papaya salad for lacking in flavor and seasoning. The arrangement of seating is also mentioned, with some finding the tables to be too close to each other, potentially impacting the dining comfort.

Frequently asked questions about Cha Pa'S Noodles And Grill

Are there vegetarian options available at Cha Pa's Noodles and Grill?

While the reviews provided do not specifically mention vegetarian options, Cha Pa's Noodles and Grill primarily serves Vietnamese cuisine, which often includes vegetarian-friendly dishes. It is advised to consult the menu or inquire directly with the restaurant for vegetarian options.

How does the restaurant handle special dietary requests or allergies?

The reviews do not detail information on handling special dietary requests or allergies. Patrons with specific dietary needs should contact Cha Pa's Noodles and Grill in advance to ensure accommodations can be made for their meal.

Is it necessary to reserve a table at Cha Pa's Noodles and Grill, or can we walk in?

Customers in the reviews have reported being quickly seated, even during busy times. However, if you prefer to guarantee a table, especially for larger groups or during peak hours, it may be best to make a reservation.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Cha Pa'S Noodles And Grill

Cha Pa'S Noodles And Grill
Carolina Pahl
a week ago
Quickly seated even though the restaurant was full. The food was delicious. Two classic beef pho and a grilled chicken over rice plate and the fried chicken gyoza appetizer. Total was $65 after tip. The only thing that would make it better would be to dip the beef into hot water before placing them in the bowl. The red dye that bleeds out of the beef gives the broth a different flavor. Overall a good place to stop by and eat.
Cha Pa'S Noodles And Grill
Tram Santana
2 months ago
A cozy, affordable Vietnamese restaurant in midtown. This restaurant is a hidden gem. If you live in NYC long enough, you would know that no good restaurants around Times Square or midtown in general, they're all overated. This one is different, if you're hanging around Times Square and suddenly crave for Vietnamese food, this is a good choice. You can walk or take a train 1-2 stops from Times Square to here. It won't give you a "Wow" reaction, but it will satisfy your Vietnamese food craving. Click on the picture for the detailed review on food.
Cha Pa'S Noodles And Grill
3 months ago
Authentic Vietnamese cuisine served up at a beautiful NYC restaurant. What's not to love? Seriously incredible quality and service. I had the Combo Vermicelli bowl and crispy rolls. Everything was perfect and served quickly. Highly recommend.
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