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As of Jan 17, 2024, 299 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.9 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Central Health Physiotherapy's customer reviews analysis

Central Health Physiotherapy receives a predominantly positive response from customers, with its reputation prominently anchored in exceptional individual therapists and successful treatment outcomes. Many reviews enthusiastically commend specific physiotherapists, particularly Tatjana, for their expert skills and effective therapy, noting significant improvements in various conditions such as shoulder pain, back pain, and post-surgery rehabilitation. Moreover, therapists are applauded not only for their technical proficiency but also for providing personalized care, actionable advice, and fostering trust with patients. However, an isolated incident at the Chancery Lane clinic suggests potential issues with administrative practices or customer service, where a client felt unfairly treated following emergency cancellations. The incident highlights a possible area for improvement in client relations and policy flexibility during unforeseen circumstances.

Positive Feedback

Client testimonials for Central Health Physiotherapy highlight several key strengths of the practice. Foremost among these is the high level of expertise provided by therapists, as evidenced by individual success stories such as a channel swimmer overcoming arm and shoulder pain to complete a grueling physical challenge. The therapists' dedication to offering tailored treatments and actionable post-session advice is also consistently praised. This personalized approach appears to instill confidence in clients, with many expressing trust in their therapists and a sense of achievement following sessions. Another recurring theme is the effective pain relief and enhanced mobility experienced by clients, particularly those dealing with the consequences of prolonged sedentary work. The availability of specialized services, such as hydrotherapy, and the satisfaction with the outcomes further contribute to the clinic's positive reputation.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the overwhelming number of positive reviews, Central Health Physiotherapy faces criticism regarding its client interaction at an administrative level, particularly in the Chancery Lane clinic. The handling of emergency cancellations has been perceived negatively, with a customer expressing dissatisfaction with being required to pay in advance for appointments following unforeseen events. This issue raises concerns over the clinic’s flexibility and empathy in dealing with clients' personal emergencies. While this account stands in contrast to the commendable treatment experiences most clients reported, it does suggest an area where the practice could potentially refine its policies or communication strategies to avoid alienating clients under exceptional circumstances.

Frequently asked questions about Central Health Physiotherapy

What therapy services does Central Health Physiotherapy specialize in?

Central Health Physiotherapy specializes in various therapy services, including sports massage therapy, physiotherapy for different conditions, and post-surgery rehabilitation, with notable expertise in addressing shoulder, back pain, and post-operative recovery. They also offer specialized treatments like hydrotherapy.

How does Central Health Physiotherapy accommodate clients with emergency cancellations?

Client feedback indicates that there may be some strict policies regarding appointment cancellations and payments. In case of emergencies, it is advised to communicate as promptly as possible with the clinic to discuss potential waivers or rescheduling options.

Are the therapists at Central Health Physiotherapy experienced and well-reviewed?

Based on client testimonials, therapists at Central Health Physiotherapy are highly praised for their expertise, personalized care, and effective treatment outcomes. Reviews single out therapists, such as Tatjana, for their exceptional skills, making a significant difference in pain levels and mobility for their clients.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Central Health Physiotherapy

Central Health Physiotherapy
andrew short
5 months ago
About 4 weeks before I was due to attempt a solo swim of the English Channel I started experiencing pain in my left arm and shoulder. It was painful to hold a dinner plate, and not just because I was having quite big portions. I stopped training completely and decided to see if massage would help. Fortunately, I made an appointment with Tatjana. We talked about my symptoms and my plans. Over the next two weeks Tatjana brought her remarkable skills to bear, loosening my shoulder and arm so that I was able to swim for the 15 hours 40 minutes it took me to reach France. I had been really worried that I would not be able to start the swim. I am confident that Tatjana was one of the reasons I was able to complete it. Thanks again. A.
Central Health Physiotherapy
Noga Rotem
a month ago
I’ve been with the St. John’s wood clinic for over two years and they have been amazing, truly! I’ve recently had to change locations for one of my treatments to Chancery Lane clinic and it’s been just awful! Once I missed my appointment because I over slept as my baby didn’t sleep the entire night and I was up all night with her and the other time I rushed her to the hospital because she wasn’t breathing well. Of course for the first one, I paid a fee for missing the appointment, but when it’s an emergency like this I don’t think I need to pay and I didn’t. But the next day when I called to reschedule (mind you, I’ve only been there once) the receptionist decided that from now on they need to take payment from me in advance. So now, I was classified by them as if I’m a second class person who’s being treated there. Truly shameful!! Especially coming from a woman. What would you do? Not take your baby to the hospital just to make it on time to your appointment?!? I will finish what I’ve already paid for and never again will I ever come to that specific clinic. Shame on you!
Central Health Physiotherapy
Omar Karim
5 months ago
I visited Tatjana after a long stint on a massive project with locked shoulders and a twisted ankle. Her brilliant method of pain free massage has worked wonders and she is really a gifted therapist. She gave me lots of actionable advice for post-session recovery and I look forward to visiting her again. Highly recommended
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Central Health Physiotherapy is one of the longest established, most trusted and respected physiotherapy companies in London.We offer an unrivalled level of professionalism and will deal with each case on a personal basis to ensure every patient gets the treatment they need. We specialise in office based aches and pains as well as sports injuries – neck, back, shoulder, elbow, hip, knee and foot, and ankle pain. Post-op recovery and Rehab and home visits for treatment in your own home. We promise to NEVER over treat, but will ensure that we rebuild your health and fitness. We are the team that the medical specialists want to refer to, clients want to see, and therapists want to work for.