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What do customers say about Celestial Spa?

As of Apr 08, 2024, 287 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.8 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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April 8, 2024
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April 8, 2024

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Celestial Spa's customer reviews analysis

An analysis of customer reviews for Celestial Spa indicates a predominately positive reputation for the establishment. Patrons commend the spa for its professional and knowledgeable therapists, the effectiveness of treatments, and the overall ambiance which contributes to a restful experience. Noteworthy praise is given to individual therapists, like Ms. Stacy, Ms. Joy, Brittany, Carmen, and Foy, who are consistently recognized for their expertise and professionalism. The spa ambiance is described as both soothing and clean, which contributes to the relaxing experience anticipated at a spa. However, there is a discernible variance in customer satisfaction relating to specific services, with some treatments falling short of expectations. The inconsistency in service quality, particularly in massage experiences, presents an area for potential improvement. While the majority of feedback is positive, indicating that Celestial Spa is capable of providing a high-quality spa experience, attention to the uniformity and quality of all offered services could enhance the company’s reputation further.

Positive Feedback

Celestial Spa earns exemplary remarks on several fronts, with clients specifically recognizing the facility's cleanliness, appealing decor, and the calming environment it provides. The professional demeanor and specialized knowledge of the therapists are repeatedly mentioned as highlights. Therapists such as Ms. Joy, Ms. Stacy, Brittany, and Carmen are praised for their attentive service and ability to address clients' needs effectively, with treatments described as rejuvenating and tension-relieving. Positive experiences with various services, including facials, body scrubs, mani-pedis, and massages, further bolster the reputation of the spa as a reliable destination for self-care and relaxation. The consistent quality of service over repeat visits also stands out as a positive aspect, with the spa successfully fostering long-term customer relationships.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the strong reputation, there are isolated accounts of subpar experiences at Celestial Spa. One client reported dissatisfaction with the full body massage, characterizing it as more tugging and pulling than a gentle, deep tissue experience. This contrasts with the otherwise glowing reviews of the massage services, indicating an inconsistency in delivery. Another area of concern is the adaptation of certain services to suit client expectations, such as the spa manicure and pedicure, which one reviewer felt were not on par with those received at regular nail salons. This inconsistency highlights the importance of personalizing services to individual preferences and ensuring that all therapists maintain a uniformly high standard of care.

Frequently asked questions about Celestial Spa

Which therapists at Celestial Spa come highly recommended by customers?

Therapists such as Ms. Stacy, Ms. Joy, Brittany, Carmen, and Foy are frequently praised for their professionalism, skill, and the quality of their treatments.

What type of environment can I expect at Celestial Spa?

Celestial Spa is noted for its clean, inviting, and relaxing atmosphere, designed to soothe clients as they enjoy their chosen services.

Does Celestial Spa accommodate repeat and long-term clients?

Yes, customer testimonials suggest that Celestial Spa values long-term relationships, with clients returning for consistent and welcoming service even after extended periods between visits.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Celestial Spa

Celestial Spa
Letoria B
2 weeks ago
Unfortunately, I have mixed reviews. I paid for the Celestial Spa Package. Ms. Fitzgerald did my full body massage. I expected a lot more from the service. It felt like a lot of tugging and pulling on my body, rather being relaxing. It wasn’t a deep tissue (press into the skin and massage gently) type of experience I predicted it would have been. Bless her heart; she was so kind and sweet! Brittany came in to do my facial, neck and foot massage. She was wonderful with both. My face felt hydrated and rejuvenated. Her massages were amazing!!! Maybe if I use this spa again, I would see if I could get Brittany to do all of my services!!! My face and chest were brighter and smoother when I left the spa. Brittany also did my spa manicure and pedicure. I guess the manicure and pedicure are more catered to older customers because I didn’t receive the norm of what I would have gotten done at the regular nail salon. Some of the services here, that I received, were mediocre. I truly expected better.
Celestial Spa
Diana Pierre-Louis
a month ago
If you are looking for an excellent spa experience with professional and knowledgeable therapists, Celestial Spa is the destination. The body scrub and the facial were my favorite. Ms. Joy is simply amazing. She was caring, professional and attentive to my need. I can’t wait to book my next service at the Celestial Spa, my safe haven.
Celestial Spa
Nicole Bryant
a month ago
As stated by other reviewers, this place is a hidden gem on Cascade. As soon as you walk in the ambience soothes you. I requested Ms. Stacy based off of the other reviews and I’m so glad I did. She ensured I was comfortable from start to finish. She focused on my problem areas without me even having to tell her where they were. I booked the CBD body massage. I’ll definitely be back.
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