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As of Jan 09, 2024, 1804 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.1 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Cay Tre Soho's customer reviews analysis

Cay Tre Soho seems to maintain a strong reputation for authentic and flavorful Vietnamese cuisine, as evidenced by the majority of positive customer testimonials. Recurring commendations include the quality and authenticity of the food, highlighting dishes such as the signature noodle soup, steamed rice sheet with minced pork, traditional Pho, and seafood platter. Fresh ingredients, perfect textures, and rich broths are consistently lauded, contributing to the culinary authenticity that even native Vietnamese patrons have praised. The bustling atmosphere is often mentioned, illustrating the popularity of the venue, despite some noting it as crowded with narrow spacing—a factor possibly mitigated by the restaurant's swift service. Pricing appears to be a point of contention; some customers express that the cost is justified by the quality and portion sizes, while for others, it seems slightly on the higher end, particularly when compared to chain Vietnamese restaurants. Reservation recommendations punctuate reviews due to the frequently busy nature of the establishment.

Positive Feedback

Cay Tre Soho is frequently celebrated for delivering a genuinely authentic Vietnamese dining experience in the heart of London's Soho district. Critics have praised the traditional Pho, with its rich, clear broth and well-cooked rice noodles, as well as the variety and freshness of other menu items like the Banh Xeo, Seafood Pho, and steamed rice rolled crepes. The texture and flavor profiles of the food receive high marks from Vietnamese natives and other patrons alike, indicating a strong adherence to traditional culinary standards. Furthermore, the service is often described as efficient and helpful, with quick seating and serving times, even when the restaurant is bustling—creating a lively, though compact, dining atmosphere. Customers also recognize the specially curated beverages, which are noted for their distinctiveness and appropriate sweetness levels.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the many positive attributes associated with Cay Tre Soho, there are some aspects of the dining experience that customers find lacking. The seating and space dimensions are a recurrent concern, with guests finding the setting to be on the crowded side, potentially affecting comfort levels. The presentation of certain dishes, like the house special Pho, has met mixed reviews due to unconventional ingredients, and there have also been instances of dissatisfaction with the texture of certain meat components—beef in the pho described by one patron as 'shoe leather' and 'completely inedible'. Additionally, cleanliness seems to be an issue for some customers, pointing out that tables and seats do not meet their expectations for tidiness. The price point is another factor undermining some guests' experiences; it is seen as a bit steep, particularly in comparison with other Vietnamese establishments, leading to a potential barrier for those seeking value alongside quality.

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Cay Tre Soho
xiao xiong
a week ago
Soho brunch is much better than Shoreditch one. You need to make reservation in advance. The space is quite narrow and crowd. The food is tasty but a little pricy. I like the signature noodle soup but it is £18. I also like the steamed rice sheet with minced pork. This one is not available at Shoreditch brunch and also the service is not that good over there.
Cay Tre Soho
Bobby Wang
3 months ago
This is hands down the best Vietnamese rice noodles I've ever tasted! Priced reasonably, I opted for the traditional Pho, packed with various beef cuts in a hearty portion. The rice noodles in this bowl stand out, devoid of any powdery texture, owing to its fresh ingredients and specially curated soup base. The pork vermicelli boasts an excellent consistency and is enriched with freshly minced meat. The fried chicken wings are unique in flavor, striking the right balance between saltiness and crispiness. Don't miss out on the Vietnamese coffee or their other beverages; they're a class apart from the overly sweet ones you find elsewhere. Despite the bustling environment and slightly tight seating, the service was commendably swift.
Cay Tre Soho
Sarah Tran
2 months ago
As a Vietnamese person, I highly recommend this restaurant!! This is authentic and man everything I ate was delicious. I am not easily impressed but the banh cuon had the thinnest wrapped and perfect chewy texture. They don't skimp on the pork filling or veggies either. Nuoc cham dipping sauce was not too sour or fishy and complimented the dish well. The original pho was incredible. Thick wide banh pho noodles with deep, rich, clear broth was surprisingly one of the best I've ever had. I wasn't even that hungry but I ate every bite of it. The place was pretty full so I would make reservations if you can!!
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