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What do customers say about Cawder Golf Club?

As of Apr 12, 2024, 202 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.4 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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April 12, 2024

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Cawder Golf Club's customer reviews analysis

An analysis of recent reviews for Cawder Golf Club suggests a generally positive reputation, with numerous aspects contributing to a commendable customer experience. The Championship course receives high praise for its quality and design, often described as 'top notch' and 'fantastic' with equally imperative infrastructure. There is, however, a contrasting opinion of the Keir course, with mixed reactions ranging from 'a bit dull and unimaginative' to 'excellent... and condition first class'. The condition of the courses, especially after rainfall, has been noted to be very resilient, a testament to effective grounds maintenance. Customer service is spotlighted as a crucial factor, with the staff across various functions—ranging from catering to the pro shop—being consistently described as pleasant, welcoming, and hospitable. The value of the amenities like snacks, bar meals, and the pro shop's offerings enhances the overall experience. Nevertheless, the quality of greens at certain times and interactions with some club members have been sources of disappointment for a small minority.

Positive Feedback

Positive facets of Cawder Golf Club center around the excellent condition and layout of the courses, particularly the Championship course, along with the comprehensive facilities and highly regarded customer service. The club's historic clubhouse and the picturesque 202-yard 18th hole add to the enjoyment and aesthetics of the golfing experience. The staff's hospitality is frequently acknowledged, with special mention of their efforts to accommodate visitors, such as sourcing clubs for international guests. The value provided via the club's amenities, including satisfying meals and a well-stocked pro shop, adds another layer of appreciation. The welcoming nature of members and the suitability of courses for various skill levels establish an inclusive atmosphere.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the overarching positive feedback, there are elements of the customer experience at Cawder Golf Club that garner criticism. Some reviews reflect a less favorable opinion of the Keir course, branding it as lacking imagination and excitement, potentially detracting from the overall satisfaction for those preferring more varied terrain. The condition of the greens has also been put into question during certain times of the year, notably in April, possibly suggesting a need for improved maintenance or seasonal care. Furthermore, negative interactions with certain members have been mentioned, tainting the experience for at least one visitor and highlighting the impact member conduct can have on the club's reputation.

Frequently asked questions about Cawder Golf Club

What makes Cawder Golf Club's courses stand out?

Cawder Golf Club's Championship course is praised for its excellent quality and engaging layout. It is characterized by interesting and challenging holes that demand accuracy. Additionally, the well-maintained courses cope well with adverse weather conditions.

How does the staff enhance the experience at Cawder Golf Club?

The staff at Cawder Golf Club is consistently lauded for their welcoming and hospitable nature. From the catering team to the club manager and pro shop personnel, the staff goes out of their way to ensure visitors have a pleasant experience.

Are there any concerns regarding the Cawder Golf Club experience?

While the overall sentiment is positive, there have been some concerns about the condition of the greens at certain times and the imaginative appeal of the Keir course. Additionally, negative social interactions with specific members have been an issue for some.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Cawder Golf Club

Cawder Golf Club
Roddy Hoffmann
4 years ago
Championship course is top notch. Kier course is a bit dull and unimaginative but when you play them both in one day it probably came as a relief that we weren't climbing as much on the 2nd 18. Considering the rain we've had, the courses coped very well. Catering was nice enough and staff seemed pleasant. The 18th on the Championship course is a thing of beauty and made all the better when you knock a rescue club off the tee to 4 feet 😉!
Cawder Golf Club
Colin Preston
5 years ago
Lovely old building used as club house, which makes for a picturesque & interesting 202 yd 18th. A number of interesting and challenging holes, with deceptively difficult par 3s requiring accuracy. Greens not in the best condition when we played (April). Great value snacks & bar meals in the club house. Very nice staff. Good Pro shop.
Cawder Golf Club
David McAleer
10 months ago
Played the Keir today. Excellent course - layout and condition first class. Very flat but still a good test.
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About Cawder Golf Club

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Welcome to Cawder, where our members enjoy the finest golf facilities and hospitality in the West of Scotland. Just 10 minutes from Glasgow city centre, the peaceful, picturesque setting lets you forget about the busy city lifestyle and members lose themselves in the beautiful game of golf. The natural beauty of the Campsie hills, surrounded by a wonderful woodland, and with the Antonine Wall and Kelvin river meandering through the courses provides our members and visitors with some of the best views any Scottish golf course has to offer. We look forward to welcoming you and your friends soon. We are currently open to new memberships - call 0141 761 1281 or email admin@cawdergoflclub.com for further information.