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Carlo Tornatore, Md - Georgetown University Medical Center
Carlo Tornatore, Md - Georgetown University Medical Center

Carlo Tornatore, Md - Georgetown University Medical Center Reviews Summary

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Published on
February 16, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Carlo Tornatore, Md - Georgetown University Medical Center?

The reviews for Dr. Carlo S. Tornatore are overwhelmingly positive, painting a picture of an exceptional neurologist with a focus on treating multiple sclerosis (M.S.). Key themes include his high level of skill, knowledge, and being up-to-date with M.S. treatments. His communicative, caring, and compassionate nature appears to leave a lasting impression on patients. Many note the personalized attention they receive, feeling as though they are his only patient. Swift responses to inquiries and concerns contribute to a sense of dedicated patient care. However, an isolated negative experience highlighted issues with staff conduct, particularly perceived rudeness and gatekeeping from his executive assistant, which reflects on the practice's accessibility and patient interaction outside of direct clinical care.

Positive Feedback

Dr. Tornatore is consistently described as highly skilled, knowledgeable, and compassionate, excelling not just in the clinical aspects of his role but also in patient engagement. His ability to stay current with M.S. treatments and to combine both science and art in his practice stands out. Patients appreciate his thorough, experienced, and inquisitive approach, further underscored by his personal investment in their health journeys. Positive experiences are reinforced by short wait times and willingness of patients to travel significant distances for appointments, which hints at a high level of trust and satisfaction. The positive impact on patients' lives, including improvements in walking and talking for M.S. sufferers, underlines the effectiveness of his treatments and care strategies.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the predominant praise, one negative review cites an issue with Dr. Tornatore's staff, specifically the executive assistant. The review describes the assistant's behavior as rude and dismissive, particularly towards new, non-M.S. patients. This incident suggests potential problems in the practice's administrative sphere, such as gatekeeping and lack of empathy, which could deter prospective patients. Such negative interactions can be detrimental to the overall patient experience and may leave some patients feeling alienated. It's important to note, however, that this is an isolated report among numerous positive encounters, and it doesn't directly involve Dr. Tornatore's own conduct with patients.

Frequently asked questions about Carlo Tornatore, Md - Georgetown University Medical Center

What are Dr. Tornatore's specializations and is he currently accepting new patients?

Dr. Tornatore specializes in neurology with a focus on multiple sclerosis (M.S.) treatments. His practice is reported to accept new patients, but it's best to directly contact his office for the most current information regarding patient acceptance and specializations.

Can non-M.S. patients seek treatment with Dr. Tornatore?

While Dr. Tornatore's expertise appears to be in M.S., an individual experience has suggested that his practice may prioritize M.S. patients. Potential patients should consult the practice directly to confirm if their medical concerns fall within the scope of care provided by Dr. Tornatore.

Are there any concerns regarding staff interactions at Dr. Tornatore's office?

One review highlighted a concern with the conduct of Dr. Tornatore's executive assistant, suggesting a lack of courteousness and accessibility. As it represents a singular account, it's advisable for prospective patients to seek their own experiences with the practice's administrative staff.

What are customers saying about Carlo Tornatore, Md - Georgetown University Medical Center

Carlo Tornatore, Md - Georgetown University Medical Center
Danele Duncan
a year ago
Dr. Tornatore embodies everything a good Doctor should be. He’s highly-skilled and knowledgeable; up-to-date on all M.S. treatments; communicative, caring, and incredible with his patients. From the very first time I dealt with Dr. Tornatore, he made you feel as if you were his only patient. Not only is he brilliant, but also incredibly compassionate. He has made my personal M.S. journey easier. Any time I’ve had a question or concern, he responded immediately. In as few words as possible: “He is the Best.” I consider myself very fortunate to be his patient. In my whole life, he is the most superior doctor I’ve ever had! A very grateful patient!
Carlo Tornatore, Md - Georgetown University Medical Center
Ginger Harrington
10 months ago
I have been a patient of Dr. Tornatore's for some time and he has always been an excellent example of how to practice medicine. He is thorough, experienced, inquisitive, educated and concerned. He practices medicine as a science and an art. In short, he has been and is the best.
Carlo Tornatore, Md - Georgetown University Medical Center
Barbara Cappuccino
a year ago
I was recommended to have a consultation with Dr T from a neurologist whom I was receiving care from in my residence in Baltimore Md. My husband and I liked him so much that he became my primary neurologist. Not only is he extremely medically knowledgeable (I am a MS patient), he is also extremely personable, welcoming us to his hospital “family” when I asked if he would take me as a patient. Plus the wait time is usually very short when I have an appt. My husband and I have no problem driving from Baltimore to DC to see him.
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