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What do customers say about Caribe Funeral Home?

As of Jan 10, 2024, 135 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 3.6 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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January 10, 2024
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March 13, 2024

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Caribe Funeral Home's customer reviews analysis

Caribe Funeral Home has garnered a mixed reputation based on the latest customer reviews. The assessments range from outstandingly positive experiences citing exceptional service, meticulous planning, and professional communication to severely negative experiences characterized by rudeness, insensitivity, and disorganization. Positive reviews commend specific individuals' commitment to serving families during times of need and note the company's expertise with international arrangements and overall professionalism. However, the numerous critical reviews cannot be dismissed, highlighting an apparent lack of empathy, a deficiency in warmth from the staff, and significant operational failures during services, such as technical difficulties and failures to adhere to the family's wishes. These negative reports detail distress caused to grieving families, including inappropriate comments by staff, unprofessional conduct during services, and perceived financial prioritization over the provision of comfort and support.

Positive Feedback

From the array of feedback, Caribe Funeral Home's positives are underscored by certain staff members providing commendable services. Patrick, a funeral director, is noted for his exceptional care, reassuring families and providing peace of mind. Brianna is also mentioned for effective and transparent management of international funeral arrangements. Positive highlights of the service encompass clear communication throughout the process, a fixed and transparent price list, responsiveness to inquiries, convenient catering options on site, and familiarity with the customs and traditions of the West Indian community. The ability to efficiently manage funeral arrangements allows families to pay tribute to their loved ones without undue stress.

Concerns and Threads

The negative aspects of customer feedback for Caribe Funeral Home are primarily concerned with the perceived insensitivity, lack of professionalism, and operational incompetence. Numerous reviews recount experiences with staff members who are described as rude and lacking empathy during grieving families' sensitive times. Complaints feature incidents of unprofessionalism, such as inappropriate questioning about personal items, inability to manage technology required for the service, and inadequate soundproofing between rooms. An overarching concern is the inconsistency with pricing agreements and the failure to provide a comforting atmosphere, with one family noting that their loved one did not look themselves. Worryingly, several reviewers also accuse the company of posting fake positive reviews and engaging in confrontational responses to negative testimonials.

Frequently asked questions about Caribe Funeral Home

Does Caribe Funeral Home offer services for international funeral arrangements?

Yes, Caribe Funeral Home has experience with international funeral arrangements, such as sending loved ones overseas, and customers have reported their satisfaction with the handling of such services.

Can Caribe Funeral Home provide a service that caters to specific cultural or community traditions?

Customers have noted that Caribe Funeral Home has successfully catered to the customs and traditions of the West Indian community, suggesting an ability to provide services respectful of diverse backgrounds.

Have customers reported any issues with the services provided by Caribe Funeral Home?

Yes, there have been reports of issues including, but not limited to, insensitivity of staff, unprofessional conduct during services, technical difficulties with multimedia elements, and noise interference from inadequate soundproofing between rooms.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Caribe Funeral Home

Caribe Funeral Home
4 months ago
The owners and staff are very accommodating. The facility is really nice. Our funeral director was Patrick. He is excellent and really took his time and care with my family. From start to finish Patrick gave us the peace of mind and ease that we needed during a very stressful time. I'd recommend asking for Patrick.
Caribe Funeral Home
Alan C
a month ago
I strongly advise against choosing this particular funeral home due to an overwhelmingly negative experience. The staff exhibited a glaring deficiency in warmth, empathy and competence, resulting in an overall unprofessional and disorganized service. Interactions with the staff were consistently marked by rudeness, insensitivity, and an evident lack of care, making the entire process significantly more challenging during an already difficult time. A few notable incidents occurred during the service. An attendee brought a large, poster-sized picture of the deceased for display outside the service. Shockingly, a staff member approached him upon arrival, and callously demanded, "How much did you pay for that?" This lack of empathy was not only insensitive and inappropriate, but also highlighted the misplaced priorities of the staff. In contrast to the expected compassion, there was a blatant absence of any kind of greeting or guidance from any staff member upon entry, forcing attendees to navigate the venue independently instead of receiving the support one would anticipate during such a somber occasion. The sermon itself was shockingly subpar, as the so-called “Bishop” displayed rudeness and abruptness under the guise of honesty. Instead of focusing on the deceased, the majority of the sermon centered around the pastor's self-praise, boasting about his speaking abilities and prowess as bishop. To further compound the problems, the staff struggled to locate the remote control for the monitor, causing a delayed start to the service. (They responded to a different review that it started on time. It 100 percent did not) Adding insult to injury, the pastor imposed an arbitrary time restriction of 2 minutes for guests speeches while hypocritically exceeding this limit himself by delving into his own achievements. Moreover, despite the family's explicit request for video and music during the service, the staff proved to be utterly incompetent, unable to navigate the simple task of playing the requested multimedia elements, thereby disrupting the solemn nature of the ceremony. To exacerbate the already disappointing situation, the staff reached a point of utter incompetence by resorting to handing the remote control to the deceased sister, during the actual service, imploring her to manage the multimedia elements since they were evidently incapable of doing so themselves. This astonishing lack of professionalism and responsibility further tarnished the memorial service, leaving the family and attendees bewildered and disheartened by the overall disarray and lack of empathy displayed by the funeral home and its staff. They should be embarrassed. Given the pattern observed in other reviews that highlight the incompetence of this funeral home, it's anticipated that they will probably respond with a myriad of excuses, attempting to shift blame onto the grieving family. They do not take responsibility for any actions. This repulsive and predictable behavior should serve as a glaring red flag in itself, urging potential patrons to reconsider entrusting such an unprofessional and unsympathetic funeral home with the delicate responsibility of honoring a loved one's memory.
Caribe Funeral Home
Andre Coburn
2 months ago
I recently had the passing of my grandmother and chose carab funeral home for her funeral arrangements. My grandmother wished to be buried in Jamaica WI and it was very important to me that the home have experience with sending loved ones over seas. Brianna was the representative that handled my funeral and did so flawlessly. The price list was fixed and very transparent so there were no hidden fees or complicated price decisions. The staff was very professional and did great at responding quickly to my many inquiries. They also have on site catering location that made a Repass very simple and easy to complete. I strongly recommend this funeral home and was willing to travel from Nassau county to this location in Brooklyn less then 10 minutes from the highway. I think felt very comfortable with their experience and depth in dealing with the West Indian community.
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