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What do customers say about Canine Counselors?

As of Apr 07, 2024, 193 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.9 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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April 7, 2024
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April 7, 2024

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Canine Counselors's customer reviews analysis

Canine Counselors appears to be held in high regard within its customer base, as the latest reviews reflect an overwhelmingly positive company reputation. Customers consistently praise the professionalism, adaptability, and expertise of the trainers, notably applauding their ability to handle dogs of varying temperaments and training needs. Trainers are frequently mentioned by name, such as Jason, Nora, Laura, and Stephanie, signifying a personal and engaging approach to service. The emphasis on providing tailored training approaches that accommodate the unique scenarios of each family, including the integration of training for both pups and their owners, emerges as a recurring theme. Another trend observed is the appreciation of the flexibility in scheduling and the willingness to address specific concerns, such as training a dog to walk next to a motorized wheelchair. Customers are expressing satisfaction with the outcomes of the training, indicating significant progress and behavioral improvements in their dogs.

Positive Feedback

The customer feedback for Canine Counselors is overwhelmingly positive, focusing on several core strengths of the company. Key positive aspects highlighted by clients include the professionalism and punctuality of the trainers, as well as their evident expertise and patience in handling dogs with different needs. The trainers are commended for their dedication to teaching not only the dogs but also their owners, ensuring that the training can be effectively continued independently. Clients feel that the trainers are caring and attentive, with a balanced approach of firmness and love that helps in achieving behavioral progress. The trainers' ability to adapt to different scenarios, including training alongside children and accommodating special needs, as well as their readiness to answer questions and offer personalized solutions, are also among the favorable attributes that contribute to client satisfaction and breed loyalty and recommendations to potential new customers.

Concerns and Threads

However, despite the lack of explicit negative themes in the provided reviews, potential areas of concern for Canine Counselors could revolve around the variability in experiences with different trainers or the potential for inconsistent methodologies. Given the hands-on and personalized nature of dog training, individual discrepancies in trainer styles or approaches could potentially lead to mixed experiences for clients. Additionally, while the feedback is positive, it lacks a diverse range of critical perspectives, which might be necessary to provide a fully balanced view of the company's services. Potential customers may benefit from investigating further into the comprehensive experiences of other customers, including any possible critiques related to cost, the effectiveness of training over the long term, or specific challenges not addressed in these reviews.

Frequently asked questions about Canine Counselors

Can Canine Counselors accommodate special training requirements, such as working with a dog around a motorized wheelchair?

Yes, Canine Counselors is known for tailoring their training to the specific needs of their clients, as demonstrated by their success in training a dog to walk next to a motorized wheelchair.

How involved are pet owners in the training process with Canine Counselors?

Pet owners are an integral part of the training process. Canine Counselors employs a family training approach where all members of the family, including children, are involved and educated on how to consistently train their pet.

Is the dog training provided by Canine Counselors effective for different personalities and breeds of dogs?

According to customer reviews, Canine Counselors' trainers are experienced in handling various dog personalities and breeds, and they adjust their training methods to meet the individual needs of each dog, resulting in effective training outcomes.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Canine Counselors

Canine Counselors
Maribel Rivera
3 days ago
Jason worked with us and he was awesome 👏 He answered our questions and no question was too little. He helped us to make all the necessary accommodations so Lola our 6 month old Doberman can walk next to my son who has a motorized wheelchair. He taught us how to train Lola how to sit, stay, down, place, heal, okay May be missing something but overall our experience was really great 👍🏻 thanks Jason
Canine Counselors
Edward Armellino
2 months ago
Laura was really accommodating with our schedule and very attentive to our training goals. She worked with Kali on all of the commands and more importantly showed us how to continue the training on our own time. We recommended her to several friends with new puppies. She even took some time to work on Kali’s interaction with our older grumpier dog. She is strict with Kali but also shows her a lot of love. We’re very pleased with her training!
Canine Counselors
Jessica Peramo
2 weeks ago
Canine Counselors and their whole family training approach. Everyone from my husband and I to our 6-year-old got trained on how to train our pup…who absolutely LOVED Nora and her healthy treats. Nora, our dog’s trainer was easily accessible, communicative, on-time, and an absolute pleasure. The entire process was fantastic and scheduling was a breeze. I can’t recommend them enough. Huge success!
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