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Buddha Bliss Therapeutic Massage

Buddha Bliss Therapeutic Massage Reviews Summary

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Published on
February 21, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Buddha Bliss Therapeutic Massage?

The comprehensive analysis of recent customer feedback for Buddha Bliss Therapeutic Massage underscores a generally positive reputation for the company, with the overall customer experience described as gratifying. Evidently, a recurring sentiment among patrons is the high quality of the couples and individual massages, characterized by professionalism and a high level of skill from the therapists. Customers consistently laud the serene ambiance, the cleanliness of the premises, and the courteousness of the staff. The provision of amenities such as water, tea, and the use of essential oils and hot stones is frequently mentioned, contributing to the overall sense of a luxurious and restorative experience. Nevertheless, there are isolated concerns. Some clients report confusion regarding entry instructions and communication challenges when attempting to contact the office directly. Additionally, there is a single account of dissatisfaction with the perceived value of the service, suggesting that the massage did not meet expectations given the price point.

Positive Feedback

Clients have reported several key positive aspects that contribute to the strong reputation of Buddha Bliss Therapeutic Massage. Notably, the skilled therapists have received praise for their exceptional service during both individuals' and couples' massages. The therapeutic environment is frequently described as 'blissful', 'soothing', and 'peaceful', indicating a successful creation of ambiance conducive to relaxation. The cleanliness of the facility and the availability of amenities such as tea, water, essential oils, and hot stones enhance the overall luxurious experience. Positive reviews also emphasize the comfort provided by the heated massage tables and the thoughtful touches like the provision of flip-flops and a welcoming questionnaire. Moreover, a few therapists such as Arya and Thaa are mentioned by name, suggesting that their outstanding performance markedly contributed to the positive experience of certain clients.

Concerns and Threads

While predominantly positive, the feedback for Buddha Bliss Therapeutic Massage reveals a few areas of potential concern. Some negative experiences pertain to logistical and communication issues; confusion about entry codes and insufficient guidance on location-related queries upon booking have been highlighted. Direct contact with the office seems challenging, redirecting clients to a booking department rather than allowing for immediate inquiries. Moreover, there is a mention of noise from employee conversations disrupting the serene atmosphere, indicating room for improvement in staff mindfulness regarding maintaining a quiet environment. Additionally, one client expressed disappointment regarding the value for money, suggesting that the massage experience did not meet expectations relating to the pricing.

Frequently asked questions about Buddha Bliss Therapeutic Massage

What type of massages does Buddha Bliss Therapeutic Massage specialize in?

Buddha Bliss Therapeutic Massage offers a range of massages including couples' massages, prenatal massages, deep tissue Thai massages, and reflexology massages, all performed by skilled therapists in a serene and accommodating environment.

Are amenities provided during the massage sessions?

Yes, the facility provides comforting amenities, such as water, tea, essential oils, and hot stones, as well as heated massage tables to enhance the relaxation experience.

How can I ensure a smooth entry upon my first visit to Buddha Bliss Therapeutic Massage?

First-time visitors should ensure they have the correct entry code which is '873b' as noted in some client feedback. It is advisable to double-check this code while booking as it may not be clearly stated in the confirmation details.

What are customers saying about Buddha Bliss Therapeutic Massage

Buddha Bliss Therapeutic Massage
Breanna Siedentopf
2 months ago
Came here with my boyfriend for a couple's massage and it was great! The staff were friendly, offered us water and tea, and were awesome at what they do! Clean place and good prices. I will be back!
Buddha Bliss Therapeutic Massage
Lisa Mazza
4 months ago
My husband and I traveled to San Francisco from Ohio and decided to book a couple’s massage during our stay. Buddha Bliss was the highest rated near our hotel in Fisherman’s Wharf, and our visit did not disappoint. We highly recommend!
Buddha Bliss Therapeutic Massage
Maggie Armstrong
6 months ago
Great place for prenatal massage. For prenatal, they do it side lying but there are pillows to support you (unlike some places that have a hole cut out for your belly). I have booked twice with Arya, who is fantastic. It’s a little confusing to get in the door the first time, but you have to buzz into “873b” (they don’t say that anywhere while booking and the address on Google and the email confirmation is just 873 so it’s a little confusing). Also if you call, you will not reach their office. Instead you get sent to a department where you can book services. Still a very nice experience, clean facilities, tea or water when you arrive, very calm and quiet.
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