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What do customers say about Brad Keyes - Keyes Real Estate?

As of Feb 28, 2024, 173 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 5 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Brad Keyes - Keyes Real Estate's customer reviews analysis

Upon analyzing the recent reviews for Keyes Real Estate, the company seems to exhibit a strong and positive reputation among its clientele. Customers experience a sense of confidence in their home purchasing journey, thanks to Keyes Real Estate's expertise in navigating challenging markets and offering strategic guidance. Agents like Josh and Brad are commended for their in-depth knowledge, exceptional negotiation skills, and their attentiveness to client needs, going above and beyond to provide support even post-purchase. The recurring sentiments among the reviews include the team's professionalism, responsiveness, and dedication to client priorities, which fosters trust and relieves customer stress throughout the buying and selling process. Customer feedback consistently appreciates the tailored approach and comprehensive service including coordination with various industry professionals to ensure a seamless transaction. It is notable that several reviews emphasize the long-term relationship and loyalty clients feel towards Keyes Real Estate, suggesting a high level of satisfaction leading to repeat business.

Positive Feedback

Keyes Real Estate has garnered substantial acclaim from its clientele for several positive aspects. the standout positive feedback centers on the deep domain knowledge of the agents and their unwavering commitment to client success. Clients express gratitude for the personalized attention they receive, with praise for agents like Josh and Brad who are described as going the extra mile, being highly communicative, attentive to details, and finding the best deals for their clients. Post-purchase support is also highlighted as a major asset, contributing to a lasting client-agent relationship. The ability to navigate through competitive markets and secure desired properties underscores the negotiation prowess of the company's agents. The blend of professionalism and personal touch, combined with strategic guidance and transparent practices, all contribute to the positive customer journey with Keyes Real Estate.

Concerns and Threads

Given the dataset provided, it appears there are negligible negative customer feedback regarding Keyes Real Estate. Clients seem consistently satisfied with the services rendered, which makes it difficult to identify substantive negative aspects within this specific set of reviews. Thus, with the data at hand, one cannot objectively report on the negatives without additional information or a broader sample of customer experiences.

Frequently asked questions about Brad Keyes - Keyes Real Estate

Can Keyes Real Estate help me secure a property in a competitive market?

Yes, according to multiple reviews, Keyes Real Estate, particularly agents like Josh and Brad, has a track record of guiding clients through challenging markets with successful outcomes. They are noted for their negotiation skills and strategic approach.

Does the agency offer support after the purchase of a home?

Yes, customers applaud Keyes Real Estate for their extended post-purchase support, with agents remaining accessible to answer questions and offer advice long after the transaction has closed.

What kind of experience can I expect when working with Keyes Real Estate?

Expect a personalized and client-centric approach from Keyes Real Estate. Reviews consistently mention thorough guidance, tailored advice, and effective communication throughout the buying or selling process.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Brad Keyes - Keyes Real Estate

Brad Keyes - Keyes Real Estate
Nathan Blekhter
3 months ago
Josh exceeded our expectations when it came to helping us secure our dream home in Pasadena. He expertly guided us through a challenging market with numerous competing offers on properties. His in-depth knowledge of the entire real estate process, coupled with his understanding of the unique challenges faced by both buyers and sellers, instilled confidence in us that we would ultimately find the perfect house while alleviating the stress associated with the journey. Ultimately, we found a stunning home nestled in the picturesque foothills of Pasadena, and this was largely thanks to Josh's exceptional negotiation skills, allowing us to outmaneuver other potential buyers and successfully purchase the property. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Josh and the highly professional team at Keys Real Estate Agency for their unwavering support throughout the entire process.
Brad Keyes - Keyes Real Estate
Tracy Mlakar
5 months ago
Keyes Real Estate is simply the best. Real estate agent Josh Stein-Sapir treats his clients as his number one priority. Even after helping me secure my dream property--and beating out four other potential buyers--Josh was there at every inspection, to answer every question (and there were a LOT), and to recommend the best people for each job- including a mortgage broker. And today, three ears after I bought my home, Josh is STILL answering every random question I have regarding my property. If you're nervous about buying a home, let Keyes handle the stress for you. You will not be disappointed.
Brad Keyes - Keyes Real Estate
Sally Liu
2 weeks ago
Brad and his team got us the property in a desired location with tough competitions, questions answered and concerns addressed efficiently. Pleasant to work with. Thank you Brad and everyone in the team !
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Keyes Real Estate is a full-service residential and commercial real estate brokerage in Los Angeles, CA servicing Pasadena to the Palisades™. What sets us apart is our comprehensive approach to diligence.Having completed hundreds of transactions across multiple asset classes, we have the experience necessary to navigate transactions for both the first-time homebuyer and the seasoned real estate investor. Our experience and preparation aid us in alleviating the stress of buying and selling: we are Real Estate Advisors first, and it is our clients' best interests that drives us.