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Bodean'S Bbq Soho

Bodean'S Bbq Soho Reviews Summary

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Published on
January 21, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Bodean'S Bbq Soho?

Evaluating Bodean's BBQ Soho through customer reviews yields a positive general outlook on the reputation and customer experience. Patrons consistently praise the quality of the food, mentioning favorite items such as the Boston Butt sandwich, brisket, ribs, mac and cheese, and the Soho special sandwich. Testimonials often highlight the food's rich and delicious taste, with some customers finding it superior even to BBQ places in NYC. The service is lauded for being friendly and attentive, albeit some inconsistencies are noted. While the atmosphere is generally appreciated, with comments on a good vibe and a relaxed environment, there are mentions of the restaurant being noisier and more akin to a rowdy sports bar. Additionally, some feedback reflects issues with underperforming air conditioning and unideal seating arrangements due to space constraints common to Soho establishments.

Positive Feedback

Analyzing the strengths in customer feedback for Bodean's BBQ Soho reveals several commendable aspects. The food quality stands out, with numerous reviews applauding the taste and preparation of the BBQ offerings, like the brisket, ribs, and sides such as mac and cheese and slaw. The food is often described as hearty, flavorful, and perfectly cooked. Customer service adds to the positive experiences, where staff actions like providing a birthday brownie on the house are highlighted. Additionally, the ambiance contributes to the favorable feedback, with customers enjoying the relaxed atmosphere and the decent pricing of the menu items. These strengths paint a favorable picture of dining satisfaction at Bodean's.

Concerns and Threads

While the overall sentiment towards Bodean's BBQ Soho is positive, there are areas of concern that detract from the customer experience. Service inconsistencies are a recurring theme, with several reviews indicating inattentive or slow service, particularly concerning the serving of drinks and the responsiveness of waiting staff. Additionally, the environmental setting, despite its praise, has its downsides. Complaints about the loudness equating the restaurant to a rowdy sports bar and issues with overly powerful air conditioning affecting the temperature of the food and customer comfort appear in feedback. Seating logistics also receive criticism, with patrons finding the arrangement tight and uncomfortable, especially in lower-level dining areas.

Frequently asked questions about Bodean'S Bbq Soho

Is the atmosphere at Bodean's BBQ Soho suitable for a quiet dinner?

The atmosphere at Bodean's BBQ Soho tends to be energetic and, at times, similar to a rowdy sports bar. This environment may not be conducive to those seeking a quiet dining experience.

Can special dietary requests, such as gluten-free options, be accommodated?

While specific dietary accommodations are not explicitly mentioned in the provided reviews, it is advisable for prospective customers to contact the restaurant directly to inquire about such requests.

Does Bodean's BBQ Soho accept reservations, and is it recommended to reserve a table in advance?

The reviews do not clarify the restaurant's reservation policy. However, due to its popularity and potential wait times for seating, it is recommended that customers consider reserving a table in advance.

What are customers saying about Bodean'S Bbq Soho

Bodean'S Bbq Soho
Jonathon Baker
a week ago
I have been coming here for many years and always enjoy the food. The Boston Butt sandwich is my favourite (pictured). Not the same atmosphere as it used to have when it felt more like a deli, but still a good vibe. Staff are always friendly and food is quick and tasty. Prices also still reasonable. The BBQ mayo is a a good companion with the pork but you have to ask for it.
Bodean'S Bbq Soho
Gemma Roberts
3 days ago
Went for my partners birthday and the food and drinks were great, service was amazing, really friendly and loved the relaxed atmosphere! Loved the cocktails and we even got a birthday brownie on the house :) will definitely be going again!
Bodean'S Bbq Soho
Sani Ario
2 months ago
Outstanding BBQ. Can not fault the brisket nor the ribs. The mac and cheese was also out of this world - rich and delish. Bodean presents fantastic value for what is hearty, yummy, American food. The inattentive, basic service, however, was a bit of a letdown. Nowadays, when restaurants have the gall to charge a "discretionary" 12.5% service charge, it simply needs to be exceptional.
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