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Beverley Harper - Iqa Immigration
Beverley Harper - Iqa Immigration

Beverley Harper - Iqa Immigration Reviews Summary

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Published on
February 20, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Beverley Harper - Iqa Immigration?

The customer feedback for IQA Immigration Specialists illustrates a high degree of satisfaction among a majority of clients. Many of them praise the company for its professionalism, efficiency, and success in obtaining visas, with specific commendation for one of their immigration advisors, Beverley Harper, for being helpful, thorough, and easy to communicate with. A pattern of positive impressions emerges, noting that IQA has successfully handled complex cases, such as overturning a spousal visa refusal and succeeding where previously other agents have failed. The company's ability to relieve clients of the stress and intricacies involved in the immigration process is also frequently highlighted. On the flip side, there are isolated instances of dissatisfaction where a customer did not receive a response to their inquiry, illustrating a potential gap in communication that might affect the company's reputation if it becomes a recurring issue.

Positive Feedback

Positive client feedback underscores IQA Immigration Specialists' strengths in multiple domains. Customers recognize the company for providing very professional and competent services, frequently resulting in successful visa applications. One of the key elements underpinning positive experiences is the personalized support and responsiveness offered by their staff, particularly by Beverley Harper. Several reviews highlight their relief and appreciation for making intricate immigration processes seem easier and less tedious, as well as the company’s readiness to answer questions and alleviate concerns efficiently. This hands-on approach and operational thoroughness have instilled confidence in clients, persuasive enough for them to recommend IQA to others.

Concerns and Threads

While the majority of the feedback for IQA Immigration Specialists is positive, there are isolated negative experiences that can be informative for potential clients. One customer reported a lack of follow-up on their query, both initially via the website and subsequently after being directed to email a specific staff member. This incident points to a potential weakness in the company’s communication system or response protocol. The absence of acknowledgment or an inability to assist, without providing a straightforward refusal or alternatives, has left at least one client with a decidedly poor impression of the company's customer service.

Frequently asked questions about Beverley Harper - Iqa Immigration

How responsive is IQA Immigration Specialists to client inquiries?

Based on the majority of the reviews, IQA Immigration Specialists is noted for being very responsive, with Beverley Harper particularly commended for prompt communication. Nonetheless, there have been isolated instances of unresponsiveness, suggesting that while the company typically exhibits good client communication, there may be occasional lapses.

Can IQA Immigration Specialists handle complex visa cases?

Yes, customer testimonials reveal that IQA Immigration Specialists have successfully managed complex cases, including overturning visa refusals and achieving successful outcomes after previous unsuccessful attempts with other agents.

Is IQA Immigration Specialists recommended for immigration services?

Yes, a consistent theme across reviews is a strong recommendation of IQA Immigration Specialists for their professionalism, efficiency, and successful visa application processes. Clients have expressed high levels of satisfaction with the services provided, with many willing to recommend the firm to others.

What are customers saying about Beverley Harper - Iqa Immigration

Beverley Harper - Iqa Immigration
Dr Pepper
6 years ago
Very good and professional service. We successfully obtained a FLR visa with the great help of IQA Immigration Specialists Ltd. Our Immigration Advisor Beverley Harper was very helpful, professional and easy to communicate with. Would definitely recommend
Beverley Harper - Iqa Immigration
Jeremy Davis
5 years ago
IQA Immigration came to my rescue! I was refused a spousal visa and subsequent appeal (through initial review) on grounds that were rather suspect even though I had hired a solicitor to handle them. My wife was 16 weeks pregnant and I feared I might miss the birth of my child. I reached out to Beverley at IQA and decided to have her handle my second application. Not only was she more reasonably priced than my first solicitor, she did a much more thorough and professional job all around. To top it all off, my visa was granted in 3 and a half working days... That might be some kind of record! Top notch job from Beverley - I cannot recommend her strongly enough!
Beverley Harper - Iqa Immigration
Stewart Maclean
5 years ago
Professional, Efficient, Competent and Successful! After 2 previous unsuccessful attempts by other agents Beverley succeeded in obtaining a 6 month visitor visa for a South African citizen wishing to visit the UK. We will be forever thankful. Stewart & Jane
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About Beverley Harper - Iqa Immigration

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Originally from Scotland, I have spent over 10 years living and working in various countries. Whilst based in New York, I worked as an Immigration Liaison and Entry Clearance Officer for the Home Office (UK Visas & Immigration) covering the entireAmericas Region.