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As of Apr 09, 2024, 74 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.6 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Betts Recruiting's customer reviews analysis

Betts Recruiting appears to have built a strong reputation centered around professionalism, tailored job searches, and thorough interview preparation. While the reviews predominantly commend the individual recruiters for their hands-on assistance and career guidance, there's mention of a potential oversight in the pre-screening process. The positive experiences shared by clients highlight recruiters’ efforts in understanding clients’ career aspirations, providing timely and informative communication, and securing employment opportunities swiftly. However, a single negative review cited an incident of miscommunication regarding qualification criteria, leading to a sense of wasted time on part of the candidate. This outlier suggests a potential area for improvement in Betts Recruiting's initial vetting or communication protocols.

Positive Feedback

Customers express high satisfaction with Betts Recruiting, particularly with the personalized support provided by recruiters. Clients praised their recruiters for professional conduct, responsiveness, and for being proactive in understanding the candidates' desired career paths. Recruiters are commended for setting up interviews expediently, often leading to job offers within weeks. Interview preparation is frequently mentioned as a strong suit of Betts Recruiting, with recruiters offering valuable advice and being available for questions at any time. The positive outcomes and the collaborative nature of the recruiters contribute significantly to the positive reception of Betts Recruiting's services.

Concerns and Threads

Despite many positive reviews, Betts Recruiting is not without its criticism. A reported issue from a customer involved a recruiter who reached out without properly considering the candidate's experience relative to the job requirement, which resulted in a less than satisfactory interaction. The candidate's qualifications were overlooked during the preliminary phase, potentially signalling a need for better alignment between the recruiters' understanding of job criteria and the candidates’ profiles. This singular encounter may not fully represent the company’s standard practices, but it does indicate room for process optimization to prevent such experiences.

Frequently asked questions about Betts Recruiting

How quickly can I expect to secure a job through Betts Recruiting?

The timeline may vary, but based on customer reviews, it's possible to be presented with opportunities and job offers in a matter of weeks. Recruiters work diligently to understand your qualifications and preferences to expedite the job search process.

What kind of preparation support does Betts Recruiting provide for interviews?

Betts Recruiting is known for offering extensive interview preparation, including advice, background information on interviewing companies, and responsiveness to any last-minute questions. Recruiters aim to thoroughly prep candidates for each step of the hiring process.

Do Betts Recruiting's services extend to specific industries or regions?

While Betts Recruiting has a strong presence in the tech industry and in locations like the Bay Area, they cater to professionals across various industries and regions. It is advisable to contact them directly to confirm their scope of services for your particular career requirements.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Betts Recruiting

Betts Recruiting
Nick C
3 months ago
I had a recruiter reach out via LinkedIn for a role selling to law firms. She starts the call by saying "They're looking for 1 year of experience selling to law firms and you only have 8 months, so this isn't going to be a fit." My work experience was clearly listed on my LinkedIn page, so I'm not exactly sure why she reached out if being four months short of their experience requirement in a highly niche field is disqualifying. We spoke for another 20 or so minutes about the kind of role I was looking for and then I never heard from her again. Total waste of time.
Betts Recruiting
Xavier Keelan
8 years ago
It was a privilege working with Leslie Schmidt of Betts Recruiting. Leslie was absolutely great to work with and was very professional throughout the process. She took the time to understand exactly what I was looking for in a job opportunity and followed through with everything she promised. Leslie introduced me to numerous opportunities that fit perfectly with what I was looking for, and was instrumental in preparing me for each interview I had. I was fortunate enough to be presented with multiple job offers while working with Leslie and applied her excellent advice and coaching to make the best possible decision for my career. I would highly recommend Leslie Schmidt to any business professional looking to further their career with the right opportunity. Thank you, Leslie!
Betts Recruiting
Leslie Solis
7 years ago
I had a great experience with Betts! My recruiter, Amanda Schlaefer, was a pleasure to work with. She really took the time to understand the type of career I was looking for and identified companies that were a good fit based on the conversations we had. Amanda not only prepped me for every single interview beforehand, but was always just a text away to answer any last minute questions. She was professional and had a positive attitude, exceeding all of my expectations. Thanks to Amanda's diligence, I was able to get an offer within two weeks of meeting Betts!
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About Betts Recruiting

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Betts is the leading recruitment firm for revenue-generating, marketing and people operations roles. Since 2009, Betts has partnered with the biggest names across multiple sectors offering a customized approach to each search. Through our recruiting services and online hiring platform, we’ve established networks of genuine relationships that allow us to source the highest-quality talent and execute quickly. With offices in San Francisco, New York, Austin, Chicago and Los Angeles, Betts works to help companies build their organization, and to guide talent into an exciting career, faster and smarter. Betts Recruiting has received numerous accolades including being recognized as one of Inc. Magazine’s top 5000 Fastest-Growing Companies.