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What do customers say about Be You Aesthetics?

As of Apr 13, 2024, 229 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.9 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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April 13, 2024
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April 13, 2024

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Be You Aesthetics's customer reviews analysis

Be You Aesthetics has largely favorable reviews which reflect a positive reputation. Customer testimonials recurrently cite the professionalism and friendliness of the staff, with particular mention of the medical backgrounds of practitioners such as Hadassah, Dr. Ellie, and Dr. Chloe. The repeated commendation of the practitioners' meticulousness in explaining procedures suggests that customer care and education are prioritized, enhancing client comfort and confidence. The long-term loyalty of customers, some of whom travel significant distances for treatments, underscores the trust and satisfaction associated with the services provided. Cleanliness and modernity of the clinic environment are also emphasized, contributing to the overall customer experience. A noticeable concern is the reference to post-treatment support and resolution of complications, as highlighted in one review citing issues with lip fillers and a lack of follow-up communication, which could potentially detract from the reputation for aftercare service quality.

Positive Feedback

Positive aspects of Be You Aesthetics include a strong emphasis on the professionalism and expertise of the staff, which appear to be central to customer satisfaction. The individualized attention, including detailed explanations of treatments and personal engagement, cater to both new and returning clients, fostering a sense of reassurance and personal care. Positive service experiences are complemented by the clinic's ambiance, which is described as modern, clean, and comfortable. The loyalty of customers, willing to drive long distances for treatments, and peer recommendations signify customer trust and the high esteem in which the company is held. The range of treatments offered and the personal achievements of the practitioners, such as support for breastfeeding, further add to the positive image of a customer-centric business.

Concerns and Threads

A key area of concern in the otherwise positive feedback is the handling of post-treatment complications and customer service following procedures. A review explicitly outlines a scenario where the results of treatment deteriorated over time, leading to dissatisfaction. Compounded by a reported absence of detailed record-keeping and a lack of timely follow-up communication, this incident could indicate inconsistencies in aftercare. This isolated feedback contrasts with the overwhelming positive responses but serves as a critical reminder that punctuality and thoroughness in resolving issues are as important as the initial treatment quality. Such negatives, if not addressed, could impact the company's reputation for reliability in aftercare services.

Frequently asked questions about Be You Aesthetics

Are the practitioners at Be You Aesthetics medically trained?

Yes, many customer reviews praise the medical background of the practitioners at Be You Aesthetics, including those of Hadassah and Dr. Ellie, indicating a medical level of knowledge and professionalism in the services provided.

Can I expect a clean and modern environment at the Be You Aesthetics clinic?

According to client feedback, Be You Aesthetics maintains a clinic environment that is lauded for its cleanliness and modernity, creating a comfortable and inviting space for treatments.

How does Be You Aesthetics manage post-treatment care and complications?

While most clients report positive experiences, some reviews suggest that there may be room for improvement in managing post-treatment care, particularly in terms of communication and follow-up for complications. It is recommended that clients discuss aftercare protocols before undergoing treatments.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Be You Aesthetics

Be You Aesthetics
Kelly Hullock
2 months ago
I've had my lips done with both hadassah and Dr Ellie who are both professional as they have a back ground in medical professionals. They were both so friendly and talked me through the procedure each time knowing what to expect like it was my first time by going through step by step which is reassuring especially if it's your first time as I was nervous but they put me at ease and asked me what I wanted to achieve and my desired outcome of the procedure. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone as I do already to friends and family as I wouldn't go anywhere else.
Be You Aesthetics
joanne earl
3 months ago
I Love visiting here. I have had treatments with both Dr.Ellie and Dr.Chloe, they’re friendly and professional and they definitely know their stuff! I always get great results from my treatments with them. The clinic and treatment rooms are modern and clean and I am always made to feel comfortable. I always recommend Be You to my family and friends.
Be You Aesthetics
Sammie Archibald
3 months ago
Been a client of be you for around 8 years now ! And they are so professional and knowledgeable! They have amazing skills and the end results are amazing ! I always feel in safe hands, the work space is very clean and they are all lovely! Highly recommend them! I drive from York to them because I trust them so much x
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About Be You Aesthetics

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Welcome to Be You Aesthetics. We are a group of Medical Professionals specialising in Advanced Aesthetics, Laser and Skin Treatments. Our clinic has been operating since 2014, we aim to deliver the highest standards of care to our patients whist fulfilling individual’s specific needs. To book an appointment please use the online booking system.