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Ban Di Bul Korean Restaurant
Ban Di Bul Korean Restaurant

Ban Di Bul Korean Restaurant Reviews Summary

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Published on
March 6, 2024
Last updated
March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Ban Di Bul Korean Restaurant?

Ban Di Bul Korean Restaurant appears to hold a mixed reputation according to recent reviews. Patrons generally seem satisfied with the authenticity and taste of the food, noting dishes such as the kimchi fried rice, BBQ meats, and ribs as highlights. However, the establishment's customer service is a pervasive issue. Several customers reported rude or inattentive staff, difficulties with reservations, and a lack of assistance, particularly for first-timers unfamiliar with Korean BBQ. Moreover, concerns surrounding food safety have been raised due to incidents like finding a metal strand in a dish. Language barriers between staff and customers are occasionally mentioned, although some say that the staff try their best. The atmosphere of the restaurant fluctuates, with some finding it lively and perfect for celebrations, while others find it lacking. Pricing emerges as another factor, with some guests feeling that the cost is justified by the quality, while others deem it overpriced for the experience provided.

Positive Feedback

Positive feedback for Ban Di Bul Korean Restaurant frequently highlights the quality and authenticity of the food. Customers have a high appreciation for menu items, particularly the kimchi fried rice, BBQ meats, ribs, soups, and seafood crepes. The portions are described as generous, enhancing the value perceived by patrons. Additionally, the restaurant ambiance is sometimes described as great, with a vibe that is appreciated once the restaurant gets busy. Celebratory occasions like birthdays seem to be well-received here, with the atmosphere being conducive to such gatherings. Lastly, despite some service challenges, there are instances where the restaurant staff are noted as being kind and trying their best to accommodate guests.

Concerns and Threads

Negatives surrounding Ban Di Bul Korean Restaurant are principally centered on customer service and operational concerns. Complaints include instances of rude behavior by the staff, lack of management presence, and a non-responsive attitude when patrons have serious complaints, such as finding foreign objects in the food. The service issues extend to a lack of assistance with the Korean BBQ process for novices, occasional inattentiveness, and mistakes with orders. For customers with dietary restrictions like gluten intolerance, the restaurant's inability to cater to such needs is a drawback. Additionally, the mandatory service charge is criticized in the context of poor service and can deter return visits. The value proposition is also questioned due to the pricing, with some guests feeling overcharged relative to their overall dining experience.

Frequently asked questions about Ban Di Bul Korean Restaurant

Does Ban Di Bul Korean Restaurant cater to special dietary needs, like gluten-free options?

Based on customer feedback, Ban Di Bul Korean Restaurant may not cater to special dietary needs such as gluten-free or celiac diets. Customers with food allergies or specific requirements should contact the restaurant in advance to inquire about available options.

Is the staff at Ban Di Bul Korean Restaurant helpful for those unfamiliar with Korean BBQ?

There are mixed reviews regarding the staff's helpfulness, particularly for customers new to Korean BBQ. Some diners reported not receiving adequate guidance, while others did not mention such issues. New patrons may need to proactively seek assistance from staff for a proper BBQ experience.

Are the prices at Ban Di Bul Korean Restaurant considered reasonable for the food and experience offered?

Opinions on the restaurant's pricing vary. Some customers feel the price is justified by the high quality and authenticity of the food, while others believe it is overpriced, especially when factoring in the level of service encountered. Prospective customers should review the menu and prices to assess value for themselves.

What are customers saying about Ban Di Bul Korean Restaurant

Ban Di Bul Korean Restaurant
Lisa Wuxf
5 months ago
If there is a minus star I would choose it as review of my experience. I have passed the restaurant a few times until I decided to try with my friend although we were aware of the review which was only 3.5 stars on google. We thought maybe it’s not that bad or we would be lucky. The food taste was not bad, but the service was not good at all. Especially one of the waitress, she was very rude. The worst part was i felt a sharp pain in my throat when I was chewing a meat in the middle of the dinner. I managed to take it out and found it was a metal strand which was like a part of a metallic scrubbing brush. As the picture attached here shown. We were told there was no manager neither the owner was available. We still paid with 20% discount after I asked for any discounts for this kind of situation. Probably we shouldn’t have paid. Anyone, whoever still want to eat there, be careful and watch out the food.
Ban Di Bul Korean Restaurant
Jeruel Camat
3 months ago
Absolutely authentic - the lack of service is made up by the quality of the food. The kimchi fried rice was top tier, and the BBQ meats were lightly seasoned to bring out the natural taste of these meats. The price is justified by location and quality - would definitely recommend!
Ban Di Bul Korean Restaurant
chris J
2 months ago
Such a shame food was good but let down badly by service. Booked online and received an email confirming reservation. When we arrived they didnt know we were coming. Had to move tables just before food arrived. Had to ask to order. For anyone with food alergies dont bother. They do not cater for even basic gluten free or celiac needs, waitress response was a very easy no. Half way through meal asked for two more cokes and a lemonade. Had to ask three times and even pointed to glasses. Received one pint of lager???? This is what happens when you add on a compulsory service charge, staff are going to get tip regardless if they provide a good service or not. Very sad for a place with so much potential.
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